20 amps transformer of 14-0-14 volts from 220 volts bobbin size? primary gauge,turns? secondary gauge,turns thanks.

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got an electronics question

Ok, i've got a question for anyone with electronics knowlege... some time back i picked up one of those danelectro fab overdrive pedals. i wasn't expecting much, but for $15 i figured that if i got one usable sound out of it, it would be great and, to be honest, i wasn't disappointed at all... but, i was thinking about buying another and gutting them and putting their innards into a single case to make an overdrive with 2 cascading gain stages. now, the issue i'm having... unless i'm able to wire them up to run off of one 9v, there's no real point to doing this. other than the fun of getting to make some frankenstein effect pedal... which i suppose is reason enough. anyhow, i was wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me if i could run both off of one battery or not. in either case, any additional tips on how to go about wiring them together would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

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Information on DIY Electronics

Hey everybody, I really hope someone can help me. I'm PJ, a social work student that's organizing a sort of DIY electronics meeting in Belgium. By school policy, i have to write something in between an essay and a thesis and i'm doing it about DIY as a scene within subcultures. Now because DIY as a scene or culture is so enormous i'm writing it about DIY in electronics/hardware fiddling/hacking/modding/bending. Now what i'm trying to ask: Do you know any essays, thesisses, papers, books about DIY as a culture, scene, phenonemon?,... Not just a link to Wikipedia I need a base, where i can start from in writing this essay so i can explore DIY some more. Thanks a lot. PJ

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Electronic music class

We are running a eight weeks long electronic music class at Karkhana where kids build their own electronic music instrument and upload the instruction to make it in insturctable.com website. 

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knex Electronic arcade instructions

Hello everyone. I recently got the electronic arcade from ebay but it didn't come with any instruction booklet. So if you have it let me know. Thanks.

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MIT Electronic Research Society

Hey!If you're around on Friday Nights, come to MITERS!We have build parties every Friday from 7:30 on, at N52-115.We're a bunch of students with a penchant for inventionWho run this complete machine shop, EE lab, and creative haven, with lots of space for large projects.Everything goes, from motorcycles to electronic clothing, with a good helping of logic, lasers, microcontrollers and motors.Instructables itself came out of MITERS!Here's our instructables group.Here's our website.Here's our location.

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Information on mechanical switches for electronic circuits?

Text and photos on mechanical switches for electronic circuits

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Today i had to take home the health baby. man it is so INOYING. i was just wondering if any one else had to take it home? (i was rocking the baby wall typeing this!!!!!!!)

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What is the best Electronic/Electro Song? Answered

I like stuff like Leftfeild, Postal Service, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Pendulum, anyone know any other great tracks/bands?

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Is there any way to replace a preamp electronically? Answered

I have a record player and some records I want to convert to Mp3's but have no money to buy a preamp. Is there any way to change the settings on Audacity and avoid having to buy a preamp? Or is there any other program that allows you to change its settings and eliminate the preamp?

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Is it safe to put electronic hardware inside of PVC? Answered

I am designing a tactical airsoft flashlight, and want to build the first prototype in a 1 inch diameter PVC tube. I was wondering if it was safe to put electronic hardware inside of a PVC tube, or if was dangerous or could destroy the hardware. Thanks!

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how to make a mic out of electronic waste?

A homemade mic

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Any ideas for an "in mouth" voice mangler (NOT electronic)? Answered

I want to make scary inhuman sounds as part of a costume. So I can't hold things up to my face or use any electronics. Has anyone got any ideas? (Other than me ending up with a sore throat from screeching unnatural sounds.) I'm thinking of something like a whistle I can bite/hold with my lips and blow through but whistling isn't very scary and most whistles don't work in reverse. Or like when you trap a blade of grass taut in between your thumbs and blow, but would need to be "manufactured" so I don't need to hold my hands up.

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Has anybody ever bought from here? Answered

Http://www.alibaba.com/ They have unbelievable amount of different items, but i have never bought from there. Have you?

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Making a Flashing LED? Answered

Hi All, I reallize that this may seem stupid to people but its there a way I can make a flashing 1.5 volt LED? Any help I could get would be really appreciated. dla888

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Thinking about creating a Tesla coil with my kids

I'm thinking about making a tesla coil with my gang of kids. We have done experiments with inductance (made a motor) and capacitance (Leyden jar).  Oddly enough I'm slightly nervous dealing with that amount of voltage.  Any thoughts?

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anyone got help for the newbie? Answered

Okay so silly question but for a newbie like myself, is there any sort of section for newbies that don't have any idea how to solder or have any experience with electronics? like maybe instructables that just explain how to make simple electronics like... i have no idea how a circuit board works but they are essential to the cooler projects.

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Any good projects for magnet wire?

Any have any good projects that involve enamel coated magnet wire?

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How to do the "talking lights" of the "Night Rider"? i think the real name is "vumeter"

Well, i don't understand the diagrams, i'd like some pictures or a "step by step" guide. Sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina. Thanks in advance

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How do I make an effects pedal? Distortion, Reverb, any of them?

Basically looking to experiment and make my own things (how else do you refine a sound, ha) and honestly want to get any good starting notes/ steps to take off from.

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computer not responding!!!?

My computer will run great for 10 minutes and all of a sudden everything will go (not responding) in the top bar and then the loading symbol apears as my cursor.... what is going wrong? is it a virus? hardware poblem what! i have a acer laptop with windows vista installed.... please help or my mom is gonna kill me!

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Can I set up an array of LEDs to display a simple game like pong, tetris, or space invaders? Answered

I'd like to solder together a grid of LED's, and use it to display a video game like tetris or pong. I figure the code can be easily had for the games, or I could disassemble a cheap pocket version from the toy aisle and repurpose the pixel output and controls. I think it would be interesting to hang on a wall, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it.

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What can I do, and/or what parts can I salvage and use with these two CRTs and one LCD that I've got?

I've got two CRTs for parts, as well as a 20" LCD tv, whose screen is toast. What can I do with them/their parts? I've thought of a guitar amp project with the lcd (speakers/amp of the tv) but that seems like a waste, if there's more great stuff that I can use them for. I know CRTs have tons of stuff to salvage...just not sure how to rip it all out (both CRTs have been unplugged for >month, so their capacitors should be safe, right?) There are a million ibles I want to work on, so I thought I'd see what I could do with what I've got....I don't have enough lights or fans...just these monitors and tv for now. So, what would you do if you were me? Ok, thanks!?

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What is a relay and what are it's uses? Answered

Electronic relay, not running

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Free Speakers

I was just Curious if anyone knew any sites that offered free samples of speakers besides www.pui.com. and for thoughs that don't know pui.com offers free samples of there speakers piazo benders sirens mics ect. iv only ordered speakers but they do make a good product my favortes espeshally for home systems are the AS10004ps-r, and the AS7708ps-3.

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I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and was building the Another Altoids Charger and its not working but will work with others.

I build the charger and it will charge my 1st gen ipod touch and my 1st gen ipod nano but will not charge my 3rd gen ipod touch, what do i need to do to make it work with my ipod touch 3rd gen??? PLEASE HELP!

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hello can i fold an rc car antenna?

Hello im working on a project and im using a cheap rc card reciever n transmitter but the thing is i cant have any antenna pointing out of the enclousure , i tried wrapping the antenna arround a small acrilic tube and it didnt worked i chops up the range up to 1/2 is ithere any way i could get rid of that wire? thanks

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Archos 5

Well basiclly this is for all archso 5 fans and people who want the archos to come and read reviews by other people. I have posted an instructable on the archos 5 but want people to review the archos 5 share their thoughts hacks mods and anything about it you want you can even talk new archos a5. I dont really careyou can talk about any archos but try to talk about the archos 5 thanx.. :)

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Are there any alternatives to piezo transducers when building an electronic drum?? Answered

I'm trying to build an electronic drum, but piezo transducers seem to be rare in my country !!!! so I'm wondering if there's an alternative to them.

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Electronic bagpipes! Any ideas about how to make one?

I've tried making electronic bagpipes by gutting a cheap electronic keyboard, but it really doesn't seem to do the job. I only need a one octave scale (in the key of C the notes would be C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) plus one or two drone notes tuned to C preferably one and/or two octaves lower than the first note of the "chanter". I even have a small keyboard with a bagpipe setting that might sound pretty good if I could figure out a way to set it up. If using the keyboard is not feasible, is there any other way to come up with what I'm looking for? My electronics skills are next to nil, but I'm willing to learn.

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Will rockband or wii drums work with a proper electronic drum module?

I have a set of RBWT drums and a set of Wii drums... can I use these pads with a regular Electronic Drum Module? .. I know I would have to solder jacks onto the wires that would be compatable with the receptacle in the Drum Module... but do they have the right pulse to signal the module?

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How can I build an android head with no experience with electronics? Answered

  I've worked with LEDs and things before, using Instructables, but don't know how to use formulas related to that. But now I want to do a large scaled project, by leaping off the bridge, and having no clue what I'm doing. I'd like to build a robotic human head, a women, that uses a webcam for face recognition, a microphone for speech recognition, and a robotic jaw, to move to the speech.  SO, first, what programs can I use for the face recognition, and how can I use my computer for this, with out needing to use my computer as a permanent piece (A.K.A: A plug in, so I can use her when I feel like.) Two, how can I use the webcam for face recognition, programs. And three, not entirely needed, is a moving jaw, to match the rhythm of speech, if possible. BUT, I really DON'T want to spend money on those programs. A lot to ask, but can someone answer with a detailed explanation. Please don't show me this link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-an-Android-For-less-than-30/  No offence to the author, but I couldn't understand how it works, because it lacked detail on programs, and ect. 

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Anyone remember this?

Hey there everyone! I was just going through some of my old stuff (trying to find loot for new projects), and I came across this gem. I got this for Christmas 25 years ago and I have held onto it for some reason. It wasn't until I started poking around this site and building again, that I realized why i have kept it. This it what got me interested in electronics.....well not really, I believe this was given to me to curb my random destruction of electronics around our house ;). So I want to say thank you to my dad, whom at the time saw an interest and tried to encourage it. So let me know if you remember this and if anyone still has one!

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solar joule thief and iPod?

I want to charge my iPod using a joule thief circuit and a solar panel. I don't know the voltage or current output of the panel and I also don't want to fry my iPod.

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How can i mod my guitar amp to light up?

I've been looking at different instructables to make LED's pulse to music, but many of them are very vague and before i buy materials I want to make sure that i'm doing it right. I've included a basic schematic of what i want to do, but I want to know exactly what type of transistor to buy, exactly how to know which terminals on it to connect everything to, how much power i can put through the led's, etc. ALSO i'm thinking of buying the supplies for this off of ebay (you can get 100 LED's for 6 bucks!) but i want to know if the stuff on ebay is quality stuff or not. basically, i have a limited understanding of what i'm doing (I can solder wires, strip wires, and i kind of understand watts, amps, volts) but if you have more electronics experience than me it would be really helpful if you could jump in and tell me how to figure out exactly what to buy.

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Can i control the time wich a relay turns on without using a programable ic? Answered

Hello guys im building a project but i have an issue i need it to keep the current flowing for 5 secs to turn the relay for 5 secs i mean i press n release the button and the relay keeps on for 5 secs i dont have acces to pics and yet i do have arduinos but im not gonna spend an arduino for a project that means only 1/4 of my grade... thanks

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wiring a speaker: which wire do i solder where? Answered

I took apart some old headphones for the speakers unfortunately the wires pulled away from the soldering when dismantling. So i have a REd wire and a Brown wire which contacts do i solder them to?Picture 3 is a simple image of what the back of the speakers looks like, each contact is labelled with a different colour so if you know which contact goes to which use the coloured label to say whether it goes with the red or the browen wire.for example- red wire to purple contact,brown wire to red contact.thankyou to anyone that helps Mdog

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VU meters between PC and external speakers

Hope someone can help. I want to place two analog VU meters (L and R) in-line with my external PC speakers. I want them to be between the PC tower sound card output and the speakers themselves (1/8" mini jack), so the speaker volume controls don't affect the meters. I'm trying to get the truest reading from the sound output level coming from my PC and video editing program, without building some monstrosity. I'm planning to build a small box to house the meters, so I just need help with the actual wiring between the mini jacks and the VU meter leads. Can anyone help with how to wire this with instructions or a wiring diagram?

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can i have a simple lesson on electronics so i can build an amp?

So of just basic knowledge like "what are capcitors? stuff like that...I'm a begginer!

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Does anyone know how to program electronic signs, or scrolling marquees?

I have a large scrolling marquee type electronic sign, and it turns on fine and seems to work.  However, I have no idea how to program it and have not found any compatible software online.  The back says that it is from SIGNLINE and the model number is 180500.  It looks like it connects to a computer through a phone cord.  If anyone can help in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it.?

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What's the best psp portal?

What's the best psp portal?

Question by coolpizzadude   |  last reply

What is and what does a transistor do? Answered

The wiki article didnt help at all.

Question by PKTraceur   |  last reply

What is and how does a Zener Diode work? Answered

I have looked it up, and was utterly confused. Can a helpful somone from the Instructable community explain?

Question by PKTraceur   |  last reply

how do you make led's blink and chase?

I would like to use a small cr2032 battery with LED's How many Led's will a 2032 battery run? What about wiring several 2032 in series? and I would like to make them blink and chase ex 1 lights up 2 lights up ect I would like to make them run off a switch that controls steady on blink and chase any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Christy

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how to form an electronic circuit controlled distance formed by a voltage generator and a lamp ?

I have an electric circuit of a generator and a lamp with files I want to know what are the components necessary to control this circuit remotely

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Where can a total beginner go to get learn electronics and schematics specifically with audio projects in mind? Answered

I'd really like to get into the electronic side of music, but have no idea where to start. Some of the projects here are very interesting, particularly those that have to do with sound creation and modulation. My end goal is to be able to design my own circuits for analog amps, guitar pedals, and perhaps even synthesizers and vocoders. However, for now I don't have any idea of how electronics work, nor where to start. I've been told that kits might help, but does anybody have any specific places to start? I'd love to learn basic electronic theory, but especially how certain components create or change sounds. Thanks!

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