ShopBot CNC Router Class
Lesson 6: Operating the ShopBot Router
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Introduction: Operating the ShopBot Router


  1. Startup the controller and ShopBot.
  2. Secure your material to the router table.
    • Ask Shop Staff for help if needed.
  3. Install the first tool.
  4. Set XY0.
  5. Load the program.
  6. Make an air pass.
  7. Set Z zero.

Using the Router

  1. Confirm the correct tool is in the spindle.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Load the next tool.
    • Use the Safety Interlock Key.
  4. Make an air pass.
  5. Set Z zero for that tool.
  6. Put away the previous tool.
  7. Restart the program.
  8. Repeat for each tool.


  1. Remove the key from the control box.
    • Put it away in the drawer.
  2. Remove and put away any tools.
  3. Jog the spindle half way down the bed.
    • This keeps people from moving the gantry when the machine is off.
  4. Remove and put away all hold downs and other workholding.
  5. Vacuum the table.
  6. Throw away any scrap wood.
    • Cut down large pieces of scrap.
  7. Large square pieces can be placed in the materials rack.
  8. Clean the floor with a HEPA filter vacuum.
  9. Turn off the dust collection.

Print Out This Guide

Print out this class as a ShopBot Guide. Happy Routing!

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