Introduction: Speeds and Feeds

The blade speed and feed rate must be adjusted for each cut.

Blade Speed Controls

The saw must be running to change speed.

  1. Use the chart to determine blade speed.
  2. Rotate the handle to change the blade speed.
  3. Read the blade speed on the scale.

Slow: Mild steel or stainless steel

Fast: Aluminum and plastic

Feed Rate Control Panel

The feed rate control panel adjusts the vertical motion of the saw head.

  1. Lifts the head, while the button is pushed.
  2. Adjusts the feed rate.
  3. Selects the mode of the head.
    • FEED - for cutting
    • HOLD - no motion
    • RAPID - for quickly dropping the head to the table; never for cutting

There are no hard stops for the three settings. Make sure the knob is pointed directly at the selected option.

Adjusting the Blade Guide for Large Materials

To cut large materials, you may need to open the blade guides further.

  1. Push the e-stop.
  2. Loosen the lock knob.
  3. With a flat-head screwdriver, loosen the screw near the blade directly under the lock knob.
  4. Slide the blade guide to change the opening size.
  5. Snug the lock knob.
  6. Tighten the screw with the flat-head screwdriver.
  7. Reset the e-stop.
  8. Do a test cut to make sure blade is cutting squarely.

When finished, repeat these steps to return the guide to about a 6" opening.

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