I need help finding a good mag fed non sligshot sniper rifle

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Im selling my knex. i dont want it £30-£50'd be nice :) only people in the midlands in england please it weighs about 9kg lemme know. slow to respond as i'll be on holiday tomorrow.

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How much knex should I buy and be set. I usally dont use knex but after coming here for a while I figured i need to buy them. Im talking money worth.

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Why whenever I search knex, Knex Wheel by Trevminster ALWAYS comes to the top? WHY??????

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What do you like building out of knex cars, guns,

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I just bought craploads of knex so i can build loads now. If you want to see how much here is the like to what i bought:

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Hey everyone. Just giving you a heads up. I'm not dead, just slightly inactive. I do get on once in a while and look at what's new, but I don't build too much anymore. I still build, but its a slower process. I just graduated high school so I've been looking for jobs and what not. Anyways, I'm mainly getting my point across that I have not left this wonderful community, just production is slow due to life. I'll try to post updates soon, but again, slow process. Thanks to everyone who subscribed, looks at my posts, comments, all that good stuff, I love this community, and I love all you guys. Again thank you so much for everything, and I'll see you guys around! -SW-

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Why do so many people like knex!

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knex pistols

Knex pistols

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knex truck

Picture of my truck i just made .I hope u guys like the designed of it . plus if you want to see the video go to youtube and tpye my username a knex robot

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Knex swords

Hi, knex weponary is awsome. im bored...

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knex artillery

Hey anyone know any gd knex artillery

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Knex weapons

I Want some knex models based on real weapons.

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knex guns

Can anyone make a knex m16 or a auto uzi.

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Knex Suggestions

Any knex suggestions post here, ranging from guns to anything!

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Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

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Knexing on xbox

Does anybody else knex on their xbox. im writing this from my xbox right now.

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Knex Stairs

Hey, I was trying to make knex stairs on my homungerous model but I can't find a actual small model scale stairs of the knex.So if anybody know how can you send me a link to a forums or just give me a small instructable or picture in your reply?

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knex group

Can some 1 join my group

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knex vaccum

Hey I've been wondering on making something to organize and clean my knex all over the floor without picking everything up and crawling on my knees. I have a idea about a vaccum but i'm not sure if it might even work. I was thinking on making a turning thing that scoops up knex without all that dust since I have allergies... sadly.

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Organizing knex

Do you organize your knex? (I just did) Or do you dump them in a bucket? tell everyone if you organize your knex or not.

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knex chainsaw

This is my knex chainsaw plz tell me if i should post and plz dont be mean

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Knex guns

For The Jamalam And a sneak-peak on my infinished mortar 2.0

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KNEX Help!

I always see these cool video's with a swing thing that goes down and back up and I really would like to know how to make those and should I make the tower get smaller as it goes up?

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knex car

My knex super car is so cool but the bad thing is bad photos

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Knex Ceatures.


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knex armour

I made some im almost done the body is 90% bullet proof ( to my guns )

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Knex Hater

Theres a new knex hater

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Knex Amory

Hey guys. Why wont anyone join my group Knex Armory? I mean, its my 1st group and all, so i just wanted a few knex freaks like myself to join. PLS comment & join.

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knex uzi

Someone make a knex uzi anybuddy!!!!

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knex sniper

This message is to the dude who made the instructions for gorkems sniper easier how long is it going to take u to do the next steps? thanks super knex maker

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cyber knex

I need a link on where to buy some cyber knex sets. it would be very helpful if you could leave a link  where i can buy some i don't ebay or cragslist.

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Knex guns

Hey guys, I'm starting to run out of ideas for Knex guns. If you could leave me some guns I could build in the comments, it would be appreciated. Also concepts are welcome as well. Thanks!

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Knex wars?

I remember reading about Nerf guns once, and there was a site called "Nerf Haven". It was a pretty popular site and they would have "Nerf wars" a couple times a year. In these wars they would get together someplace and just play with their Nerf guns. So I was thinking "Why not do this with Knex?".So who thinks this could be a possibility for the future? People could go to show off their creations, compete in contests, but the main reason to go would be to have a Knex war. It would also be a great way to answer some questions like:Are MGs worth the long reload?Are powerful single shots or guns with magazines better?Do tiny guns have a place in battle?Tell we what you guys think, maybe this could be the future of Knex guns =P

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knex m1

Hey I'm working on a m1 I'll post pic of it soon.

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Knex differential

I created the differentials a while ago. Larger versions are possible without any modifications of the basic pieces. This version is designed to be smaller in diameter than the main drive gear, requiring a modification to that gear.

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knex M16

Here it is my knex M16 auto reload,true trigger,and its cool! : ) plz tell me if i should post

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Buying Knex

If anyone has a spare carbon black rod please contact me because I can't find any on eBay and all the good guns use one. Contact me at Thanks!

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Knex Transformers

I'm new to this website and ive seen a lot of great posts for some transforming knex especially one that resembles optimus prime (not the large one that the creator refuses to post a smaller one) i was just wondering if anyone would be willing to post more instructables of their designs keep up the work folks.

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Knex Gun

Nothing new but looks cool(real) This was inspired by the Buzzard Gun made by The Drum Hero(Jamie sorry for mispell) But i have taken off several parts to make it more accurate and a smoother look. I have built this over and over to find the best way this can look and fire and this way seems to be the best. Also my sight i hsve made, which is the best sight i have seen.

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knex g36c

My g36c. i modded fartonia s m4a1 to get this!!!! my xbox live gamertag is: killermanjaro99 i normally play cod4 tell me if u add me coz i dont normally chek my mail/messages.

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I am trying to make knex super gun that has a magazine it can shoot through a can has 1 main gun and a backup gun attachment shoots 70-120 feet with 3 rubber bands true semi has a scope has less than 900 pieces is over 2 feet has a silencer a stock and a bipod

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Knex Transformers

I set this forum up for people to post their own transformers pics. I am working on 2 new transformers pics and will post them here if anyone else has any there working on or finished ones that you want to post, you can put them here

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Knex in school

This is my super-awesome-friend-annoyer for when I go back to school. What do you guys use?

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Knex Database

Hey, I thought of programming a knex database on my website where everyone can enter there models so it's easy to find also other stuff... But here's the question to you guys: would that be needed?

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Knex PDR

Hello, this is my Knex Magpul PDR. It was pretty cool featuring a truly working bull pup mechanism (Credit to KnexBuild). It shot decent and held a good amount of ammo. It was too obese for me though.

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knex weaponary

Weres some simple knex guns? were are the swords? what about rifles and wolverine claws?

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knex concept

hi ive just had an idea for knex guns . basicly you build and post a knex gun not based of anything it would be just a barel mag reciver triger and handle just the basics then people would customise it and it would be done people could give you feed back and maybe post the body they made to be placed on other guns.

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knex idea

I had a idea i don't know how it would work but what happens is you cock the gun and every time you press the trigger the ram goes up a little bit and fires so you fire like this cock, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger etc

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