Introduction: Running the Mill


Follow these steps to transfer your program to the machine.

  1. Press MEM.
    • MEM mode is used to run programs.
  2. Insert USB into controller on left side of screen.
  3. On the display, under Running, select Program Mgr.
  4. On left side of screen, select Data_SV.
  5. Select Input.
  6. Highlight your program.
  7. Select OK.
    • Green text “Executing” will appear while program is transferring.
    • Program will transfer to Data Server.
    • This can take a while. For larger programs, use Filezilla File Transfer Protocol software.


You're ready to run the program. Double check that these tasks have been completed.

  • Stock is measured and updated in CAM software.
  • There are no errors in CAMplete.
  • All tools are loaded in machine.
  • Tool length offsets have been measured.
  • The Work Coordinate System (G54) is correct.
  • Stock is centered in the vise.
  • Correct torque was used to attached vise to platter.
  • Correct torque was used to tighten vise jaws.

Using coolant

Because of the spindle's high speed and feed rate, coolant is required.

  • Flood coolant will automatically be turned on after every tool change.
  • To disable flood coolant for a dry run, use dry run mode (red button).
  • Toggle flood coolant on and off to increase visibility while tool is descending in Z.
  • Use through spindle coolant for deep pockets and holes.

Run Program


  1. Press MEM.
  2. Highlight program in Data Server.
    • Data Server is under Running/Program Manager.
  3. Select OPEN
  4. Turn Rapid Rate to 10%.
  5. Turn Feed Rate to 0%.
    • When Feed Rate is 0%, neither the spindle nor the trunnion will move, even for rapid moves.
  6. Switch key to AUTO.
  7. Press CYCLE START.

While program is running

  • While looking through the wiper viewport, keep one hand on Feed Hold and the other on Feed Rate.
  • Use Single Block (SBK) after each tool change.
    • Turn off before tool begins cutting.
  • Turn off coolant when needed to verify tool length offset.
  • Change Rapid Rate to 1% and Watch Distance to Go in Z on the main screen to verify tool length offset.
  • Use FEED HOLD or Feed Rate at 0% to pause the machine.
  • Press Feed Hold and Rewind to reset to the beginning of the program.

Inspecting part during program

  • If you need to inspect your part mid-program, you must turn off the spindle before opening the door.

  1. Press FEED HOLD.
  2. Press HAN.
  3. Turn spindle off.
  4. Turn coolant off.
  5. Press Door Unlock.
  6. Open door, check part, and close door. 7. Turn spindle on.
  7. Press MEM.
  8. Turn coolant on.
  9. Press CYCLE START.

Don't remove the part yet

As long as you keep your part inside the vise, you will be able to continue machining at any point.

  • When you’re finished, inspect the part and check tolerances.
  • If another user needs the machine and you have more operations to complete, remove the vise and keep it at your desk.
  • When returning to the machine, ensure the G54 Work Coordinate System coordinates are the same as before.

Clean Up

Plan on 30 Minutes to clean the mill.


Run the Goodnight Program.

  1. On the Display, under Running, select Program Mgr.
  2. Select Path 2 and highlight Goodnight Pier 9.
  3. Select Open.
  4. Press CYCLE START.

Clear chips.

  1. Wipe chips from machining platter, vise, and trunnion with a red rag.
    • Do not use compressed air.
  2. Walk around to the back of the machine and empty chip bins into the Haas Mill chip container.
    • Do not put chips into metal recycling.

Final Steps.

  1. Remove USB from controller.
  2. Press E-stop.
  3. Switch key to SETUP.
  4. Press Power Off.
  5. Wait for computer to shut down completely.
  6. Turn the MAIN POWER switch to OFF.
    • OFF is green.
  7. Make sure oor and surfaces are clear of objects, tools, and chips.