Audio Triggered by Light

Hello, I'm an absolute beginner and I would appreciate some help. I need to build a sensor that triggers sound either on Pro Tools/Logic Pro/Garage Band or any other kind of audio software when it detects a single red flash of light on it, much like the light a laser pointer would produce. The light will flash from left to right in intervals of 2.5 or 5 seconds apart. The sound is nothing too complicated. It's basically just single notes, pitched a fifth apart so for example, when the left light flashes, it needs to trigger middle C, then when the right light flashes, it needs to trigger G above middle C. Problem is, I do not know how to go about this and where to start. I would be deeply appreciative if someone could help me out here and point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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Computer audio recording

TIPS ON COMPUTER AUDIO RECORDINGOur blog it contains about how to record a song or that gives you tips on computer audio recording.You can learn so many things in our blog. Please feel free to visit our blog. We are very glad to hear from you.

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Audio Amp Help Answered

I bought a small audio amp, and i am trying to make a high quality boom box type device, for my mp3 player, however i am not sure if i should use a speaker that is a higher wattage than the amp is rated for, or lower.  The amp provides 15 watts per channel, for two channels, so 30 watts between the two channels.  I have a few extra 100 watt sattelite speakers, could i use them?

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Audio Spectrum Analyzer Headphones

Hi, I was wanting to try to make some custom headphones. The headphones themselves wouldn't really be anything special but what is on the sides is what i'm wanting. On the sides I was wanting LEDs in a circular fashion working as a spectrum analyzers to what ever music I play. A visual idea of what i'm wanting is the GIF below, the way the analyzer is working in the background is how id want it on the headphones except in the opposite direction where the bars go outward.I also would like to have it to where it had a switch where i could turn the analyzer off but still listen to music without it running. I don't care on how it works i just want it to not be too expensive and i want it to where it could look a little professional and clean

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Any ideas of what to do with a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) plug to stripped wires? Answered

I have a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) plug to stripped wires that i don't have use for anymore. ideas for making it useful is what i'm askin for.

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how do i make an audio interface?

Hello i'm fairly new to electronics but i'm a dab hand with the solderer i want to make an audio interface between my guitar and my pc. i was thinking of making a small amp having a 6.5mm socket for the input and instead of a speaker having a usb connection? is this even possible? is that why the ones on the market are so expensive? thanks for your time

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How to make a 4 channel audio mixer? Answered

Making a mixer bassed off of AUDIO 8 DJ;=bacefa846820ff7 or Nuo 4⊂=1&id;=3I more interested in a simple version of the previous mentioned. Heres a simple version feel like the simple one would be more doable but if you manage to make the ones i mention first, then thats amazing.

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Twisted cymbal on Guitarhero World Tour PS3 & mini audio plug ripped off. Need ideas on repair or replacement?

Actually Daughters friend who has Wii twisted. Apparantly on Wii cymbals spin 360 degrees on PS3 they do not. She attempted to turn cymbal around and tore the wire right out of the male right angle audio connector. I have bare wire exposed and connector is fine, so likely that actual female jack on cymbal is fine, just need a way to reattach a male plug. Total amateur at anything like this so any help would be appreciated.

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Help with amplifier 5.1

Good day, I had a samsung HT-40X home theater; however, the main unit died. So, I want to use the speaker and create a new audio system. The speakers spec are in the picture attached:[1].pdf thanks.

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how can i fix my kenwood amplifier? Answered

I have a kac-8152D amp and it dont work no more.i put it the fuse and it spark in the beginning but dont work.when i take the fuse out my light turns on for 5 seconds then turns off.

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Rewiring a boombox headphone output to be an Ipod input?

I'm rewiring an old boombox to be able to play music from an ipod. Since it doesn't have an input anywhere on it, I've decided to rewire the headphone output to act as an input for my ipod. I've already gutted the tape player. The headphone out is attached to a circuit board which then connects to the main board, which sends the music to the speakers. I will change the old headphone input wiring to go to the old tape input(same wires). The only problem I can forsee is the circuit board which connects the headphone jack to the wires. Will it keep trying to send music out, or will it let the Ipod's music pass back into the main board? Connection diagram: Ipod -> Double-male audio cable -> Headphone jack -> Circuit Board -> 6 Black wires -> Main board's tape player input -> Speaker

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Potentiometer help

Hello,I'm new here and pretty new to home audio/electronics projects so please bear with me here.I created my first clock amp a while ago using a Minty Amp kit, an Ikea alarm clock and some other bits and bobs. Here are some images:frontbackgutsI failed to take progress pics so couldn't create an instructable for the project but I plan to do that with my next one (I've had a lot of interest with people actually asking to have them made to order - which Mr Minty Amps, Bob Hickman, assures me is cool). Anyway, so I've ordered the parts to make another clock amp but decided to get some extra bits from this time. In teh first amp I used a 250k guitar potentiometer for the volume but it's not sensitive enough and really only has three settings (full, quiet and silent). So, this time I ordered this 1k pot from Maplin. When the pot arrived it has a 50mm shaft which is too long for my project. I assume I can just trim the shaft down so long as I'm careful since it's only plastic. Is that right?Also, because it's not a guitar pot, the shaft is smooth and so the standard control knobs I have will not fit it. Does anyone know of a (cheap) type of control knob that will fit such a pot? I really don't want to have to glue a knob on there.Thanks for your help.

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Volume adjusting stereo audio amp?

Hi, I want to make something like have it be stereo and also use a 386 audio amp. Is this at all possible and have you seen schematics for something like it? Thanks for looking :D

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Audio low pass filter (crossover)?

Looking at a crossover inside a speaker box, I see some inductor coils and capacitors. As  understand, it seems capacitors are high pass components, and inductors are the low pass components. What is the formula converting frequency in Hz into inductance of the inductor coil and/ or value of the capacitor. (I would be looking for a crossover around 30 - 40 Hz) To me, it seems logical to put this crossover not in the speaker box, but in front of the amplifiers, so the remaining audio spectrum can selectively amplified, which should result in some more power...  True? (I see some recommendations for active crossovers, but the theory is way over my head).

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Is there a way to make an ultrasound-to-sound "audio spotlight" DIY?

Http:// Holosonics Audio Spot Light sells for $2,500, and the competing Sennhieser AudioBeam sells for $4,500.Is it possible to do something like this home-made?

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Audio Stereo KILLSWITCH without NOISE when switch pressed

I know there's a lot of Killswitches to build but I need one that will shut my loud music gentle without the "unplug" noise, may be some components attached to the switch will make it. Any suggestions?

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How do I play a Windows Media audio stream through iTunes?

The stream is located at

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Hey all, Does anyone know how to play audio from one computer through another computer's sound card?

The catch is that the audio software is on the first computer, and is not compatible with the second, but the second has the good sound card that isn't installable in the first (also, the line in and mic ports are already full!)

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Can i seperate the audio from the video in a .avi or .mov video file?

In windows movie maker I want to add the video of one file and add audio to it. The only think keeping me from this is that the video has audio with it. is there any way i can seperate the video and audio of the video file and just use the video?

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Help with homemade amp and speakers

Hello, I am a complete "noob" when it comes to electronics. I do not have an Ipod. I want to make that clear. I want to make a set of speakers and an amplifier for my truck. please dont ask me what voltage or anything else like that because i have no clue. I want them to be loud. and cheap.

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i want to build my own amplifier for my car to power my sub. i would a 300 to 600 watt rating any ideas? Answered

I have a small background in electronics and i would like to build an amplifier for my car to power my subwoofer. i am having trouble coming up with a schematic that would work. i would like to accomplish 300 to 600 watt rating and i would like all solid state components if possible. i dont care to much about size as long as it fits in my escort. and i dont care to much about cost either do you have any ideas?

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Multiple audio input to 1 stereo output

Sounds confusing but I need to connect 7 audio players (stereo) together and have 1 stereo ouput. Without volume sliders. Each player audio need to be mixed and be heard at the only output. I was thinking on connecting all left channel together and right channel as well then connect each one to audio jacks (red/white). Can someone help? 

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Any recommendations on how to increase the crappy audio volume on my EEE PC?

Trying to watch streaming TV through my Eee PC while I'm on the road is infuriating because I can't hear the audio even with headphones and the volume cranked all the way to 11. Time/talent aren't on my side so I'm not sure I'd be able to kludge together some of the projects here. Thx, Wudjor

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How can i import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker?

I want to know how to import iTunes audio files into Windows Movie Maker because i want to use decent music in Youtube videos.

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Convert an Ipod only speaker to play other audio sources?

 I have a wall mountable speaker shelf that only plays ipods not iphones (only) and I was wondering if there was an adapter I could make/buy that would allow me to use a headphone jack so I could plug in other audio sources?

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How do you rip sound (audio) from a video? Answered

I'm trying to rip the sound off of my  videos so I can put them to CD. Any ways of doing this?

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How to connect 2 audio sources to one speaker?

Hello, I'd really appreicate if someone could help me out here. I have a Samsung Bluetooth Car Kit which outputs the sound though a seperate speaker. What i'm looking to do is connect it in some way to the cars owm drivers door speaker. The Head unit mutes automatically when a call comes so there would be no sound going to the speaker from it when a call was in progress. The simple way to do it in my eyes would be to just connect both sets of speaker wires to the one door speaker, but i'm concerned that the 50w RMS that the head unit can blast out would be feed back into the bluetooth control unit would in some way damage it, and vice versa when I was talking on the phone. What could I use to prevent the sound getting feed back, some type of diode or something? Like I said any help would be really appreicated as the speaker is a big ugly thing which I'd rather not use if possible. Thanks Davy

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Can I wire two speakers (big) directly into my computer audio out port?

I have an old amp which i no longer want. I wondered if I could wire my two old speakers from this into my computer directly, without an amp!!

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Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Speakers into Different Things

I am wondering what inventions could speakers be made into different things

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How can I make a CD player from a CD ROM for my truck? Answered

Hey. I saw an Instructable awhile back that detailed how to make a "ghetto" CD player for a vehicle from an old computer CD drive. Can't find it now. I have an old beater pickup that I want to enhance with this silly project. Can anyone help?

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I want to build a 1/8" audio selector box with 4-5 inputs and 1 output.

I want to build a 1/8" audio selector box with 4-5 inputs and 1 output (i.e. 4-5 audio sources and 1 set of speakers) and be able to toggle amongst the sources.  I bought a 2 Pole, 6 position rotary switch: Will this work, or should I get something else? other recommendations welcome!

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Guitar Hero 3 For Wii Audio Flaw

I was meaning to post this sooner but completely forgot. Anyway, If you don't already know, Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock for the Wii has a disk flaw. The flaw makes the sound in mono instead of the Dobly Digital Surround Sound that is advertised on the box. Activision will replace it for free though. The way you can tell if you have a flawed version of the disk is if you look right above the Activision logo and if theres a little white star there or not. If there is one you have the new version and don't need a replacement. If not you can go here, fill out the form and then they will send you an envelope for you to put your old one in and send back and then finally you get sent a new version. I just thought I'd let you know. Good Luck!--Note-- If you send them a disk thats anything other than the old version of the Wii GH3 game they won't send anything back.

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How can I create audio palindromes?

There are plenty of guides to writing phrases that are read the same backwards and forwards. But how can I create some phrases that sound the same when the recording is digitally reversed?

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How can i record a video.....? Answered

?HOw do i record a video of something that has loud noise without messing up the audio and having it wound weird??? more specifically, how do i revcord a concert  thats loud w? 

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How to connect Xbox 360 to older Sony stereo amp? Answered

Whenever I plug my Xbox into my amplifier, the sound comes out extremely loud and distorted. I am only using the standard RCA plugs, because my TV is kind of old. I would really like to use my Xbox to play music and movies, but my TVs speakers are pretty awful, and I would like to have volume control when using my headphones. The audio settings on the Xbox are very lacking, so there is nothing I can do there.

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How do I connect a car amplifier? Answered

I have a "300W" (actually 30W) mini amplifier. It has black, red and yellow wires for power.How do I connect it?

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Amp problems: Audio output cuts out on any bass.? Answered

I have a Sonic Impact T-Amp Gen 2. When running, the audio output suddenly cuts out on the bass of a song for half a second or so, and starts again. The blue LED light stay on however. There seems to be no connection between the times it cuts out, except for it usually runs for a while, at 50% < 100% of the volume. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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DJ mixer problem? Answered

I have recently purchased a Soundlab dsm5....I have minimal RCA cable at the moment so i have done this -> I have connected my ipod to the mic jack with a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adaptor..... then from that i have connected a RCA cable to 3.5mm mono adaptor (orginally for a camcorder so it has a video RCA as well)  from the AMP channel on the mixer to the AMP......  My problem is that the Music plays but has a really bad quality? amp is not bad quality, as i have done played music with it with no problem and the mixer and the amp are both sound lab....It might be I shouldnt connect the ipod to the mic but to line one or line 2 (inputs) to get more quality .... I dont know?...... Best awnser gets a patch!

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VU meters between PC and external speakers

Hope someone can help. I want to place two analog VU meters (L and R) in-line with my external PC speakers. I want them to be between the PC tower sound card output and the speakers themselves (1/8" mini jack), so the speaker volume controls don't affect the meters. I'm trying to get the truest reading from the sound output level coming from my PC and video editing program, without building some monstrosity. I'm planning to build a small box to house the meters, so I just need help with the actual wiring between the mini jacks and the VU meter leads. Can anyone help with how to wire this with instructions or a wiring diagram?

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How can i mod my guitar amp to light up?

I've been looking at different instructables to make LED's pulse to music, but many of them are very vague and before i buy materials I want to make sure that i'm doing it right. I've included a basic schematic of what i want to do, but I want to know exactly what type of transistor to buy, exactly how to know which terminals on it to connect everything to, how much power i can put through the led's, etc. ALSO i'm thinking of buying the supplies for this off of ebay (you can get 100 LED's for 6 bucks!) but i want to know if the stuff on ebay is quality stuff or not. basically, i have a limited understanding of what i'm doing (I can solder wires, strip wires, and i kind of understand watts, amps, volts) but if you have more electronics experience than me it would be really helpful if you could jump in and tell me how to figure out exactly what to buy.

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whats the difference between a good &amp; a not so good audio potentiometer?

Looking to buy some potentiometers for a guitar project, i see the £1.50 500k audio pots that are usual style and some that are 4x the price and have a square enclosed case, still 500k audio. whats the difference and is it worth it?

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How do I build an audio amplifier circuit?

Can someone draw out or point me in the direction of an audio amplifier circuit? I wanna build my own portable speaker system with an amplifier built in, but I wanna build the amplifier from scratch with no bells and whistles. I want it to be high wattage (40 or 50 or more.) and able to drive typical 8 ohm speakers. My understanding of the rules of building circuits is limited, but I can read a schematic and understand how they work. Any Help?

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Is a MIXER what I'm looking for here?

Got a keyboard, laptop, mp3 player, 2 drum machines, and a Tascam 8 track digital recorder. I need to hear them all at the same time through one set of headphones, all clearly, and need to be able to adjust the levels of each. Do I just need a mixer? I'm cheap, so suggest one please?

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how do I make a volume controler for a ground wire?

So I built a splitter that wil take my RCA, 1/8", and my 1/4" jacks together now to finish it i wnat to add a volume control on the ground wire (assuming that it will be too hard to volume left or right channels) how would I go along doing this the case i put this in came from an old toy which happins to have a 4.5v (3x AA) battery compartment i want to use this for some kind of light design (maybe a status light, left chan, right chan, and ground  or my be RCA, 1/8", 1/4")  and dont know how  i would do it any suggestions? *just ran my first test and it grounds the right chanel when i use my guitar (which makes sense) but there  still a problem the more inputs/out put there are the lower the volume what is the best way to fix this * a new design is added

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