Table Saw Class
Lesson 2: Rip Cutting
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Introduction: Rip Cutting

Rip cutting means cutting the same direction as the wood grain.

Adjusting the Blade Height

The gaps between the teeth (gullets) should be at the top of the wood being cut; this allows sawdust to escape. Two teeth should be above the workpiece.

  1. Loosen the center lock knob.
  2. Turn the handwheel to adjust the blade.
  3. Snug the lock knob.

Adjusting the Fence

Always use the fence for rip cuts.

  1. Lift the handle to unlock the fence.
  2. Slide the fence along the front rail.
  3. Push the handle down to lock.

Using a Push Stick

A push stick must be used whenever your fingers are near the blade. Fingers should never be in the red area around the blade.

Tips to Keep Your Fingers Away From the Blade

  • Keep your left thumb hooked on the front of the fence rail.
  • Keep your right pinky hooked on the fence.