Miter Saw Class
Lesson 3: Operating the Miter Saw
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Introduction: Operating the Miter Saw

The following outlines basic operation and etiquette for making cuts on the miter saw.

Area and Machine Prepartion

  1. Clean and clear the table.
  2. Make sure there is sufficient room around the saw for your workpiece.
  3. Turn on the dust collection.
  4. Release the height lock to raise the blade.
  5. Adjust the miter and bevel angle if needed.
  6. Place your material on the table, tight against the fence.
  7. Small pieces must be clamped.
    • If in doubt, clamp it.

Making the Cut

  1. Push down on the trigger interlock button with your thumb.
  2. Pull out the arbor lock button.
  3. Pull the trigger to allow saw movement.
    • The blade will not start to spin.
  4. Pull the blade towards you, and down.
    • The blade should not be touching the workpiece.
  5. Press the trigger interlock with your thumb to start the blade.
    • Allow the blade to reach full speed.
  6. Pull the blade all the way down into the work.
  7. Cut by pushing the blade away from your body, until it reaches the stop.
  8. Let go of the trigger to stop the blade.
  9. After the blade comes to a complete stop, raise the blade to the upright position.


  1. Brush off the table and clean up the area.
  2. Pull the saw arm down, and lock it in place.
  3. Put scraps in the trash and reusable pieces in the storage bin in the wood shop.

Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Happy Cutting!