Getting Started With the OMAX Waterjet

Introduction: Getting Started With the OMAX Waterjet

Approved Materials for the Waterjet

Allowed Materials

  • Wood
  • Most metal
  • Plastics

Banned Materials

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Tempered Glass

If at Pier 9, see Shop Staff first before using any other material

  • If you are working from another studio or workshop, refer to the tool's instruction manual to see if your desired material is suitable for tool use.


Our most important safety callouts are highlighted in yellow throughout this course.

Machine Overview

The jet uses up to 60,000 PSI of water pressure to make the cut.

A waterjet uses a stream of extremely high-pressure water, mixed with particles of garnet, to cut almost any material up to about 8" thick.

The machine is capable of cutting complex shapes in 5 axis, but this Quick Start Guide will focus on 2D shapes, like cuts on the laser.

High-pressure water enters the nozzle assembly. Garnet is added to the water and mixed in the mixing tube.

The jet of water and garnet exits from the bottom of the nozzle.

The size of the mixing tube determines the diameter of the jet and the cutting width (called the kerf). The standard size mixing tubes at the P9 Workshop are 0.035" or 0.042" (0.89mm or 1.07mm).

Over time, the diameter of the mixing tube will enlarge because of erosion. To make parts to an exact size, you may need to edit the tool offset later in the cutting process.


Because garnet is mixed into the water, getting hit by the jet of water requires immediate specialized medical attention.