Introduction: Using the Digital Readout


The Digital Readout (DRO) displays the location of the tool tip as the carriage or cross slide moves. It is not connected to the compound slide or to the tool holder.

If needed, turn on the DRO with the power switch on the back.

  • Press the NO REF button after the DRO boots up.

  1. Status indicator
    • Inch/metric, ABS/INC, Diameter/Radius, etc.
  2. Main Display screen
    • X & Z values are displayed here.
  3. Keypad
  4. Function display
    • Displays functions that can be changed with the function buttons
  5. Function buttons

Measurements are displayed in decimal inches (in increments of 0.0002") or millimeters (in increments of 0.005mm). Switch between the two systems with the function buttons.

ABS/INC (absolute/incremental)

The DRO can be in ABS or INC mode. Best practice is to set the DRO when in ABS mode, then use INC mode for making small changes.

  • For example, if the DRO displays 3.125" in ABS mode, and you want to move .5" you can calculate (3.125 - .5) or go to INC mode, set 0 and move .5" without losing the ABS value.


This changes the display to show the tool movement or twice the tool movement. This is a very important distinction.

  • For example, if you have a 2" diameter workpiece and move the tool 0.5" in X, the new diameter will be 1", because 0.5" is being removed from both sides of the part.
    • In Diameter mode, the X display would show that the tool moved 1".
    • In Radius mode, the X display would show that the tool moved 0.5"

Setting a value for an axis

  1. Check the SET/ZERO status (displays SET or ZERO).
  2. If the SET/ZERO button (#3) does not say SET/ZERO, press the right or left arrow key until it does.
  3. Press the SET/ZERO button to change the status if needed.
    • ZERO Mode: Press the axis button to set it to 0.
    • SET Mode: Select the axis with the X or Z button and enter a value on the keypad.

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