CNC Machining: Powering Up and Inserting Tools

Introduction: CNC Machining: Powering Up and Inserting Tools

Now it's time to power up the DMS and insert the required end mills and drill. You will need a copy of the DMS Quickstart Guide for details on how to execute the following steps.

Power Up

1) Following the Quickstart Guide, Power on Machine (p. 8).

2) Perform a Reference Search (p. 8).

Custom Tool

1) Select a 1/2" drill from the CNC Only Drills drawer in the CNC shop, to the left of the Haas Tool Library.

2) Insert this custom tool into a holder with a 1/2" collet. You will find extra holders and collets behind the library tools.

3) Tighten the collet nut with the wrench.

Inserting and Measuring Tools

1) Referencing Setup Sheet 1, insert tools 1-4 into the DMS and measure Tool Length Offsets (p. 9).

Remember that the chronological tool numbers in your program do not correspond to the numbers in the DMS tool library drawer. For instance, Tool 1 (T1) in this program is the 1" Rough Short End Mill, which is labeled #34 in the DMS library. You will see the DMS library number in the comment for each tool in the Setup Sheet. This number is affixed to the upper right hand corner of that tool's spot in the DMS Tool Library drawer, and is also laser etched on the tool holder. Check that the laser etched number is correct, as sometimes users put tools back in the incorrect spot.

2) Referencing Setup Sheet 2, insert Tool 5 (1/2" EM Flat Long) into the DMS and measure its Tool Length Offset.

3) When you are finished, tools 1-4 should be in slots 1-4 in the DMS magazine at the back of the machine, with T5 in the spindle.