Lighting Costumes Workshop

Introduction: Lighting Costumes Workshop

About: combining carnival esthetics with visual arts; reused materials, and technology, I participate on interactive and collaborative projects focused on human rights, environmental, and child development issues.

workshop at designoteca for Rio de Janeiro's Carnival!

Step 1: Getting the Material Together to Inspire and Learn....

Step 2: Planning Your Circuits

Step 3: Hands On!

Step 4: Supporting Eachother and Exchanging Experiences to Make It Work!

Step 5: Have Fun Wearing It!

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    thank you for the welcome!

    this workshop happened just a week ago, sorry... Ithey are original images and text, I will work more on
    its' doucumentation next week.

    Do you think it would work better as a workshop instead of technology?

    I'll let you know when its more detailed. thanks again!