What other Weapons and equipment are good for a base?

This is about all the other weapons and equipment that could be helpful to have in a base. This includes grenades, mines, and bombs (lol). So if you have any please feel free to post them. Here are a few of my favorites (these are not mine!).

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What are the best guns (hand-held guns) to use in a base?

This is about what are the best guns (hand-held guns) to use in a base. There are many opinions about this so everyone please post what you think.

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Backpack puppet base?

I wanted to make a this costume for halloween but I can't figure out how to support it. I'm planning to make the body of the costume out of upholstery foam.

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How best to make a base for a K'NEX war

This is about how best to make and setup a base for a K'NEX war. This includes where, how and with what to do it. Post all your tips and have fun! I hope that this helped.

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ideas for a Christian based instructable.

Does any body have a idea for a good Christ based instructable? we could make a colaberation and make a really great instructable that would convert a lot of people.

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New Project Based on the AKR

New Mag, AKR, and AKR Mag. New project in the works based on AKR. Special props to Caitlinsdad for teaching me less is more!

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Text based pokemon beta

This is a demo of a text based pokemon game i am working on. There may be some glitches or bugs. Save often in case of glitches and bugs. Do not move the .txt file that the game creates, as that is the save file. Click the file named textbasedpokemon.rar, to download the game. Use winrar to open up the file. Please comment if you like it or dislike it. Please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas. Please comment if you find any problems with the game. UPDATE! Beta V1.3: updates: 1.You can now get a potion (go find it). 2.You can now get PokeBalls (pr.oak gives you them). 3.Fixed major glitch that happens when your Pokemon faints in battle and you switch to your next Pokemon. 4.Cleaned up the Pokemon info screen. 5.General fixes and changes. Update History: Beta V1.2: updates: 1.Fixed an imbalance in the way leveling up Pokemon works. 2.Modified save and load function. 3.Fixed error in how pp is calculated. 4.Fixed error caused by being healed by your mom. Beta V1.1: updates: 1.Your Pokemon can now faint in battles. 2.Your mom will heal your Pokemon if you run out of Pokemon in battle. 3.Fixed problem with Pokemon not increasing in level. 4.Increasing in level now increases a Pokemon's max hp, its max pp, its max exp, and the max amount of damage a move does. 5.increased loading speed in battles! 6.General fixes and changes.

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1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first! I'm trying to remember the name of an old 80's or 90's toy. Answered

Okay everyone, I have been trying to remember what these toys were called for the last couple of years.  They were in the 80's or 90's and could change from a vehicle into a base/battle station. I know I had a few of them.  The two that I remember are a tank that changed into a large base and a three-wheeled vehicle that changed into a gun turret thing (if memory serves me correctly). There was normally a switch or button to press and you would hear a loud gear/spring noise when they changed.  I know it was not a Transformer or GI Joe toy. They had small scaled human figures that were tan in color and a little larger than the figures that came with Technozoids (if anyone remembers those).  The figures were in the same "seated position" (for lack of a better way to describe it) as the Technozoid ones. As I said in the title, there will be a 1 year pro membership to whoever figures this out first!

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Clash of Clans - Skull Base Design

Hope you all enjoy this awesome speedbuild! Its a base more for the cool looks! :)

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Repair of a bi-pin light base

I'm trying to repair my outdoor post light.  The bi-pin bases have rusted.  I purchased new bases and went to rewire the light, but there are some difficulties in doing this.  It would be incredibly easy if I was able to remove the wires from the new bases, connect them to the power wires, then reattach the base.  The pin slots don't appear readily removable, however, and the piece is put together with rivets, so taking it apart and reassembling it would be...  not so easy. I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this and has any tips. Thanks!

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FPS games based on World War

Hi all you guys, I love to play FPS games. I'm playing Call of Duty: World at War now. Can someone tell me your fav FPS games based on World War history? Thanks all you guys :D

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Petit computer Turn-based game

This is my game I made for petit computer.  It was something I wanted to make for a while.  You will need DSIware; "petit computer" to download this game.  The black background QRs are for Version 0.5.7.  In version 0.5.7, I made a Japanese translation. See on wikia: http://petitcomputer.wikia.com/wiki/Generic_Turn-Based_Game

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K'NEX dens/bases/tents etc

I am working on an instructable on ideas to make k'nex dens and hideouts with blankets, using the k'nex for frames. If you want to be a collaborator, comment here and I will let you in. Also, if you have ideas, comment here too

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water-based kinetic LED lamp

I want to mak a kinetic light using high-powered LEDs to produce glitter line through a thin layer of agitated turbulent water in a wall mounted shelf. So, this gives me a few questions, but let me start with the idea I've got. I want to seperate a shelving unit (preferably solid wood not particleboard with some decent HxDxW) into two compartments. A glass sheet would be slid into grooves onto the side supports. The upper portion of the shelving unit would then be wood, waterproofed with some thin styrene plastic sheets. The bottom would then be composed of a large aluminum sheet (recessed slightly upwards for astheatics) which would house several LEDs in addition to the power adapter and voltage regulator. This would likely follow the "powering high powered LED" tutorial's alternate power source to the pucks. At this point a small pump would be placed into the upper compartment along with just enough water to submerge the pump to a safe level. Perhaps a small recess would be included in the top to allow instant colour shifts by using stained clear plastic sheets (this would reduce total illumination, but these are to be mood/ambient accents not primary lighting source) to avoid any of the more expensive/complex colour shifting lamps. The big question I have at this point is how thermally safe this would be, and how much LED I would actually need to achieve decent brightness. Also, I would prefer if the bottom was modular enough I could remove and work on it without dissasembling the entire assembly, but this may not be possible. Finally, I was wondering if I could run the heatsink material up the ront of the shelf, past the glass, and into the water (this should give great heat dissipation) and have a SAFE and STABLE waterproof join between a flush glass-metal joint with possible use of epoxy and/or silicone caulking. Anything not specified in here I'm uncertain of how to do exactly. So! If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or awareness that this is pure madness (or has a better way t oget those glitter lines i lust for) please let me know.

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Find an airport based on flight patterns, or something else

So I've noticed that lots of airplanes go directly over my house and they usually fly in the same general area and direction. Therefore I assume they all go to the same airport. How can I find out which airport they go to based on the direction of the planes.

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What is your recommendation for a firing pin based knex gun?

What is your recommendation for a firing pin based knex gun? I want to build one that has loads of power to shoot people with. I think i would prefer one that is magazine loaded(non removable) but not too many peices. I have lots but not mepains sniper or morretti enough!

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How do i make an arduino-based Ondes Martenot?

I know only a few basics of the ondes, mainly that it works by having a metal ring disrupt radio waves to generate sound. I have only found one instructable and it is only loosely based on the ondes. Also, I need it to be based on the arduino, because it is the only platform I am used to/comfortable with (other than calc prgms) and many other people prefer it as well. Radiohead fans, Jonny Greenwood uses this in songs including Dollars and Cents (live) and Where I End and You Begin.

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How should I mount a spring horse to a hydraulic base?

  I've decided to take one of those spring rocking horses made by Hedstrom and mount it to a hydraulic salon chair base in order to make a neat chair.  What's the best way to connect the horse to the base?  Do I need some kind of metal bracket... or should I drill a hole into the horse so I can put it on the pump?

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Light socket help

I am trying to mount a medium base socket to a bottle opener. I can get a candelabra base to it because of the mounting bar. I can't find a medium base socket with the same bracket.any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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LA-based KROQ's Kevin and Bean interview Eric about Instructables

Kevin and Bean from LA's KROQ interviewed me about Instructables this past Tuesday on their morning show. Check out the interview here.The part of the interview that really made me laugh: "We usually don't recommend sites without boobies, but we really like Instructables!"More news articles about Instructables here.

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ideas for a 'building/making' round for a pub quiz based on the wild & survival?

I'd have them making fire but i think it would contravene health & safety.....

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Polyurathane on wood floors

Going to be refinishing some wood floors.  Sanding off all the old finish, then applying an oil based stain, and finaly polyurathane.  My question is can you use a water based polyurathane over an oil based stain?  If so, how long do I have to let the stain dry before applying the polyurathane?

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How do I make a drum from a bongo base and an unshaved skin?

I have a gorgeous hollow base of an old bongo and a very hairy piece of skin that is supposed to fit it. I'm not sure how to put them together and what other parts I need to make a functional drum, not to mention shaving the skin. Any help would be appreciated.

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How do I turn a keyboard into switches for a computer based flight simulator? Answered

Yeah, like, I want to take a keyboard, and turn the buttons into switches, oh yeah and I want it to be out of the keyboard, like in a box or something, but more like an aircraft than just a keyboard, you know what I'm saying? like a cockpit, but from a keyboard yeah you know what I mean

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Asteroid Belt update 1

So far i have a new lift done, and the main base done. Sorry for no pictures of the base, but next update will pictures of the whole thing! :) next update is on Thanksgiving!

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Ideas? (KNEX)

Ok, I have a gun...true trigger...stuff like that. But. I dont have a gun to base it from. I will have a pic up soon. But I cant for the life of me think what to base it off

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What should my next instructible be?

I am trying to decide between a drill-powered go-kart and a sampler based off of casette tapes.

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Knex weapons

I Want some knex models based on real weapons.

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can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? Answered

Can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? what i mean is, can i plug the female end into the male charging port,and the male end into the female port in the Wiimote?

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How can I restrict visitors to certain areas of a website based on IP address? Answered

I want to create two directories on a website: one is only accessible from certain IP addresses, and the other one available to everyone except those IP addresses. I think that the .htaccess mod_rewrite would work best, but how should I do it?

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What is a good knex ball machine?

It should not be large, and not small, and have a small base

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New Steampunk Game

Hello everyone.       I am involved in the development of a new MMORpg based around the Steampunk genre and we are looking for concept art to base our 3d models on. If anyone is interested in the Steampunk genre and working on an amatuer video game I would love to hear from you and see some of your work. Don't be shy! Thanks!

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Fighting construction toy

I am trying to find a toy that my brother had as a kid. What it is was a battery powered base that you put a spinning blade like object it was all made of plastic, on top of the blade was a plastic shield like object to hold the blade on, the two motor bases where connected together with string that came out the side of the robot and connected to a plastic anchor point of the other. When you turned on the two bases it caused the blades to spin and the tether lines slowly retracted causing the blades to come into contact which then knocked the shields and blades off each other. The person who still had their blade and or shield on at the end won. Does anyone know what these toys where called?

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How do I make a biometric (fingerprint) scanner based keyless ignition for my car?

I need advice on how to make a fingerprint scanner control a 12v relay for use as a keyless ignition for my car. I know how to do the wiring as far as the car's ignition/starting system, what I don't know is how to make a fingerprint scanner close a 12v relay and keep it closed until I turn the car off. Any help, suggestions, or guidance would be appreciated.

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What criteria does insructables use to decide if a project will be featured?

Is it based on productivity, usefullness, novelty, or just random coolness?

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how would you build it? Answered

How would you make a base and basket in front of the armfor an armatron  robot arm out of knex

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Leave any suggestions for future K'NEX projects here. Suggestions can include cars, guns, and any other K'NEX based things.

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How do you make a parabolic speaker, or other non-headphone based personal listening aparatus ?

I have learned to hit the snooze button in my sleep, so I am making a math alarm clock. It makes you do math to turn it off. But since this alarm clock could be on for 30+ seconds, I'm looking for a way to make it not annoy my roommate. I was thinking of a parabolic speaker, but they cost $400+. Anyone know how to make one, or another solution to this problem?

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What Tactics should be used in a knex war?

This is about what tactics should be used. This is what to do, put the number at the top of your post then write your advice. These are the categories: Room Base:1 House base:2 Bunker:3 (like under something) House war:4 Outside war:5 Please try to be specific in your advice/tips. This will help quite a lot. Thanks For other tips and advice on having a K'NEX WAR please also look in the K'NEX WAR group.

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Knex artilery

I am going to try and make knex artilery based on a "flak 88" or an "18 pounder" from ww2 does any one have any ideas? thanks TJS

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How can I produce a workable miniature lamp, based on Arne Jacobsen Wall Lamp scale 1:16 - without using 230/12 V.

We, Minimii.com, are producing a miniature lamp based on Arne Jacobsen design AJ 50 Wall Lamp scale 1:16 - damn small. It should be able to give light....without using 230/12 V. The lamp klings to the wall in our 1:16 Arne Jacobsen miniature House with a strong neodym magnet. The house wall has built-in layers of thin iron sheets select places. The 1:16 AJ lamp size is only 1,2 cm and the width is 1,0 cm. Should be suitable for production of 100-200 pcs at a time.? Is LED lighting the way ahead here. We have all rights to produce from arne Jacobsen Design I/S. 

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A Story of Mine:

I've been a working on a tale for quite a while now. I've managed to finally write the proluge (like 1 page lol), and I'd appreciate it if you had a looksee and tell me what you thinkee. It's a fantasy/sci-fi story about a guy who gets himself drawn into an alternate universe full of elves, vampires, dragons, and tings that go bump in the night... Please excuse my rather poor story-writing skills, my brain runs on a graphics-based OS, not text-based.

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How To Hack Oil Empires

Hey I play an Browser Based MMORPG called Oil Empires. I want to know if it's possible to hack it and if it is than how.

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Why are women evil, uncaring, harpies? Answered

Really, that's the whole question. Yes, I've recently endured a heartbreak, but this is a general thing based upon the actions of the majority of the females at my school.

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Well, I finally got around to making a sidearm. Largely based on TheDunkis' new oodammo AP. Instructions - http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t;=685

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Knex Weapon: Barrett M99 Sniper Rifle

Hi, I am currently working on my first Knex Weapon I have designed. It is based on the appearance of the Barrett M99 Single Shot Sniper Rifle. The trigger and loading (not firing) pin are based off of the Thriller Lego Crossbow (www.lego-for-adults.com). School is putting restraints on the time I have to build this but I will attempt to submit my gun as soon as possible, probably in early March. But don't count on it, I have always been bad at meeting deadlines.

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Small favor to ask - can you guys take a quick survey for my leadership class? (Health based!)

It's a random thing to ask, but since this is done easily online, I thought I'd give it a shot. ;)The survey is over workplace health and very very quick. (10 questions.) My team and I are designing a corporate health program so we need some initial feedback to tell us how people feel about it. 100 people is the limit for the survey and I'm hoping to max that out.Thanks to anyone who helps out! :D(And terribly sorry if I've friend-ed you on myspace and facebook, you'll probably see this again!) http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=zSMWFXvAtWGoxze4TICeAw_3d_3d

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clear instructions that are worth making and looking for.

Hey, any one got any instructions that i can use whish are based around rb guns and aeroplanes, with pictures and clear text please.

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what is a good cushion? Answered

I am looking to make an Ipod case but I need to know what is thin, light weight, and pretty cushiony. P.S. this one is based off of my own Ideas.

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I want to build some sort of an enclosed ecosystem. It can range from very small to quite large, but im talking about a DIY project so nothing really big. It can be water based, or land, or even both. Thanks!

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