Introduction: Cutting With the OMAX Waterjet


Final Prep

  1. Return the nozzle to Z Zero.
    • If the Z Height display does not show 0, click the Go to Z1=0 button to lower the nozzle.
  2. Flip down the yellow rubber cover on the nozzle.
  3. Raise the water level.
    • Use the lever on the console to bring the water level to about 1/4" above your part.
    • You may not want to flood some materials like wood. See Shop Staff before cutting material that isn't submerged.
  4. Install the shields.
  5. Turn the pump to ON.
    • Use the rotary switch on the pump box.

Before You Cut

Allow the pump to warm up for at least a minute before cutting.

Spend that time checking each item on the following list:

  1. The workpiece is securely clamped.
  2. There's enough garnet in the hopper according to the scale.
  3. The garnet hopper air valve is on.
  4. The nozzle is close to the top of workpiece.
  5. The Z Height is 0.
  6. The nozzle is at Path Start
  7. The Distance to Start Path is 0.
  8. The water level is above the workpiece.
  9. The shields are installed.

Making the Cut


Make the cut

  1. Click the Begin Machining button.
  2. Stay near the Pause button on the console.

Pause & E-Stop

Use the Pause button for a controlled pause in cutting.

  • Pause stops movement and shuts off the pump.
  • Using pause will allow you to restart the job gracefully.

Use the E-Stop in case of emergency.

  • The E-Stop stops all movement by cutting power to the controller and pump.
  • The controller will lose all locations and calibrations.

Restart the job after a pause

  • Stop the pump before making adjustments inside the enclosure.
  1. Restart the pump.
  2. Raise the nozzle to a safe height.
  3. Use the Go To Spot On Path function to select a point just before you pressed pause.
  4. Press OK to traverse to that spot.
  5. Lower the nozzle to Z0.
  6. Click Continue.



Break down the original material to fit into the storage rack or recycling bin.

The Saw function is used to cut down large pieces of material quickly without programming the waterjet.

  • Large pieces of reusable material should be cut into square or rectangular pieces and placed in the storage rack.
  • Pieces too small to reuse should be cut down for easy recycling or disposal.

In this example, the star is the project. The red lines should be saw cut and the square materials placed in the rack.

The area surrounding the star is trash or recycle, depending on the material. Cut it into small enough pieces to not dominate the bin.

Using the Saw

  1. Ensure that the nozzle is at Z0.
  2. Move the nozzle to the place you want to start the cut.
  3. Click the Saw button.
  4. Click the compass to tell the jet which direction to go.
  5. Enter the number of inches you want the jet to travel.
  6. Click the Go! button and the jet will start up and saw the workpiece.
    • The jet will move the desired distance in a straight line.