Introduction: Starting Up the HAAS Mill

To start up the mill:

  1. Press the green POWER ON switch.
    1. Wait for the computer to boot up and give instructions.
  2. Close the doors.
  3. Reset the E-Stop by rotating clockwise.
  4. Press RESET.
    1. This will cause the table and spindle to move quickly.
  6. Turn on the interior light.

Warm Up the Spindle

If the mill has not been run today, you’ll need to run the spindle warm-up program.

  1. Press LIST PROG.
  2. Press WRITE/ENTER to open the MEMORY folder.
  3. Use the cursor keys to navigate.
  4. Select O02020 (WARM-UP Pier 9).
  5. Press SELECT PROG to select the program.
  6. Press MEM to send the program to machine memory.
  7. Press CYCLE START to run the program.
    • This takes about 15 minutes.
    • Prepare your tools while waiting.

Note: You may get an error stating the mill hasn't been run recently.

  • Press CANCEL to acknowledge the error message.
  • Press CYCLE START to run the program

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