Introduction: Tools and Tool Holders

Understand the difference between library tools and custom tools.

Library tools

  • These tools are stored next to the router, and correspond to the DMS Pier 9 Tool Library that you imported into your CAM software.
    • Check the sign on the front of the router, and make sure you used the same library in your CAM program.
  • Each tool is engraved with a number that corresponds to its number in the library.
  • These tools are loaded into tool holders by Shop Staff.
    • Do not make any adjustment to any library tool.

Custom tools

  • These are the tools in your CAM program that are not in the library, such as drill bits.
  • You need to insert them into the tool holders.

Insert Tools Into the Holders

There are two kinds of tool holders: drill chucks and collets. Both kinds should be held in the tool vise on the front of the mill while preparing custom tools.

Drill chucks

  • Only use for holding drill bits.
  • Tighten by applying force clockwise with the correct wrench for the chuck.

Collets & tool holders

  1. Use a collet that is the same size as the shank of the cutting tool.
  2. Snap the collet into the collet nut.
  3. Screw the nut onto the collet a few turns.
  4. Insert the cutter as deep as possible.
    • Grip the shank, not the flutes.
  5. Tighten the collet nut with the wrench.

Start Up the Router

Turn on the power

  1. Throw the knife switch on the right side of the router.
  2. Release all the e-stops by rotating clockwise.
  3. If the blue Emergency Reset light flashes, press it for several seconds.
    • This should also clear on-screen errors.

Reference the axes

  1. Open the Jog Menu. (F4)
  2. Press Reference Search. (F1)
  3. Select All Axes. (F7)
  4. Press Cycle Start.
  5. Check that the Feed Override is not set to zero.

Referencing the axes will hit the limit switch on all 5 axes and send the head to Machine Home. This position is G53 X0 Y0 Z0 B0 C0.

After referencing, the spindle will move to Y-1.

Install and Measure the Tools

Prepare the machine

  1. Enter MDI mode.
    • Press Main Menu
    • Press Jog. (F4)
    • Press MDI. (F4)
  2. Ensure the current tool is 0.
    • If it isn't, run the Goodnight program or see Shop Staff.
  3. Ensure the tool magazine is empty.
  4. Turn the Mode Key to Setup.
  5. Open the spindle dust collector if needed.
    • Type M66.
    • Press Cycle Start.
  6. Open the tool probe cover.

Perform a Tool Change

Perform these steps for each tool.

Close the tool probe cover when done.

You must be in MDI mode to change tools.

  1. Type T[tool number] & press Cycle Start.
  2. Type M6 & press Cycle Start.
    • The machine will change the tool.
  3. Verify the tool number on the screen.
  4. Press ESC to go up one level (jog mode).
  5. Jog the head over to the doors.

Install the tool

  1. Press USER. (F5)
  2. Press Manual Tool Eject. (F1)
  3. Press Enable Tool Eject. (F1)
  4. Insert the tool into the spindle.
    • Hold the tool in the spindle.
    • Press and release the green button on the spindle.
  5. Press EXIT (F7) twice.

Measure the tool

  1. Press MDI (F4).
  2. Press M[100+tool number] & press Cycle Start.
    • Add 100 to the tool number (3 = M103)

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