automatic spray bottle?

I'm looking for a way to trigger an intermittent misting spray of water (indoors). Any ideas?

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Automatic slideout drawer

I am looking to build a drawer that will automatically open and close by the flip of a switch. What would be the easiest way to set it up? The drawer will only need to hold several pounds up to ten at the most. Any suggestions?

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Knex Automatic SMG

This is my fully automatic knex gun that I have had since October although I have been working with the rack and pinion mechanism since last year, the system that it uses works well however I can't seem to get a good green rod magazine on it. Can you help me please?

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knex automatic rifle

I had an idea to make a new (i think) type of knex machine gun. it is like knexwizard's semi auto rifle but it has a single shot trigger from viccie.b's crossbow. i made it but it fired its whole magazine (20 grey connectors) in one shot! after modifiying it to put tonnes of friction on the wheel that holds the bands i got it to fire its mag in two shots- still not good enough. can anyone help me?

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knex automatic gun

Hey guys, i was looking around and found out that people have been trying to develope a knex automatic weapon, so meanwhile i was lloking around on airsoftmegastore for a gun and any info on what type of gun i should get. anywho, i looked in the player resource center and under what gun is right for me. What does this have to do with knex? well i found this gif. diagram and thought i would share it with everybody to get a possible idea of how a real automatic gun works to develop a knex version. i figured it wouldnt be to hard to convert almost a similar version to knex, if some one more experienced could make it with this info. i would be highly appriciated, if not i would only be able to try this in the summer cause of school. heres a link to see the gif. mech move: hit ctrl+ a couple times to see the pic better, and ctrl- to zoom out. you will have to scroll down a bit to see it. 

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Cheapest Ever Automatic Lawn Mower

I saw this while using StumbleUpon and thought I had to post it since it was so in the spirit of Instructables. What a brilliantly simple but clever hack! (Not to mention dangerous)

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Automatic pet food dish

I want to make a pet food dish that rations out pet food at specific intervals. Something similar to this it doesn't have to be a circle, I could probably figure out how to do it with a pulley system and motor if it was straight, but I need to find a timer to trigger the motor. Does anyone know where to get a timer like that, or what I should search for. I've never built anything before, so I don't know anything, or what to search for. Thanks for any help.

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Automatic knex gun ideas.

Hey people! im thinking of making an awsome fully automatic knex gun but im not sure what to make it look like or to model it after a gun.... so got any ideas?

Topic by longboardboy 


Fully automatic 8 shot handgun/revolver features:8 shots, fully auto, challenging to make (but not to challenging) & good mechanism. i would like to thank mepain for the main idea and sypran for the clip (or whatever you call it). i hope this is an inspiration to you all, cause there aren't enough damn auto weapons out there. B.T.W modders are encouraged to mod and post this gun, over and over again

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Automatic window cover motor

I have a problem in my apartment with an outdoor light right outside my window. If i dont close my curtains at night my room pretty much looks like daylight. I like to wake up to the sun though so I started looking at automatic curtain openers, saw the price and decided it cant be that hard to diy. My idea is to have a curtain that rolls up rather then goes to the side. I am trying to think of a way to make this simple cheap and quiet. really all I need is a rod and fairly quiet motor that I can plug into a wall. I was thinking a rotisserie motor would be pretty good but have never been near one to hear how loud they are. It might solve the problem of a rod as well depending on how long of a stick I can get for it. Anyone have any other ideas of a better way to do this?

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Possibility Of A Fully Automatic Knex gun

I have created an idea (i think) to make a gun fully Automatic. Fully Automatic, meaning that you can hold the trigger and fire until the mag is out of bullets. I am pretty sure with some tweaking my idea will work but I have to get around to doing it. I would like some input or some tips as far as what to try. No I'm not going to share the exact idea just yet :)

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Is it possible to make an automatic gun using the grey connector white rod chain? Answered

Remember that chain Dsman made for his sniper? Well, I was wondering if the same chain could be used to make an automatic gun. Instead of using a grey connector, you could use a red connector to attatch the mini guns, and white connectors with green rods on every other empty slot as gears.

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how can you make an knex gun automatic without the use of a motor, like a hand held machine gun?

You have a gun that looks like a MG but only shoots once when you pull the trigger. how is it possible to make it completely automatic, without any type of motor or mechanism that you have to rotate around, like those two hand held ones. just pull the trigger and barrage of bullets come out. Many have tried and been close but not succeeded.

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How can I speed up the rate of fire on a nerf swarmfire?

I recently purchased a nerf swarmfire. It is fully automatic. It holds twenty darts when full, and empties all of its barrels in about 6.4 seconds. Thus it fires one dart every 0.32 seconds. I'm in a club where rate of fire basically determines the winner of every battle, so an ible about how to speed this up would be appreciated.

Question by bokrugthewaterlizard 



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is there any small, automatic knex weapons?? Answered

The thing i find about knex weapons, is that they all have the basic, pull back the ram to shoot mechanism. there is larger weapons that have motors to automaticaly load, but they are basically just a lot of tiny guns that has a motor so all the triggers are pulled fast. are there any knex weapons that arnt huge, and automatically pulls back the ram, then releases it, so if you turn the motor on, it will automatically shoot?

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Twin Shot Semi Automatic Knex Gun?

I've been working on this gun for about 3 days now, and im woundering if it is "unique" enough to put on Instructables. Please comment.

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Automatic knex gun w/out many gears.

Are there any knex guns which are true full or semi automatic and only use a max of one medium gear and 8 small ones? It also shouldn't use an IMENSE amount of pieces. I've seen many guns but they all use 2 medium gears. I only have 1.

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Knex Gun Full Auto New Mech : VGN 013 .

Hello ! So this is my new K'nex gun , a bolt action gun , with a full auto mechanism and a new design . Here you have just a draw of the mech and the design because I need a new SD card for take picture ... The gun are very compact and small , the handle is ok nd the trigger is very simple . Before the VGN 013 , there is the VGN 012 , a simple gun with a great mag , the same design and a good trigger . After my other guns in constructions : a full auto sniper with the mech of Oblivius and a machine gun with a true trigger , I will create the VGN 014 , a semi auto gun , but now I have only finish the fully auto sniper ... See you my next gun , - Guiguivinvin -

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Semi or fully automatic knex gun.

I know you people don't believe anything without pictures, but, I DON'T CARE!!! I have a video! I promise! Ok, this is a semi-automatic. Pull trigger, boom, pull trigger, boom. That is it, no pulling back the ram or anything. I have not made the fully automatic version, but all it needs is a motor on the trigger and it will be fully automatic!!!!!!If any one wishes to post instructions on this gun, I hereby give you permission as long as you give me credit. Watch the video here.

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SAOG- Semi-Automatic Oodjamaflick Gun

This is a semi-automatic oodjamaflick gun, or SAOG. I say oodjamaflick, but it's not actually oodjamaflicks, just a modified oodjamaflick. To the uninitiated, oodjamaflicks are the original oodammo; ammo that oodalumps' made for rubber band guns four months before oodammo. Nothing special, just a semi-automatic that gets more than ten feet. Fifteen feet more, to be precise. Total of twenty-five feet. That is, if you want a four round magazine. Here's the thing about this gun, you can have a higher magazine capacity if you are willing to sacrifice some range. You could have a one shot that went about forty feet- but then it wouldn't be semi-automatic, would it? Hit the link for more pictures and a video.;=989 Or a real link for those too lazy to copy/paste. Yes, this is a shameless promotion for KI and it's ability to host pictures from other sites easily.    

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Fully/Semi Automatic Knex Weapons.

Hello! Sorry for the month+ inactive period. (Been having school,family,paino,vilion,etc)  Well im back with a topic. Im thinking are there any great semi/full auto mechs that involve minimal "special" pieces. And also, I was wondering how could I make a mag for my concept. Anyway please post if you think there are any great semi/full auto concepts/mechs!

Topic by The Knexer 

Does anyone have an idea for a non automatic or non semi automatic spitball gun?

When I design it I will give you credit.

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Can someone make a lego semi-automatic rubberband gun using just pieces from the lego online store?

I can only buy my pieces off the online lego store and they don't have the standard gear used to make the gun. Can someone post a gun that uses the pieces from the online pick-a-brick that is semi-auto or auto and would work with a clip system?

Question by TheYukomaru 

We need diferent types of semi autos!!

Hey guys while i was working on my new semiauto that me and kinetic were building i was wondering if any of you had any other ideas for a semiauto. i feel like we need more designs and concepts. i am willing to build upon your idea and recognize you. right now all we have is Kinetics KLS. V2, me and kinetics Kinno-1,and sharir's new semi auto. we need more than that. so please post your ideas here so othr people know whata your thinking. anything helps. seriously.  thank you innovanna

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A knex fully automatic gun without a motor? Answered

Is it possible? I hope its possible and if anyone know of one point me to it please?

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Barrel For Semi-Semi Automatic Knex Guns

For those of you that dont know Semi-Semi-Automatic or whatever else you call them, are the guns that when you pull back the ram rod a new bullet falls into place and you pull the trigger and it fires. Well almost EVERY type of (im just gonna call them Semi-automatic) semi-auto gun has a barrel consisted of tan pieces meant for locking into place wheels and such. What i posted this forum for was because ive only seen one other kind of barrel like that and that was the one of Perfect Duck. I wanted to know if anyone had any other barrel ideas for a semi-auto gun because i only have enough of those tan pieces to fit a blue rod so..... thank you if you put any input in and please comment.

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K'Nex Semi/Fully Automatic Gun Concept

Alright, I stink at MSPaint, so here it goes: LouisXIV's famous semi-automatic "gun" ( has a lot to do with this. I was thinking how to make a semi-automatic gun when this idea popped into my head: You have a bunch of grey connectors in the barrel at a time, but either a gap just barely too small for them at the end, or LousXIV's mechanism, is at the end, trapping the bullets in unless under pressure. There is a notched firing pin* that you pull back (see;=1&hl;=en&sa;=N&rlz;=1C1CHNV_enUS370US370&biw;=1680&bih;=935&tbm;=isch&tbnid;=ijx0IyYxpqN_jM:&imgrefurl;=;=dBcMAxK0eQoSqM&w;=573&h;=297&ei;=zSMzTtSuDY260AGU2bWMDA&zoom;=1 It is a toy that one of my friends used to have, you pull the orange tab back, and as long as you hold the trigger, the tab keeps going forward until you have to pull it back again). The trigger is a regular trigger, say, from TheDunkis' TDS, the difference being that the part in the barrel ends in a green rod to lock into the firing pin. There is tremendous pressure on the firing pin. When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin pushes and squeezes the grey connector(s) out of the barrel, but when the trigger is released, it locks into one of the notches on the firing pin. I am not sure about a detachable magazine yet, as they would all have to be lined up facing the end, but you could certainly load in a bunch at a time and see. *A firing pin with a concept used in conjunction with motors to make an automatic turret, you would have, for example, a grey rod, and lined on it are a grey connector, two blue spacers, grey connector, etc. **THIS GETS ITS POWER FROM THE PRESSURE ON THE FIRING PIN FROM THE RUBBER BANDS, THERE IS NO STRIKING MECHANISM. LIKE ALL CONCEPTS, IT WOULD PROBABLY BE WEAK, BUT CONCEPT GUNS ARE (ALMOST) NEVER MADE FOR POWER. Feedback is appreciated.

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What mechanism can I use to make Lego technic rubberband gun fire without it having to reload after every shot?

Its pretty simple after an hour or so of fiddling with lego technic to make a working gun, but how can i make it not have to reload after every shot? Exscaly.

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Are there any good semi automatics (or automatics) that use a lot of blue rods and yellow connectors?

I just have a ton of blues rod and yellow connectors, and I wanna find a gun suitable for them. Id like it to fire rods, have a mag, be semi or auto, have a good range, have an optional scope, and be somewhat sturdy I have a ton of white rods, about 100 green rods, so I am okay in that aspect. I just havent found many semis that dont use whites connectors, or guns that use many blues at all.

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How do you get the automatic bazooka on Battlefield 1942?

Is It a hack glitch cheat or whatever.

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how do u make truly semi automatic( just tap trigger) gun made out of knex shoot farther? Answered

Im tired of semi autos shoot 2 feet help me make them go farther

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True trigger full auto/burst fire knex gatling gun

True trigger, allows control of firing rate. Vids show full auto and burst fire. *note* my motor is nearly out of batteries in the video, so on full auto it's rate of fire was pretty slow.******* Pic 3 & 4 - New and improved yellow rod firing gatling gun. Uses grey rod barrel and grey rod firing rams. Also because it is so huge, to prevent sagging in the support beam, I made a new support system which doesn't bend at all ( you can see how thick and straight it is), so it spins faster and steadier than before. Each bullet gets about 35+ feet. All thx to having more pieces.

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Knex MP44 Assault rifle (or Stg44 for all you technical WWII folks)

Edit: It's here! Here's the link to the instructable. Sorry that it's not as clear as it could be but I made it quickly. Also some of the pictures are a little blury but otherwise very clear in close up areas even. next WWII gun will be an M1 Garand with real clips that when all shots are fired off the empty shell is launched out.Ok well I was wondering if anyone wanted me to post this. It's a close replica to an MP44 German assault rifle from WWII. I modded the front just a little so it looks a little more realistic than from the picture and movie. I had to take off the sights though because they got in the way of the bullets even though i tried stopping this it didnt work right. Most the details are in the video but if you don't want to watch then let me just list some features-real, good working curved magezine-will extend it a little to make it look better and load more when i make instructions. the last round will pretty much always jam though. not a big deal just always load an extra round-uses rbg mechanism by bedbugg2 to fire either rubberbands or darkgrey connectors-modded the mechanism so you can shoot it full auto without losing the single shot option. It still unleashes all of the rubberbands at once and will jam some of the in the wheel sometimes. If anyone could help me find a way to have it shoot at the real pace of an MP44 or at least slower that would be great!OK I used a modded stock design that i got from ShotPain (although I'm not sure if it is his seeing that i saw it in a couple instructables) and i cant post the stock unless i can convince him but it shouldn't be that hard to come up with.I'm also working on for the future a gun that will be full auto only using a rubberband per ammo and no other technical stuff. No really all it will require is a rubber band for the ammo piece your launching and the rest will take care of its selfI'm also coming up with a pump action shotgun and maybe a break action with shells. NO! not shifles they will be shotguns with an actual spread shot not grenade style but loaded.

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what is the most powerful semi-automatic knex mechanism that doesnt involve the slingshot action? Answered

I need a good mechanism for my upcomeing knex gun,please help

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Knex Semi automatic Blowback pistol V1 & V2

---------V1------------ Hello, here is my Knex semi-automatic blow back pistol that yes, actually worked! It held 4 rounds and it could shoot very rapidly. The slide pulled back about two inches but slammed forward with power! It shot 35 feet using one rubber band. ---------V2------------ The V2 is the non metallic version. It holds five grey connectors and can shoot 30- 40 feet using two #64 rubberbands. Its slide can pull back three inches before slamming back to fire the bullet. It also has a much better construction build than the V1 but doesn't look as good.

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knex ideas page

Alot of people have asked what they should post, so now there is a forum for it

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A way to make a real k'nex fully automatic gun

UPDATE: I have begun to construct a gun out of this. It doesn't shoot very far in the video because I am using a motor to power it, but once I complete it I'm hoping that it'll be pretty powerful.Video: Post: It occurs to me that you could use a crankshaft with a motor or wound up rubber-band to push and then subsequently pull a firing pin in your gun. This coupled with a hopper that can push rounds into the chamber, and you would have a truly fully automatic gun, as opposed to a ton of single-shots all on a chain (which is cumbersome to load).I'm not good at all at actually designing k'nex guns (not anymore anyway), but I did put together and example of a crankshaft, and have attached photos and videos to this topic. The actual crankshaft at the back of the example could easily be elongated so that you could have your firing pin travel farther, and if you put that axle on a small gear attached to a larger gear which is on another axle with a rubber-band or motor to turn it, you could get at least 20 shots from the gun. Reloading it would also be really easy, as you could have a crank to turn the main axle allowing the rubber-band to build up potential energy once again.Sorry if this is confusing, I'm not the best orator or typer as it were, but I think the pictures will be a lot easier to understand.Sincerely,Black LeopardVideo:

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I'm going to start building a K'NEX M249 SAW out of K'NEX. So I looked for a couple of pictures on Google and I got an idea in my head. But I'm doubting: Shall I make it a belt-fed gun? It think they are very cool (and it's a challange to make it, too) but the range of belt fed guns sucks (10-20 ft.). So maybe you  guys could help me decide and tell what you want to see, because if everything goes well, I'll make an instructable ofcourse :D

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Full Auto K'nex Gun Idea (Seriously)

To anybody interested in creating a fully automatic k'nex gun: Take a simple method of propulsion: splodies grenades or something of the like. Not a complicated ram-rod mechanism or anything like that. Find a way to make them a bit smaller and more stable (splodies are very unstable) via some sort modification. Then find a way to stack them, one by one, in a magazine. Find a way to release one end while using the other as a launching point inside the chamber of the weapon. Once the first end is fired, the second end is pushed up and out of the right side of the gun, mimicking shell ejection on automatic weapons. After the shell is ejected, the next piece of ammunition is fired and ejected, and so on. If anybody can figure out how to create this mechanism AND find a way to control it via a trigger, they will have created the first magazine fed, shell ejecting, fully automatic knex gun. And to whoever claims that it wouldn't be considered fully automatic, think again. Loading the gun would be a painful process, yes. But it would be fully automatic, because a fully automatic weapon fires continuously while the trigger is pulled, no matter the circumstances. And with the option of removable magazines, the possibility is certainly there. If anybody can actually succeed in this idea, all I ask is that you post it so we can build it as well.

Topic by Ikedog1995 

K'nex Idea request

I was searching for a knex turret on youtube, and I found this lego one. Would this be possible with K'nex? I would be grateful if anyone were to try.

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Knex Semi Auto

When you think about it, there is no possible way to make a good, strong and cool lookinig semi auto. Unless it has multiple lbarrels, then it Is impossible. Why Try then?

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true semi auto gun crossover

I have seen and built both ednator55's true semi auto gun and bballkidx's hammer operated pistol. The pistol swings a hammer to hit a rod and the semi a auto rotates a connecter to move a ramrod. This is more of an idea than a question but could somebody try to make a double action type gun. It is semi auto because it rotates a connecter but at the same time hits the bullet with a hammer. This would be most similar to some revolvers. This is just throwing an idea out there but I would be very grateful if somebody built this. Automatic 5 stars in my book. The semi auto gun is weak but semi auto. The hammer gun is strong and single shot. The crossover gun doesn't have to include a mag but it would be nice. Pmgroundhog

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How does one wire a motor so that it reverses automatically?

I'm looking for a relatively simple, mechanical way (by that I mean not using a micro-controller) to wire a motor so that it will reverse direction without being switched manually. The interval is unimportant, and the purpose is to have two spools connected by a loop of string (think reel-to-reel), one of which is controlled by the motor. A low-tech solution would be awesome.

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I need to know how to make an automat  wood toy pleased help mee

Question by ivonne García   |  last reply

concept guns

Post any ideas for guns you have, and we'll discuss their effectiveness and ability.

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