Router Table Class
Lesson 5: Operating the Router Table
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Introduction: Operating the Router Table

The following outlines basic operation and etiquette when using the router table.

Area and Machine Preparation

  1. Make sure there is sufficient room around the router for your workpiece.
  2. Press the E-stop.
  3. Insert a bit & table insert.
  4. Adjust the fence.
  5. Adjust the bit height.
  6. Clean and clear the table.
  7. Turn on dust collection.
  8. Have push blocks nearby.
  9. Make sure your material is clear of the bit.

Using the Router

  1. Reset the E-stop.
  2. Turn on the router.
  3. Move the material past the bit in a steady motion.
    • Use push blocks when handling small material or anytime your hands are near the bit.
    • Keep a hand or a push block on the material at all times; never completely let go.
  4. If needed, turn off the router and readjust the bit height or fence to get the desired cut


  1. Press the E-stop.
  2. Turn off the dust collector.
  3. Remove the bit.
  4. Brush off the table and clean up the area.
  5. Put scraps in the trash and reusable pieces in the storage bin in the wood shop.

Print Out This Guide

This course is available as a PDF that is attached to this step. Happy Routing!