Introduction: Printing and Post Processing

Be sure to use the correct build sheet.

Printing Your Part

Check the printer status

  1. Activate the machine by touching the control panel.
  2. Check the material available.
    • If the material quantity is lower than the required material, see Shop Staff.
  3. Press Start.

Locate parts on the build sheet

Using the touchscreen, you’ll tell the machine where to place the parts on the build platform & sheet.

  1. There may be “shadows” from the last job that printed.
    • Delete them with the trash can icon.
  2. Your print job is displayed as a blue box.
    • Navigate your part to a free space on your build sheet.
    • Grid lines on the software correspond to the grid lines on the print bed.
  3. Press OK.
  4. The oven will begin to heat, and eventually, start printing.
    • ULTEM jobs can take up to 3 hours to preheat the oven.
    • Other materials heat much faster.
  5. The display will show the estimated completion time.
    • Daytime jobs must be collected at completion.
    • Overnight jobs must be picked up first thing the next morning.
    • ULTEM and Polycarbonate will have an additional cool-down period at the end. See Shop Staff for details.

Start the print job

  1. Press the start button on the control panel.
  2. Stay by the printer for a few minutes to ensure that it starts printing normally.

Post Processing


After printing, the part will need to be cleaned by removing the support material. Large pieces of support can be broken off, but soaking the part in a chemical bath will remove virtually all traces of the support material.

Manual removal of support material

  • When removing support material, safety glasses must be worn.
  • Removing support material must happen at the print cleaning station.

Dissolving support material in the bath

  • The following PPE must be worn:
    • Long pants and closed toe shoes
    • Chemical goggles and face shield
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Lab coat
  • PPE must be worn when working with the chemical bath, including:
    • Placing parts in the bath
    • Removing parts from the bath
    • Rinsing parts in the sink


  1. Put on PPE.
  2. Turn the Sound off to stop the vibrations.
  3. If the power is off, press the green button.

Placing Parts in the Bath

  1. Place the parts in the basket.
  2. Gently lower the basket into the bath.
  3. Set the timer and temperature.
    • Use the blue keys to set the timer.
    • Turn the SOUND switch to ON.
    • Use the red arrows to set the target temperature.
    • Turn the HEAT switch to ON.

Removing Parts from the Bath

  1. Put on PPE
  2. Remove the basket and place parts into the sink.
  3. Put the basket back in the bath.
    • If there are still parts in the basket, turn the bath back on.
  4. Take the container to the sink in the mold room.
  5. Rinse the parts
    • Use running water for 1 minute or still water for 15.
  6. Leave the parts next to the sink to dry.