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Topic Posted Wed Sep 05 11:08:54 PDT 2018 by randofo  |  last reply Wed Dec 04 19:11:41 PST 2019

How do I convert a pair of aeroplane headphones to be used with a normal 3.5mm jack?

The pair of headphones are from QANTAS business class. They have 3 prongs: 2 x 3.5mm and one 2.5mm The two 3.5mm prongs are ...

Question Posted Wed May 06 03:09:59 PDT 2009 by talco92  |  last reply Tue Jan 28 12:23:40 PST 2020

Rebuilding NordicTrack ski machine drive rollers

Many people still buy and use a NordicTrack Ski Machine, although these machines are not as popular as they once were. I have talked ...

Topic Posted Mon Feb 06 21:43:51 PST 2012 by Phil B  |  last reply Mon Jan 27 12:30:54 PST 2020

Food Saver Model V3835 won't open for cleaning?

I was trying to seal a food bag and the vacuum wasn't working so I decided to clean the tray that collects moisture. However ...

Question Posted Mon Dec 21 06:55:18 PST 2015 by glmartin  |  last reply Sat Jan 25 14:43:46 PST 2020