Wood Sanders Class

Introduction: Spindle Sander

The spindle sander is made for sanding inside curves. The sanding drum rotates, while moving up and down. Different diameter drums can be installed by the user, to best fit the workpiece.

The table can be tilted, to sand at a specific angle.

Changing Drums

  1. Press the power disconnect on the wall, behind the sander.
  2. Remove the table insert.
  3. Put a wrench on the top of the sander spindle (under the table), to keep it from rotating.
  4. Place the second wrench on the bottom of the sanding drum, and rotate CCW to loosen.
  5. Unscrew the drum, and return it to the rack.
  6. Place the new drum on the spindle, and turn it by hand, to tighten.
    • Do not use a wrench to tighten.
  7. Replace the table insert.
  8. Use the smallest table insert possible.
  9. Reset the power disconnect.

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