making a nintendo screwdriver

I want to put the L.E.D's into my Wii remote but i dont have the screwdriver for it yet, howcan i make my own that will work for even a short period of time? I tried using the small flat head like in one of the instructables but i dont have one the right size and i cant cut up a bigger one to make it fit

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The Nintendo DS Lite

I am absoloutly thinkin' the DS look so damn fun! I just wanna hear your veiws on the cool looking handheld. Have you got one? Do you like it/ why? Best game? Why is it good? Best color to get it in? P.S - I so wanna get one!!!!

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Best Nintendo DS Games

What are the best games for the Nintendo DS?

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What to do with a Nintendo DS

Somebody gave me a nintendo DS for free because it had a broken top screen. Using the power of instructables I replaced the top screen and now have a perfect Nintendo DS. Problem is...... I never play video games, I have no use for a DS. Anybody have any good ideas of things to make with a Nintendo DS.....either using the DS as a whole or savaging it for parts?

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nintendo ds lite ,s top screen is blinking.what will be wrong with this?

I bought new nintendo ds lite some days sgo and played some time very carefully but now its top screen is blinking.what will be wrong with this?

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Open Exe (Executable) Files on a Nintendo DS?

I am wondering if anyone knows how to open exe (executable) files on a Nintendo DS. I already have an r4 card.

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Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi.

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?

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nintendo ds lite has shaky screen?

I have a nintendo ds lite and the bottom screen is now shaking is this fixable and if so what part would i need

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How to put games on nintendo dsi?

I have the games but i don't know how to put, where to put to play game in nintendo dsi. i am not being able to play games in nintendo dsi its being really problem to me.

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When Nintendo DS is plugged into the charger the light turns on but the unit wont stay on.?

When Nintendo DS is plugged into the charger the light turns on but the unit wont stay on.?

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How easy is it to create an N64 or SNES portable?

How long will it take? Are there any good tutorials out there?

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Should I buy the nintendo dsi xl? Answered

I have a Nintendo DS lite and play with it alot. But the Nintendo DSi has DSiware allowing players to puchase games over wi-fi connection. My question is to buy a DSi xl or wait for the Nintendo 3DS.  Thanks! 

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how to fix the top part of the nintendo ds ?

The top of the ds screen is red and it doesnt ajust right it flops open

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question on an unknown super Nintendo accessory

When i got my super nintendo i bought it used and it came with the little box in the picture. i can't find anything about it online. on the box end it looks like a computer gameport and on the other end its a snes controller plug it seas total control. an answer as to what it is will be greatly appreciated.

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what should happen after fusion?

Ive been waiting for nintendo to get a game after fusion. Suggestions?

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do you think nintendo will mind if i have a game made and put on a cd then sold online?

Nintendo hasnt gave me the answer yet so i dont know if i can. also id liek to know what kind of disc the game disc is?

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We have quite a few instructables now!

We have quite a few instructables now! More more more!

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Anybody got a fix for a DS slot-1 latch problem? Answered

My sisters DS slot-1 wont keep the games in. I think the latch is broken. Do i have to replace it for her, like un-solder it and re-solder a new one, or is there a simpler fix?

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Nintendo DS will not turn on, it got wet?

My Nintendo DS Lite got wet and now when plugged into the charger i just get the orange charge light on and nothing else, it wont even power up. Can anyone help PLEASE?

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Is nintendo going to release Majora's Mask for the 3DS? Answered

I am wondering if Nintendo is going to release Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Were there any leaks on this? Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

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Instant messenger on your Nintendo Dsi!

I have finally found a way on how to get instant messenger on your Nintendo DSi system! Step 1. Go to your Nintendo DSi browser. Step 2. Go to Step 3. Log in. Step 4. Wait a little bit for it to COMPLETLY load, then click on a name and there you go. Instant messenger!

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what did/does homebrew do to the nintendo wii?

I sent my wii in to nintendo to get fixed because i my games didnt play the way they should after i used homebrew.

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Does anyone know how to get skype on a nintendo DSI?

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Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

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my nintendo ds lite does not power up.

It has a new battery, the red light turns on after being plugged in but shuts off after a few seconds?

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dose anybody know how to get nintendo WFC on a wired router?

Im tring to connect my DS online but i have a wired router

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She was playing with it then turned it off and it would not power back on.

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What are the thoughts on moding an original Gameboy to hold a Nintendo DS/DS Lite?

I've been playing around with the idea of how one would mod an old Gameboy to open up and be able to contain the guts of a Nintendo DS/DS Lite

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Nintendo DS lite - bottom screen shows only top half (bottom half mirrors top half).

However, touch items on bottom half (that I can't see) still work, e.g., settings. Recalibrating touch screen does nothing. Do I need a new touch screen, LCD screen or both? Or can I fix this another way?

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bought a brand new DS LITE but its not charging at all

The orange light does not come on and there is no other sign of the battery being charged. It has never been used

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I'm thinking about buying a DS

 I'm thinking about buying a DS Lite but I was wondering if I should wait till the DSi XL comes out and hope for a DS LIte price drop.  Does anyone know if this will happen or not? Thanks

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why cant i add friends?

I cant add friends on the conduit for wii what the heck is wrong i know you have to add people and they have to add you but when i add people it still says i have zero friends. 

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DS lite does not recognize games in either slot?

I replaced the bottom touch screen following videos and instructables. It works perfectly. Now the unit does not recognize any game in either slot. What could be wrong? How do I fix?

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why is the NES better than the SNES? Answered

I just wanderd why the NES is better than the SNES although its older??? if anyone agrees with me on this then pkease could you say why you think so. in my opinion its because it saved the gaming industry (from atari) and the controller is so simple to use and it had more epic games than the SNES.

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run backups without modchip on nintendo wii by thundaboy1047

... where can i get the Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma: pal (for australia) file from because i dont have any of the files cause broken link please help!!!! been working on this for month now!!?

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Nintendo DS / Original Game Boy Mod

Don't know if anyone ever thought about doing this. I searched the site and didn't see anything like it so I thought I would put the idea out there. Just wondering what people thought about the prospect of modding an original Game Boy to be the shell for a Nintendo DS or DS Lite. I personally think there is enough room to do. I would try to do it myself, but I just don't have the techinical know-how or a spare DS.

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My Nintendo DSL upper screen is very dim/very dark compared to the bottom, so I replaced it. However, it is still dim.

So I dropped my NDSL about a month ago and it would not power on. I took it apart and figured the L2 fell out of place. So, I soldered it back on and everything seemed OK, except that my upper screen is now totally darker (perhaps one-half or less than one-half as bright) and very difficult to see. It's almost impossible to play games like Final Fantasy IV or really any game that mainly depends on the upper screen. So I figured that I should get that part replaced, which I did several weeks later. Now I think I did the replacement right, as my DS powers on (both top and bottom screens) and the sound works fine, but the darker upper screen issue persists! Oh, and furthermore, after I replaced the upper screen, there seems to be a row of lights trying to come through at the bottom of the new screen... they look like four brighter, more "normal" (as opposed to dim like the rest of my top screen) spots of light that weren't there before. Now, I'm guessing my screen is fine, and the problem might be something else... Anyone have any ideas? Please help :)

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Why do people likes mario? Answered

I don't like mario, mario is a offesive italian and not cool.

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Anyone know how to make a 3.5 mm bit for NES games? Answered

I have a quite a few nes games and would like to clean them does anyone know how to make a 3.5mm bit?

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ds lite wont recognise there is a game card in slot. even if i remove it.

My new ds lite doesnt register the game card is in the slot. I have tried all my games, even wiggled them and nothing? anybody know what to do. I tried blowing in the area where the games go.

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trying to make a snes controller work with gamecube

Im trying to get a snes controller to work with a gamecube plug on a wii i bought the controller and cord but dont have them yet i have the pinouts but im not sure if just connecting those will be all that i need???any suggestions,comments,or info will be helpful. here are the links to the pinouts

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How to fix a Wet Nintenod DS lite?

My son dropped soda on he's DS lite, I power it down and removed the battery as quick as possible and wait for 3 days but now only turns the green light for a second beeps and flashes the top screen at the same time and then the green light turns off nothing else happens, I replaced the battery with my daughters DS with same result could anybody advice if this can be repaired or is it just better to keep it for parts? Thanks you guys!!

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