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Hi everybody,First off all , i'm new on this forum.My english isn't very good.problem:i have a stereo with cable to listen to fm frequenties.the signal i get isn't a real good quality and a lot of unwanted noise like when your on frequentie that doesn't have a signal.there is somewhere on this site an answer , but i can't find meit hase a cable , for a tv but with a big fiche, not like one from in my garage where the signal enters the house.view link:;=;=219&w;=283&sz;=9&hl;=nl&start;=18&um;=1&tbnid;=ssMePrqA9WHgHM:&tbnh;=88&tbnw;=114&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dcoax%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dnl%26sa%3DNits a pannasonic sa-ak330

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My DJ Radio tribute!

My DJ Radio tribute! What do you think?

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can i sell my music through itune?

I am a musician and a compose i have recorded music audio and video.

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Another DJ Radio tribute.

Now you may all be wondering, why do I keep making DJ Radio graffiti's? Well, to be honest, it's three simple reasons, I like drawing graffiti, DJ's name is cool to write in it, and he is awesome :-) Also, I have just added in a picture of one that I made for Kiteman, just to show you all :-)

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Radio Controlled K'nex Motor

I have finnaly found someone selling an RC knex set!!Have a look

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How can I modifying radio speakers?

Let's say that I took a pair of radio speakers and disconnected them from the radio.  Now I want to connect them to a power source (either wall or battery) and connect them to a headphone connector so that I can plug my mp3 player into them.  How would I go about doing this?

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Does anyone have any advice on making a homemade clock-radio? Answered

I have a radio with a dismembered antenna, and a bright clock, and I want to make them into a "new" clock-radio, maybe steampunk, cyberpunk, or a combination of the two. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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My radio in my car was stolen and I dont want 2 buy a new one. Can I hook up a cheap radio 2 play thru the car speakers?

I have a 1992 Honda Accord that has no radio. In the empty space where the radio used to be, there are two cables: one that looks like a headphone plug, and one that is some sort of 32-pin female connector. Is there any way I can hook a cheap radio or maybe an Ipod to play through the car speakers?

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Cool internet streaming radio stations?

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately? My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music. What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?

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Off The Hook - A Regular Radio (hacker) Broadcast; Oct 3

Here is the Oct. 3, 2007 broadcast of: ='''Off the Hook|: Hacker Radio at it's best'''=let me know what you think.

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Simplest free internet radio broadcasting software?

 I am very tech savvy/able, but I am struggling with this one. My friend does the occaisional internet radio broadcast (just for school friends to listen to 'aprez-school') and I have done a few with him. I don't think he does it enough therefore I wish to start my own. He uses Nicecast for Mac OS.  I have tried many, many free Windows software, none of which have been anywhere near as slick and easy as Nicecast.  (I have never got one working). Any suggestions? I am willing to pay but free is better. [EDIT] This is really starting to get on my boobamajugs (in the words of Charlie Brooker) now... I just can't get anything working....

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Building a cooler radio. What should I use for a power source?

Building a cooler radio using a motorcycle 300w amp with ipod, marine speakers, and old coleman cooler. What should I use for a power source? Thinking about a 12V rechargeable battery. Are there better solutions to supply power?

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free speakers? Answered

Is it possible to get free speakers? or how do you take them out of a radio?

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I'm looking for a way to transmit a metronome across a football field for band members during marching season?

Plug a metronome via 1/8 inch plug into something and then listen to it on the other side with headphones.

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My shower radio barely picks up any radio stations. It has an internal antenna. How do I boost reception to get more?

I bought a standard shower radio, but once I take it into my bathroom it doesn’t pick up any stations. It’s a Conair SR9, with no external antenna. Is there a way to add an antenna or boost it so that I can pick up more stations?

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How to start a High School Radio Station?

With some friends at high school we have started a radio club. We are currently just streaming over the internet. I'm interested to know how complicated it actually is to broadcast over the FM radio. I know its possibly to receive a low power broadcast much easier but I still don't know how expensive that would be and difficult to acquire. I'm sure its a bit out of reach but i do know other high schools broadcast.

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Will the Waves ever Die?

Think about it, the age is the Digital Dawn of the day, anologue Television is already being planned to me completely removed from the air waves in 2009 to make way for the "supposedly" DIGITAL SUPURIOUR HD crap. I don't watch that much TV to begin with so it doesn't bother me. But what about FM radio, is that ever going to die? Chances are probably not for a few years, seeing how the AM spectrum is still kicking around. How long can our traditional ways last? I'd be fairly sad to see FM leave the game. Really, we've had radio since the dawn of the technical age, from the 40's through the 80's (remember the days?). I just wanna see what anyone else has to say.

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Is there a cheap/free way to make the speakers on my cheap work stereo sound better and have more bass?

I work in a factory so when I needed to buy a radio I went with the cheapest thing I could find at Walmart cause there's no sense spending lots of money on something thats gonna be completely covered in dust/fiberglass/etc. So of course the speakers are rubbish but I wanted to know if anyone knew a cheap or hopefully free way to improve the sound quality or more particularly the amount of bass they produce. Thanks in advance for any help, Jake2k

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Paris Underground (catacombs)

Did anyone else listen to the story of the catacombs of Paris on NPR? I found it intriguing! 

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What hip hop/rap song have these lyrics? Answered

I really like the song but it has,"thank ye thank ye lord i wanna thank ye" lol thanks.

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Knex Review: Longbow SR-L Crossbow

Creator: DJ RadioLink: Overviews:Comfort: 9/10Range: 8/10 (50ft)Power: 9/10 (i can get it through 3 sheets of paper)Gun Strength: 6/10 (may break with too many bands)Gun Overview:Stock: 7/10Handle: 9/10Barrel: 8/10Trigger: 9/10Comments: a pretty cool crossbow. it fires well but may misfire sometimes. the bow does bend quite a lot so dont make unless you dont mind bending a few rods. the trigger is reliable and the handle s pretty comfy. the stock is comfortable but doesnt look the best.Verdict: the body could do with a kool looking frame and filled in stock etc. a new bow that doesnt bend could do no harm. but overall a pretty good crossbow!

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Anyone remember this?

Hey there everyone! I was just going through some of my old stuff (trying to find loot for new projects), and I came across this gem. I got this for Christmas 25 years ago and I have held onto it for some reason. It wasn't until I started poking around this site and building again, that I realized why i have kept it. This it what got me interested in electronics.....well not really, I believe this was given to me to curb my random destruction of electronics around our house ;). So I want to say thank you to my dad, whom at the time saw an interest and tried to encourage it. So let me know if you remember this and if anyone still has one!

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Slot Load Music CD Player, to retrofit in a 1957 Motorola Radio? Help finding a CD Drive, or get a Laptop Drive to work? Answered

Hello, my Mom has an old 1957 Motorola Radio. The radio has a lot of sentimental value. My Mom keeps it on display and occasionally turns it on to bring back old memories. Unfortunately the radio no longer works, which isn't a big deal to my Mom, as she loves it just as a statue. I had an idea to remove the innards, which can easily be done from the rear of the radio. Now the front of the radio has a slotted grill design, which a CD could easily slide through it, and it would conceal the Drive, keeping the original look of the radio. In short I need any kind of slot loading drive that will play music CDs without the need of a computer. That is the only problem holding me up on this project. I want to install the CD player and connect it to small computer amplified speakers that can all be hidden inside the radio. I can even solder lead wires to the eject, skip, and play buttons. So that I can hide them in the back of the radio, or possible figure out a way to make it remote controllable. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

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What can i do with a Delphi RoadyXT XM radio Receiver?

I have a Delphi Roady XT XM radio receiver and was wondering what I can possibly use it for. The only good use i can come up with is the Multicolor SMD LEDs but how would i go about controlling them. And plus they are really small, as are all the other components. The unit itself will turn on but it freezes after about 2 seconds, so I'm guesing all the components are fine and it's probably a software issue.

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Three random questions on this piece of radio guts! (ID-ing parts and the mysterious wax) Answered

So i opened this old Crown Japan stereo and found somethings i've seen before, but never had the initiative to ask their raison d'être (why are they there?). 1 - What is the blocky component with a colored screwdriver notch on them? 2 - Why do they always use this specifics pots for the tuners of radios? 3 - Why do they apply wax (often in generous amounts) over some components? (i know all 3 sound pretty noob, but i had to ask someone)

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Knex SR-Commando Review!

Here is a review on DJ-Radio's SR-Commando! Body strength: 7/10 It's okay. Front tip 9/10. Handle strength 9/10. Bi-pod strength: Sorry I don't know I didn't build it :( Trigger strength: 10/10 It's AMAZING! Stock strength 6/10 (Hold it just on the stock and it almost cracks off.) Sight: 6/10 Power: 7/10 It's pretty good! Range: 7/10 It's pretty good! Looks:10/10 In my opinion Please comment on how I did! (You just gotta love that pic!!!)

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Jackal V4 mag mod help

So I made a jackal v4 mag that when you run outta ammo you can flip over for more. It also shoots two pieces of ammo =) But its not working very well because the mag pusher gets in the way of the other round. Could someone pls help? Thanks Pics are down there.

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LA-based KROQ's Kevin and Bean interview Eric about Instructables

Kevin and Bean from LA's KROQ interviewed me about Instructables this past Tuesday on their morning show. Check out the interview here.The part of the interview that really made me laugh: "We usually don't recommend sites without boobies, but we really like Instructables!"More news articles about Instructables here.

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Removeable Magazine for dj radios Knex AR-4 Commando V-3

My removable magazine for dj radios AR-4 Commando V-3 Pros-holds 7 yellow rods compared to the usual 5-ammo doesn't fall out when you have it in your pocket or you for some reason shake it vigorouslyCons-none that I can see comment and say whether I should post

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Knex Commando C-7 V1 Trailer

This is my single shot sniper rifle version of DJ Radio's Ar-4 V3. Hope you enjoy.

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How do I listen to past radio shows for free? Answered

I listen to coast to coast am and it on at ten where I live so I somtimes miss some good guests and I want to go back and listen during the day for free. I can do streamlink but I don't want to pay. Pleaz help. :-)

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How do i make an arduino-based Ondes Martenot?

I know only a few basics of the ondes, mainly that it works by having a metal ring disrupt radio waves to generate sound. I have only found one instructable and it is only loosely based on the ondes. Also, I need it to be based on the arduino, because it is the only platform I am used to/comfortable with (other than calc prgms) and many other people prefer it as well. Radiohead fans, Jonny Greenwood uses this in songs including Dollars and Cents (live) and Where I End and You Begin.

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How can I stop my guitar amplifier from getting severe radio interfearance?

I have a Peavy Vypyr 15 watt combo modeling guitar amplifier. It has severe radio interfearance and picks a spanish radio staion up and is ver clearly and loudly heard through the amp. I need this amp because without it the other two amps cant get as distorted, as loud, as clear, and they cant pickp the midrange that the vypyr puts out. Is there any way I can sheild, or block it from doing this? ***update*** the second picture shows the exact diagram of the splitter involved in the setup

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DJ Radio- celebrating 14 years of pure awesome. (Aka my birthday) -UPDATE

Yes, today is my birthday.  I am 14.  I have a cake and everything.  I was gonna post a gun to concide with this event but unfortunately I couldn't finish it in time.  Oh well. *Update* To coincide with my birthday, I will not read any PM unless it has "To his majesty, the Honorable DJ Radio" in the subject line until March 15, 2010, 14 days from now.  The only exceptions are staff and replies to PM's I have made before March 1.  I'm serious, if you want your PM's read, you have to use that subject line until March 15.

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How to cure procastination forever...

Will update this page later.

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Random quarter trick

Http:// Watch it in HD.

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Welcome Ludacris fans!

This is the welcome topic for the people who joined Ludacris fans.

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So what is a JVC KT-HD300?

I just got a new JVC HD radio but the HD channels keep going in and out. I have spoken to a few radio people and the only way to fix this is to buy, “JVC KT-HD300” but I feel like that’s just an antenna amplifier. So what is “JVC KT-HD300.”

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Ar-4 Commando V2 Review

Ok, lets have a look at the latest creation of Dj Radio!The Ar-4 Commando V2!What to expect:Strength: 8/10 Why: Small chance it will break.Range: 8/10 Why: Very good range.Looks: 9,5/10 Why: It looks great and very realistic!Parts:Handle: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules comfyness (new word)!Stock: 7,5/10 Why: A bit on the bulky side.Barrel: 7/10 Why: sometimes jams because of the tan design.Fake barrel: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules!Bipod: 7/10 Why: It's only for show.Add-ons: 9/10 Why: Bi-pod + Expandable mag = Just Awesome!In the end:The Ar-4 commando V2 is great fun and a must build for any knex gun enthusiast!The range is pretty high and the stock is very comfy.To round it up: Just Awesome!Creator: Dj RadioGun: Ar-4 Commando V2Reviewer: Viccie.B1993Hope you enjoyed the review and, have lots of fun with the Instructables site!Rights are owned by Dj Radio.I had permission to review.Viccie.B1993 and Dj Radio,

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How do I add an iPod/mp3 player jack (aux) to my CD/radio stereo shelf system?

We have a stereo shelf system and want to plug the iPod Touch into it, so we can make use of the speakers. We also want to play our CDs and use the radio.

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My parabolic microphone is picking up radio stations. What did I do wrong? Answered

I built a parabolic microphone using spare parts. (One stainless steel wok, one dowel rod, one lapel microphone, one snair drum stand, and some scrap metle. Along with some shrink tubing and an old broke toy now blocking the back end of the microphone.  I grabbled an as seen on TV 'Listen Up' personal amp. I removed the microphone built in and replaced it with a 1/8 jack. When I connect it to the parabolic microphone instead of amping the sound it picks up RF radio stations. An easy listening R&B; station to be exact. How do I fix that or can it be fixed?

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Your trash is my treasure....

Word. The picture there is so you can understand what im trying to say.

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Parts list for Rectangle? Answered

I was thinking about making it sometime, but I want to know the part count, preferably for the latest version.

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Where can i get an oscillator for cheap or salvage?

Anything that would work for this instructable:

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Well, I think its safe to say.....

That chooseausername is dead. On ibles at least. His last posted comment was october 30, 2008, and he has done nothing since. He was a noble friend and all around cool guy (in a weird way). I like to congratulate him on how much he protected his privacy too. we only know he lives in Europe. we hope you come back, or if not, have a nice life. - DJ radio.

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Not gonna do much punctuation or any fancy layout for this. I looked at all of the entries to take over my new knex challenges. The winner is Dj Radio Good luck to him.

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