Introduction: Initializing the Print Job

Prepare the Model With Insight

Insight Main Screen

  1. Menus
  2. Toolbar
    • Many commands are available in menus and the toolbar.
    • They are arranged in the order of use.
  3. Toolbox Current
  4. Operation Window
    • Contains options related to the current operation.
  5. Geometry Window
    • Shows the model.
  6. Model Size
  7. Layer Height

Toolbar Details

  1. Main Toolbar - for general workflow
  2. View Toolbar - for changing your viewing angle
  3. Z Toolbar - for layer inspection

Setup the Printer

The printer is also called the modeler

Open the .STL in Insight

  • Use the file menu.

Configure the Modeler

  1. In the Modelers menu, select Setup...
  2. Click the Modeler Setup (printer) button.
    • Select the modeler
  3. Select Limit using modeler names.
  4. Choose the Modeler name from the menu.
    • The name of each modeler is on the front of the machine.
  5. Choose the Model material that is physically installed in the modeler.
    • The material is listed on the front of the machine.
  6. Choose the Support Material.
  7. Ensure that Invert build materials is No.
  8. Do not change the other options.
  9. Click the green check mark.