Introduction: Setting a Cut Depth

This lesson goes over how to set the planing depth on a Martin T45 Planer.

The main power and the dust collector must be on before adjusting the planer.

  • If the machine will not turn on, check the e-stop by the outfeed table.

There are two ways to adjust the table height.

Enter a Height With the Keypad

Enter a number with the keypad and press START.

  • The number must be entered as a decimal inch (3.125) rather than a fraction (3 1/8).
  • Use the chart under the control panel for easy conversions.

The maximum depth of cut is 1/16" (0.063").

Move the Table Using the Arrow Buttons

Use the rapid table movement buttons to get the table close to the desired height.

Use the slow table movement button to reach the desired height.

  • The final adjustment must always move the table up, never down.

The maximum depth of cut is 1/16" (0.063").

Using Auto Step

Auto Step lifts the bed a pre-determined amount each time the START button is pushed. It can only be used after the first pass has been made.

The step value is the amount the table will raise each time.

  • Press STOP, P, 0, then START.
    • The display should read 00P and a number - the step value.
  • Enter the new step value.
  • Use 0.03 (about 1/32").
  • Press START.

Each time you make a pass, press START and insert the workpiece again. The table will raise .03 each time.