Introduction: HAAS Mill Controller Panel and Display


The controller is where you will run the mill.

  1. Power On & Power Off buttons
  2. E-stop
  3. Handle jog
  4. Cycle Start & Feed Hold buttons
  5. Display
  6. Control panel keys
  7. USB port
  8. Light switch


The mill displays information in various areas of the screen. If a screen area is white, it is the active window. Inactive windows are light blue.

The contents of the windows can change, depending on which mode the mill is in. This diagram shows the mill is in operation mode.

  1. Current mode
  2. Program display
  3. Speeds and feeds information
  4. User messages/Status bar
  5. Command input
  6. Main display
  7. Position display

Control Panel

The control panel for the mill is laid out in groups of keys that have related functions.

  1. Function keys
  2. Jog keys
  3. Override keys
  4. Display keys
  5. Cursor keys
  6. Alpha keys
  7. Mode keys
  8. Numeric keys

Mode Key Details

The mode keys work differently than the other keys.

  • The first column of keys puts the machine into a specific mode.
  • The four keys to the right are commands related to that mode.


  1. Press LIST PROGRAM to take you to the screen listing the .nc programs.
  2. Press SELECT PROGRAM to select the program you have highlighted (using the cursor keys).
    • This only works if you are in LIST PROGRAM mode

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