HAAS CNC Mill Class

Introduction: Operating the HAAS CNC Mill

  1. Remember that most of the work will happen before you get to the mill.
  2. Be alert, and minimize distractions.
  3. If you are unsure of any steps, start that section over.
    • Ask Shop Staff for help if needed

Using the Mill

  1. Start up the mill.
  2. Insert custom tools into the holders.
  3. Inspect the Pocket Tool Table and Carousel.
  4. Install tools into the machine.
  5. Set the tool offsets.
  6. Set the Work Coordinate System.
  7. Load the program.
  8. Run the program.


  1. Remove tool holders from the machine.   
    • Put away library tools.   
    • Remove and put away custom tools.
  2. Clear the Pocket Tool table.
  3. Turn on the auger & coolant.
  4. Spray the insiduntilhe mill untill all the chips are gone and the mill is clean inside.
  5. Turn off the coolant & auger.
  6. Close the doors.
  7. Turn off the mill.
  8. Clean tables and the floor.
  9. Put away all tools.

Print Out This Guide

Print out a PDF of this class as a HAAS Mill guide. Happy Milling!

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