Miter Saw Class

Introduction: Miter and Bevel Cuts

  • A miter cut is made at an angle other than 90°, with the blade vertical.
  • A bevel cut is made with the blade tilted over.
  • A compound miter cut is a combination of a miter and bevel cut.

Adjusting for a Miter Cut

  1. Flip the miter lock lever up (horizontal).
  2. Push down on the miter detent lever with your thumb.
  3. Rotate the saw to the desired angle.
    • If using a common angle, the miter detent lever will drop into position.
  4. Push the miter lock lever down.

Adjusting for Bevel Cut

  1. Flip the bevel lock lever up.
  2. Rotate the bevel dial if needed.
  3. Rotate the saw to the desired angle.
    • For fine control, use the bevel adjuster on the front of the saw.
  4. Push the bevel lock lever down.
    • The bevel lock lever must be in the down position before cutting.
  5. Check the fence for blade interference.