Introduction: Basic Vector Creation

This chapters gives a simple introduction to creating vector shapes.


The Vector Creation functions are available on View Tools Toolbar.

Polyline Creation - Create vector polylines, straight or curved

Rectangle Creation - Create vector squares and rectangles

Circle Creation - Create vector circles

Ellipse Creation - Create vector ovals

Polygon Creation - Create vector polygons

Star Creation - Create vector stars

Arc Creation - Create vector arcs

Text Tool - Create vector text

Text on a Curve function is available on Design Tools Toolbar, in the Text flyout.

Bitmap to Vector - Trace primary (current) colour with vector curves

The Ellipse Creation and Circle Creation functions are under a single flyout menu.

Polygon Creation and Start Creation functions are under a single flyout menu.

Example 2-1

Vector Shapes Tutorial

This project will go through all the basic vector creation tools.

On the diagram, all dimensions are marked next to the shapes. The center: (_,_) are X and Y coordinates

1 Create a New Model 775mm x 775mm (30” x 30”)

2 Origin in the lower left corner

3 Create the following shapes as shown on the diagram on the following pages:

Chose to work either from the MM below or INCH diagram below.

Wrap the ‘ArtCAM Delcam’ Text onto the ellipse

4 Open the Text tool and click on the Text, Select Ellipse and click Select Curve in the Text Tool page

5 Try various options in Text On A Curve function

Example 2-2

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