Introduction: Preparing the Planer

  1. Use the jointer to flatten one face (the bottom).
  2. Use the jointer on an adjacent edge to make two perpendicular surfaces.
    • Place the jointed face against the fence when jointing the edge.
  3. Use the planer to make the top parallel to the bottom.
    • Use repeated passes on the planer to reach the desired thickness.
  4. The second edge should be cut square on the table saw.
    • Cutting 1/16" wider than required will allow making a final pass on the jointer for a perfectly smooth edge.

Operating Mechanism

The planer works by rotating knives that slice the top of the board, as motorized wheels pull the wood through the machine.

The control panel allows you to set the finished dimension of the board - the opposite of the jointer where the adjustment is for the amount of material to be removed. The table height is changed by entering a dimension into the control panel.

Feed Rate

The feed rate knob controls how fast the board moves past the cutting knives. It has two settings: 23 or 46 feet per minute.

Always use the 23 feet per minute setting.

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