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Are u new to Paper airplane builders?

If you are new, read this. New members will need to wait for their role because we need to see your profile and then put him/her on a role or make a new one an put him/her to be it. If you had not been put as role yet, then the research is long. If you are unsure, send a message to wat. to know what role your doing.  

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my knex builder awards

Best replicators: trauts,the dunkis, ironman 69 best rifle builders: benfoxg,mepain viccie,the jamalam, darth gecko man,dsman best pistol builders: Iac, viccie,trauts, oblitivius best cannon builders: Iac, winchester shotgun, viccie best shotgun builder: oblitivius best builders overall: viccie, Iac ,mepain,dsman, oblitivius and dath gecko man most innovative builders: mepain, viccie ,IAC ,ironman 69.

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Week 3 Builder's Challenge!

Hey! Sorry guys for missing week 3. School work. Anyway! CATEGORY: Tower SPEC. 1: Must be 2ft tall SPEC. 2: Must have a stand SPEC. 3: MUST!!!!! have a good structure. I'll judge that. GOOD LUCK!!!!! R&C

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!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE KNEX GUN BUILDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knex Gun Builder is giving up knex forever. This saddens me greatly and I don't want such a wonderful builder, and such a wonderful member of this site to just walk away forever. Knex is such a wonderful thing and you can express your ideas through knex whether you are young or old. If you want him to stay and keep his knex, LEAVE A COMMENT. NOW. If we can  get 30 people to leave a comment saying they want him to stay, then, he will. C'mon guys, be a part of this, and post the link to this topic on other's orange boards. So far we have: EDIT~  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1. knex_master  2. RC-1207SEV  3. 182515  4. axiys zx  5. Shadowman39  6. knexsuperbulderfreak  7. knex_builder_freak  8. Raikou-san  9. smattman22  10. tornado96 11. rec0n 12. stale56 13. Oblivitus 14. ninjusk 15. silentassasin21 16. cupcake43 17. leon0862 18. weirdo10112  19. Dj Radio 20. Rock Solider  21. Kiteman 22. assassin1321 23. megametal8 24. knexfan9182 25. Spycrab 26. dutchwarlord 27. The Jamalam 28. Physco Curtains 29. rofl495 30. The Dunkis 31. qwerty987 32. cj81499 33. Hector_27 34. Mykhailo doesn't want to be added to the list 34. sprout_less 35. Shadowninja31 36. bounty1012 37. webby427 38. Seleziona 39. knexgeek 40. geodez 41. i am awesome 42. knexguy

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K'nex Builders' Challenge! WEEK 1

Hey! R&C here. I just made up a fun way for the average knex builder to take on challenges. Every week, on Wednesday, I will give three or less specifications for a knex model. Your(the builder's) job is to construct a knex model the meets up to the specifications. Then, post a single picture of the model on the forum. If you have any questions, PM me. Well, here is Week 1's build. CATEGORY- GUN SPEC. 1- HAS MAGAZINE SPEC. 2- 2 HANDLES SPEC. 3- *NONE* Please read week 2 Well, there you have it. Go for it, Builders! Ratchet and Clank

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Top Builder Challenge: Balloon Car

Take the Challenge! Become a Design Squad Top Builder! Design an air-powered balloon car that can zip across the floor. You can use all kinds of materials for your balloon car's body, axles, and wheels. But the jet must include a balloon! Watch the video to see Nate and his friends Desi, AJ, Zara, and Anna design their balloon cars. You can find instructions to get started on your own balloon car in our Build section. Enter the Top Builder: Balloon Car Challenge by logging in to the Design Squad website and submitting a photo of your design using this form on or before March 27, 2013. Be sure to tell us how far your balloon car traveled! We'll highlight some of the most creative balloon cars and then you can vote for your fave. The Builder with the most votes earns a special sticker for use on the Design Squad website.

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K'nex Builders' Challenge! WEEK 2

Hey guys! First off, last week's challenge was confusing, so, you can either post a pic or link to an instrucable YOU made. Anyway, dsman was the only participant, so hats of to him. Now for the challenge: Category GUN Spec 1- ROCKET LAUNCHER Spec 2- must have 14 white rods. Spec 3- SINGLE SHOT!!! GO FOR IT!!!! R&C

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best K'Nex builder/gun contest!

Ok, this the best knex builder/gun contests.first contest is the best knex builder contest.Tech-king-----------------------4Kiteman-------------------------4Mepain--------------------------3DSman195276----------------3Perfect Duck-------------------3Oodalumps--------------------2Ironman69---------------------2here i will post the builders people voted for here, as if i premake a list then not every one gets a fair this contest everyone gets two votes. you can only use one of the votes to vote for your self. you HAVE to vote two times or not at all.the second contest is the gun contest.this will be split into 2 categories:category 1: firing pin guns.DM-27--------------------7moretti------------------3OSNJCKMA2----------1K'nex Plasma Rifle--1red impact-------------1project Q---------------1category 2: crossbowsSR-V1----------------------------------4REAPER-------------------------------3Mepains huge knex crossbow--2my crossbow-------------------------1THE RULES ARE:1. YOU HAVE TO VOTE TWO TIMES OR NOT AT ALL IN EACH RANK2. ONLY TWO VOTES ARE ALLOWED3. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE FOR YOUR SELF ONCE IN EACH RANKING4. NO CHEATING IS TOLERATEDif you are unsure of what rank your gun should go into, ask me.the winner gets a 10 rating from me and the joy winning.BIG UPDATE:there is one more contest that is going to happen. it is the contest for the best gun that is posted now. all guns posted before 5/12/08 will not count in this contest. so get cracken on the next gun you are making! you have to make a readable/followable instructable because if you get into the top 5 then i need to be able to make the gun.the dead line for the instructable to be entered into the contest for best gun 6/5/08(subject to change)after that the voting will begin. the voting will end 6/15/08(subject to change)after that i will make the 5 top voted for and get stats for them(i will do this because i can put the exact rubberbands on each gun) and the judging will begin. the judges will be possibly be me, other people, and the winner of the best knex builder contest.i am thinking that judging maybe a better idea then just going by votes because then fake accounts maybe made to rig the far i think that the judges will be just about anyone that has built a decent gun and has consistently put in good feed back for other users. the ones i know for sure will be judges are :Mepain, Perfect Duck, Oodalumps, me(maybe, thats your decision not mine), the_bruitto_master, and the winner of the best builder contest.when i tie occur during the voting stage of the best gun/builder contest the most recently voted for will appear first, but it is still a

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How many knex builders live in the UK?

Just wondering guys, how many knex builders live in the UK? plz comment, knexguy ps. i live in high wycombe.

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Knex Gun Builder's P90 - pictures of mine

Because it didn't work to give Knex Gun Builder my pictures with a comment or whatever I made a topic. For stupid people, 100% CREDIT TO KNEX GUN BUILDER Now about the gun, IT IS AWESOME. I changed the barrel a bit, so the ram rod reach further and the range was so suprising, I got with a lot of rubber bands 21 metres! (uhmm.. about 60 feet I think)!! But that's really good! the only weak thing about the firing was that the bullet flipped sometimes in midair. About the looks, ... Even more amazing. A true masterpiece haha:) And the last thing is that is pretty comfortable.

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New name.

My old name was "knex gun builder". i shortend it to "~KGB~". shouldnt be too much confusion.

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is the cake a lie????

Is the cake in portal a lie??

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A free patch to the first 12 people to subscibe to me!!! (Knexers only though) With your choice of any of the picture below.

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SUPPORT 2011 - Support the Maximum - Paper Airplane Builder 2011

Do you want to support: OrigamiAirEnforcer                                                                                      How to support: 1. Subscribe. 2. Say, "Support [Name] 3. Done! Support a maximum 2011 rank of Paper Airplane Builder! 

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Who are your favorite builders/makes your favorite guns?

Alright I know there are tons of other contests and things that are similar all relating mainly to skill so I decided to mix it up a little and ask for more opinion than anything. Who are your favorite builders or at least make you favorite guns? They don't have to be the best guns. This means you don't really need to be a knexpert (although your chances increase) to be "nominated". By the way just for the fun of it to show popular builders I'll add one's avatar after they have been "favorited" 5 times or more. ( I know I won't be right away or maybe not at all but I do want this topic to pass through the filter easier) Alright don't be offended if you're not on here it doesn't mean you aren't good in my eyes. In no particular order... Dsman- Well we are sort of friends in a way so I do look forward to what he makes. We are sort of rivals in a way.Extreme Builder- He's got quite a few innovative designs. He is one of the few people I wanted to take the exact mech or gun and make it.I_am_Canadian- I guess I like him more as a person than for his knex but the combination just overall makes him a favorite.Trauts- Another fellow replicator and that's what I'm all about...mostly.Uh I can't think up any others right now so give me a while. I'd like to say I respect all those who used parts or ideas from my guns for theirs ;pBakenbitz- Well he made the mech that inspired EB's full auto mech. He also made the BBKWG which I find a great gun to compete against for highest rating...if my ratings didn't get attacked by jealous people.P.S. There is no limit...well don't go over board. I'd say pick around 4-6. Don't forget to give a reason why.Oh and my name is TheDunkis like The Dunkis. If anything you capitalize the D in Dunkis. You can address me just as Dunkis when you talk to me as I use The just to emphasize that I'm the only Dunkis. But when you mention me in 3rd person use The Lol and there is your long lesson on how to use my name.

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What is wrong with this picture? Answered

Look really carefully and you will see it.

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armagh knex war

If you live in armagh city ni and are avide builder like me turn up outside armagh omniplex cinima with your models on satarday

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Colaboration for cool knex gun

Need help with an awesome knex gun, please leave a comment if your interested. It requiers quite a bit of pieces.

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Please help

Could you please vote for me, it takes no time at all, and its a big help. Thank you.

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What would you call a cool knex gun? Answered

Tell me what you think is youre dream knex gun

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Knex AR-8 Prototype

This is a hopper fed assault rifle prototype that has knex gun builder's 90 trigger and hopper system. But It also features my Creeping Death handle. It has decent range with on band, like 35 ft and it gets a good ROF. Sorry for only one picture. Links to the future prototypes/ versions: AR-8 Prototype I AR-12 Prototype II AR-18 Prototype III AR-20 Prototype IV

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Hello, I got a 3DS the other day and it's really cool. I was wondering if anyone else has one and we can exchange friend codes? Thanks, Builder968

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"Battle of the Best" Semi Auto Blowback Pistol Contest!

Blue Mullet is proud to present his first knex contest! It will consist of only blowback semi automatic pistol variants. Players will compete in using my mechanism to create a Pistol modeled after a real life firearm, a Desert Eagle, Glock, Sig ETC. Any projects entered in must be in working condition, blowback and all. _________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO ENTER BUILDING CONTEST: Step 1) You must build the Semi Automatic Blowback Pistol and take a picture of it on the Instructable. *Not Here* Step 2) PM This account stating that you'd like to enter the contest, make sure to state what your pistol will be modeled after and your age. When these steps are completed and I see that you have built the gun, I will PM you back saying that you made it. CURRENT BUILDERS IN CONTEST: (AT LEAST 6 people need to be in the contest or it will be shut down. Unlimited can enter.) - - - - - - _________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO ENTER JUDGES POSITION: Step 1) PM this account stating that you'd like to be a judge. I will put you on the judge pre-list. Step 2) People *entered or not entered in the contest* will take one vote on who they want to be judge. The top three voted for people will be judges. JUDGES PRE LIST: (Only SIX can be entered in the judges Pre-list slots MAXIMUM). -FlyingFish10 - - - - - _________________________________________________________________________ RULES FOR BUILDERS: (Once you enter you will be staying in the contest, no backing out.) 1) There will not be any help from any other people on the sight. You are on your own. 2) Any cheating will get you kicked out of the contest. 3) You are NOT able to take anybody else's creations to add on your gun. 4) You are NOT allowed to ask for any help AT ALL. 5) You are ONLY ALLOWED to enter ONE pistol in the contest (So make it your best). 6) You are allowed to post pictures of your pistol to get peoples (The judges) attention. 7) You are NOT allowed to ask or beg at the Judges to put your pistol in first! 8) Any LATE work WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED INTO THE CONTEST! 9) The contest will go from Sun, jun 23 until July 7th. Thats two weeks. _________________________________________________________________________ RULES & ACCESSIBILITY FOR JUDGES: (Once you enter the judges slot there will no backing out). 1) A judge can change, add or remove builders rules if the three other judges also agree. 2) A judge can kick a player out of the contest if they are caught cheating. 3) A judge can NOT help builders whatsoever. 4) A judge can accept PM messages asking to enter the contest. 5) A judge can extend or decrease the time limit if all other judges agree. 6) A judge can not and will not boss any builder around. 7) If a judge helps a builder or if the builder tells the judge to vote for their pistol will result in both the builder and judge getting kicked out of the contest. 8) A judge can NOT enter the contest as both a builder and a judge. 9) The Judge can NOT enter in their pistol (If they build one). 10) During the Pre-list the pre-judge can ask other people to vote for them in becoming a judge. 11) A judge can change the prizes if all three agree. _________________________________________________________________________ CONTEST WINNING PRIZES: 1st place winner: Three patches, two subscriptions, and gets to choose what I build next. 2nd place winner: Two, patches, one subscription. 3rd place winner: One patch. _________________________________________________________________________ (ANYBODY CAN VOTE FOR THEIR FAVORITE JUDGE, EVEN WITHOUT BEING ENTERED IN THE CONTEST) When you'd like to vote for your Judge please PM this account, Blue Mullet. Not Blue Mullet 2. If you'd like to enter the builders position, follow the steps under "HOW TO ENTER BUILDING CONTEST" Any spam in comment section will be removed. More information coming soon!

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can anyone please send the instructions for a knex sniper rifle?

Can anyone please send a instructable for a good looking knex sniper rifle? I'ts have to be powerfull. (80+ range please)

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Need Help

I need you to vote for my Knex Folding Music Stand in the Back to School Contest,  The link is... Thanks

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Can someone help me with a knex gun magazine? Answered

I need a magazine of at least 10 shots that contains rubberbands, best will get a patch and subscription. Thank you.

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I need a super easy chain fed knex machine gun?

I need super easy to read & construct knex chain fed machine gun asap!

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Why Do all you awesome k'nex builders join the group but not post your guns?!

All of you great knexers join my group but a majority of you don't post guns.... Why? Ironman69: My knex hero/role model! You have all these great sidearms why don't yea post them? I Am Canadian: Well I'm Canadian too so be a fellow citizen and add your sidearms! (I LOVE THE SPIFF!) Oh and just in case you never saw it. I have another group called bolt, slide, and pump. Check it out! P.S. IRONMAN69 you have such a nice bolt action gun.... put it in my group! Lol Have fun!

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I want to start a group project for a really good K'nex gun. Anyone interested?

I'm working on a secret project but would like to put a team of knex builders and designers together to help create this as a group effort. Is anyone interested?

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Project Chasm: Knex Sniper

Welcome to the Project Chasm Forum. This is a forum I will use to tell you KNEX gun builders about upcoming designs. Ask questions as you wish, and I might even create a gun for your requests.

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building an antiquated house ?Cost?

New bldg materials outgas.  Old bldgs may have mold, outdated wiring, etc. What would it cost to build old school, but with some of the newer tech?  Get the best of both worlds. Perhaps build smaller than the McMansions typical of todays builders.

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New Colaboration Partner

Hello, im looking for a colaberation partner, i have an idea for full auto, posibly semiauto gun, lots of power, true trigger, bullpup. Need help with looks and a tester, i have only 1 Rubberband. Anyone?

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Can anyone please send the instructions for a cool and powerful knex gun??

I wanna build a cool and powerful knex gun, but i cant find 1 on this site. Can anyone please send 1 instructable. ( Please a gun that have a range of 80-200 ft.)

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Knex Buntline special revolver

I will be trying to design a new knex revolver I figured that there only two that worked well (I think Its extreme builder and spyrans) mine will be built to scale like the original gun which has a barrel one foot long and a six shot(or eight shot) cylinder.

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What is the best knex ball machine?????

1. project FREEFALL (thunderbay) 2. temple of demise (tornado96) 3. project blaster (tornado96) 4. davinch (wanny) 5. ballatron (knex gun builder) 6. shake (mr, muggle) please vote only once. I will count up votes when there are 18 votes.

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When will any body build a 1911 knex pistol?

Seriously i've like never seen a 1911 knex pistol and its really pissing me off cause i love the pistol and because im not a big builder i cant make one, someone please build one knex community

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Knex Contest Micro Guns

A knexing contest. Rules: 1 No more than 50 pieces. 2 1 handed 3 Right handed Guns will be judged for reliabillity,  power, sturdieness and looks. Entry dead line is 30 of April The prize is a patch, 5* ratings in all instructables and a Subscription.

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KNEX Robotic Controller

Howdy, What do KNEX builders use to control robotic projects.I am asking about the physical most fans use one of the hobbyist controllers (BASIC STAMP, Cricket, Arduino, etc) or do fans hack the RCX/NXT? Does anyone use the old KNEX controller "Leornardo" ? Thanks, Richard

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Halloween costume help!?

For my halloween costume that I am wearing to a dance at my school I will be a robber.(I am a boy, and yes costumes are manditory) I need a weapon to be part of my costume or other thing that helps show that I am a robber.

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How Do YOU Design K'NEX Guns?

K'NEX Gun Builders of Instructables, The reason that I am posting this Forum Topic is that I would like to hear how YOU design YOUR K'NEX guns. What are your secret techniques and tricks of the trade? Please post your comments and answers below. Thanks!, -The Knex Inventor

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A New Ultimate Resource for Recommended System Specs!

I found this new website for all you gamers and system builders out there that provides really good recommended system specs with price breakdowns and vendors! Now I can stop bugging my buddies each time I want to get a new system!

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My lil man asked Santa for an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device aka Portal Gun. Any builders willing to sell one?

Here is your opprtunity to make a young gamer the happiest kid on Christmas morning! We need a portal gun! Here is a link to what he wants and a photo.

Question by gameboyzmom 

K'nex Chat

Get on and get into building better guns! Join me and other builders here.;

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What did I miss

So yeah, as you guys may have noticed, I wasn't around here for a year due to not having knex in that timespan. So my question is, what did I miss? Any big new ball machine builders? Any epic ball machines? New elements? Some totally alternative way of building (like Wipe Out changed the lifts forever)?

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Oodalump's guide to performance K'nex guns

I just think this needs to be brought up again and seen some more.  Lots of very useful information in here for both new and experienced knex gun builders.  And no this is not outdated, do not look at the post date.  That is irrelevant.   Here you go, read through all of it.  All of it. This guide helped me a lot, and should help everyone else as well.

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HELP me think of a new knex gun

Hey everyone i want to build more knex guns but idk what so i need ur help to help me think of something so if ur guys have something u want me to build just ask and post a picture and if i like it ill build it thanks

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