Fortus450 3D Printer Class
Lesson 6: Operating the Fortus
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Introduction: Operating the Fortus

Use this lesson as a reference for order of operations when printing on the Fortus 450.

Area and Machine Preparation

  1. Open the STL in Insight.
  2. Configure the Modeler.
  3. Select the in ll and support style.
  4. Orient the model.
  5. Slice the model.
  6. Create supports.
  7. Create toolpaths.
  8. Inspect the layers.

Printing the Model

  1. Send the model to Control Center.
  2. Send the model to the printer.
  3. Return when the part is complete.
  4. Use the chemical bath and mechanical tools to remove support material.
  5. Rinse and dry the part.


  1. Empty the trash before and after using the printer.
  2. Place a build sheet into the oven.
    • This extends the life of the vacuum pump components.
  3. Wipe down the counter at the part cleaning station.

Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Happy printing!