Introduction: Flavored Dough

This lesson is all about making flavored dough. Ground nuts, powdered spices, dried or fresh herbs, pureed vegetables and pastes, flavored oils, and even wine can be added to create an endless variety of fresh pasta colors and tastes! We're going to start off with one of the most common flavors: steamed and finely chopped spinach. I recommend using this dough for the ravioli we'll make in Lesson 12.

What You'll Learn in This Video Lesson:

  • How to make flavored fresh pasta dough.
  • How to mix in almost any flavor.

Egg-To-Liquid Equivalents

This is helpful info when introducing liquid flavors into an egg dough recipe.

  • 1 large yolk is = to 2 tsp of liquid
  • 1 large egg white is = 2 tbsp of liquid
  • 1 whole egg = just under 3 tbsp of liquid

Some Flavors to Try:

  • roasted red pepper with paprika (for added color)
  • tomato paste with paprika
  • finely chopped fresh mint, parsley, or basil
  • cocoa
  • curry powder with extra turmeric (for added color)
  • steamed pumpkin or squash (with as much water removed as possible)
  • pureed steamed beets
  • red wine
  • squid ink
  • lemon and pepper with some finely grated rind for extra color and flavor
  • ground pistachios
  • saffron

Key Points to Remember:

  • If you are adding a liquid flavor, make sure you use it to replace some of the water and maybe even one of the yolks, depending on how much liquid flavor you’re adding so that the flour to liquid ratio in the recipe remains the same. See above for egg-to-liquid exchange measurements.
  • Blanching green veggies and herbs before chopping/pureeing makes the color pop.
  • To add powdered or dried spices, herbs, and flavors, do a straight swap of flour for the flavor you're adding.
  • Have fun! I fully support getting weird and wild when it comes to flavor experimentation.
  • A spinach dough would be great to use for the ravioli in Lesson 12 (even though I use semolina).

Quiz Time!

Once you've watched the video lesson, put your knowledge to the test! Take the quizzes below and see how you do.

    "id": "quiz-1",
    "question": "When adding liquid flavor to a recipe, do you:",
    "answers": [
            "title": "Swap out the same amount of other liquid",
            "correct": true
            "title": "Increase the amount of flour",
            "correct": false
    "correctNotice": "Yes! It's important to keep the recipe ingredient ratios the same. ",
    "incorrectNotice": "I can see why that would seem to make sense, but that's incorrect. It's important to keep the recipe ingredient ratios the same."