Welcome to the Science of Baking

Introduction: Welcome to the Science of Baking

We’ve all enjoyed a light and tender muffin, or a moist and delectable slice of cake, but have you ever thought about why the texture and crumb are the way they are, or what it takes to achieve such results?

Welcome to the Science of Baking where you’ll learn the fundamental skills necessary to become a successful home baker. This class uses easy-to-follow steps and detail-oriented photos that will put any delicious baked good within your reach.

We will cover the essential components (fats, sugars, eggs, flours, and leavening agents) of baking in great depth, how ingredients interact with each other, and why baking is a science. We will finish this class by bringing everything learned full circle to make a recipe of your choice: thick and chewy chocolate brownies or beautiful and delicious financiers.

Whether you’re a complete novice, want to learn how to create your own recipes, or are interested in the science behind baking, this class is for you. Follow along with me. You’re in for a sweet treat!

Baking Defined

So, what exactly is baking? Baking is a method used to heat food (from the outside to the inside) by eliminating or significantly reducing moisture content from an individual food item or mixed ingredients. Baking exposes food to prolonged periods of heat without directly exposing it to a flame. This is most often achieved in an oven, but can be done over hot coals or stones. Technically any food can be baked, however, in this class we will discuss baking in the form of delicious baked goods and desserts.

What You Will Learn

This class will cover the most common ingredients used in baking in great depth. Among many other details, you will learn where these ingredients come from, how they are made, why they perform the way they do in baking, and which ingredient varieties are best for specific baked goods.

If you are one of those people who wants to know everything about baking, you've come to the right place! Here is a brief rundown of the lessons in this class:





Leavening Agents

How to Read a Recipe

At the end of this class you will be ready to complete one of two recipes (listed below) to be awarded your Instructables Baking Badge. You get to choose!

Blueberry Lemon Financiers

Financiers are small almond cakes that are traditionally flavored with fresh fruit which is pressed into the tops of the cakes before being baked in a mini loaf pan.

Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownies

Brownies are a flat baked dessert most often flavored with chocolate and cocoa powder. They tend to be rich in flavor and can be described as being chewy, cakey, or fudgy. They are definitely a crowd pleaser!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Jen Wold! I sampled batch after batch of cookie dough as a small child, with raw eggs, and survived! Maybe it’s a miracle, maybe not, but either way I’m here now to teach you all about baking. I’ve been baking since my eyes were high enough to peek over the countertop. I currently own a small bakery and sling as many delicious baked goods and cakes as the mouths around me can eat.

Up Next: Lesson 2 — Tools & Ingredients

Next you will learn about all the tools, supplies, utensils, and ingredients necessary to complete this class.

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