Introduction: Preparing the Printer

Creating the pack to send to the printer.

Control Center


Click the printer icon to send the job to Control Center.

  • This will save your le as a .CBM in the same directory as your .STL le.
  • To print the le again, simply open the .CBM,


Control Center is the software used to pack a tray with parts and send to the printer.

  1. If there is an existing model on the grid, select it and click Remove.
  2. To add additional models, click Insert CMB.
    • To add an additional copy of your model, select it and click copy.
  3. Click and drag your model to change their position if desired.
  4. Click Estimate Pack to estimate print time and material use.
    • Jobs that use 100 cubic inches (or more) of support and model material require Shop Staff approval.
  5. Click Save As to save the job.
    • Use this naming convention:
      • team_ rstname_lastname_sheetname
  6. Click Build Job to send the job to the printer.

Preparing the Printer

  • Wear heat resistant gloves before opening the door or handling hot parts.
  • When removing the build sheet it will be hot.
    • Clear a space for it before opening the door.
    • Open the door all the way.


Inside the oven is an aluminum plate called the build platform. A plastic build sheet needs to be placed on the build platform, and the model is built on the sheet.

A sheet can be reused, but the print must be made on an unused section.

Note: Different materials require unique build sheets. For example, printing with nylon requires the use of a nylon compatible build sheet.

Using the wrong build sheet may cause it to melt inside the printer.

  1. Open the lower printer door and empty the trash can.
  2. Insert the correct build sheet for your selected material.
    • Ensure the build platform is clean.
    • Any lament adhered to the sheet must be on the top side.
    • Place the sheet on the platform and slide it to the back.
  3. Close the door and check the Vacuum Seal Indicator on the screen.
    • If the sheet doesn't seal after a minute, reposition the seal.

Understanding the Control Panel

  1. Machine State (touch for more info)
  2. Material and Support status
    • S1 (support spool 1) is yellow, meaning that it is almost empty.
  3. Current job stats
    • Use the arrows to scroll through current jobs.
  4. Completion data
    • Percent completed
    • Layers completed
    • Elapsed time
    • Expected completion time
  5. Material and support required and available
    • Note that 125 cubic inches are required for this job. Remember that Shop Manager approval is required for all jobs of 100 ci or larger.
  6. Pause job
  7. Start job
  8. Cancel job
  9. Queue