BB's Vs airsoft

Witch is better BB guns or airsoft and I have to say I like CO2 BB guns better!

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Can I find airsoft bb's in Australia (never played airsoft before)

I want to start playing airsoft, moving on from nerf modding. (also I'd like to make pen guns) Yet my friend could only find bb's when he went on a holiday around Europe. Are there any stores or online shops that sell these liitle plastic balls of awesomeness in the land down under?

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revolver bb knex gun

Ok im gonna make a a rifle with a rotery clip (like a revolver) and ill fire bbs (the lightest one crap i forgot wat .1 was) anyways i just wanted to kno if any1 tried this if you ahve can u send me a link to ur instructable

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I want a good reliable Airsoft pistol, any suggestions? Answered

I love playing airsoft but its so damn expensive, especially in canada.  I've been looking at a few different methods of building a spring or elastic-powered airsoft pistol to be used when my main gun is out of ammo. I've made a couple from K'nex but they dont hold up when i put alot of elastics on them.  im not interested in using the aerosol or bike-pump pvc models, i've built those too but they take too long for each shot. Help me out Please :)

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A problem

Well, the problem is that im allowed to play paintball, but not airsoft and all my freinds have airsoft but me, so i need to know what to do. i considered 6mm paintballs but my freinds dont seem insterested.

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What airsoft brands make good M4's? Answered

I want to get a new airsoft gun. My price range is 150 to 300 dollars. So many brands make M4's so I need to find the best one for the right price. I know M4's are extremely popular but Iove the look of them.

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is the rap4 bb pellet airgun good?

I am considering getting the rap4 bb pellet airgun it has semi and full auto removeable carry handle and can have many attachments. what is the best airsource for it (must fit in the stock)? can you take off the handguard and put on a full ris rail with rails on all four sides? how fast does it shoot? what upgrades can it take? what accesories should i put on it? is it better to get a red dot or reflex sight? what is the best kind off bb or pellet to use?  

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What gram airsoft bb should I use?

I recently bought a UHC super 9 pro airsoft gun.  The problem is that .2 gram bbs curve dramatically (a very steep curve) up after about 75 feet or so.  The hopup is off, and if the hopup is on, the problem is worse. Will .25 gram bbs make much of a difference, or should I use .30 grams or higher?  Note: the fps with .2 gram bbs is about 410.  I am hoping the airsoft community at Instructables is willing to help me. Thanks.

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how do i zero in an airsoft sniper scope/? Answered

Just got a new airsoft sniper, and need help figuering out how to zero scope

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Best knex full auto? Answered

Whats the best knex auto that doesn't shoot bb's

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what is the knex bb gun with mag, seen it but now cant find it? Answered

What is the knex bb gun with mag, seen it but now cant find it? i have looked all over, it is like the mz4863 wotever thingy ma bob, can someone please help me fing it, would be appreciated

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Need help with my scope!

Ok, so how do i zero in a scope on my new airsoft sniper rifle? dont want to break it, and have no idea what to do!?

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help on a trigger system?

im trying to make a my own airsoft gun, but i am stuck.i cant figure out how to make a truigger that will work. any help? (the pictures should help) i need something that im able to cock and it will stay until i pull the trigger. please helpppp.

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Where can i buy good airsoft guns in Vancover, Canada?

I want to buy good airsoft guns (not from walmart) but i live in canada. Where do i buy them? Is there an airsoft store in British Columbia?

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I made a good Spitball gun that fires BB's (Full-Auto), but i need some good attatchments for it. any ideas?

I need a good underbarrel mini-grenade launcher, red dot sight, and scope. a good handgrip would be nice too.

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How do you make a complicated, fully automatic pen gun that fires BB's?

     Looking from all pen gun instructables, none is trully fully automatic. I came up with the idea of turning a small crank to pull the firing mechanism then release repeatedly. It's kinda' like a gatling gun. But at my disposal are a few HBW pens and no available nor acquirable Bic pens which are wide enough for BB's. I know how to widen HBW pens for BB's but then it's labor intensive. I need another solution. And by the way, people keep talking about loading up a pen with a gravity feed then blowing as hard as I can through the input hole 2, and BB's would spray out the business end. It appears everything here is too simple, so title changed! Don't give me the previous described method.

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modding a Nerf recon CS-6?

How can you mod a Nerf Recon CS-6 to shoot airsoft bbs?

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Which gun is better?

What one is better to buy with my Christmas money?? I want a pistol that is over 400fps and gas powered. I ALSO WANT IT TO NOT BREAK EASILY. It should last a while.

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Could you design a pvc woodwind instrument in tune with keys using a membrane reed? Answered

Pvc membrane pipe, tuned with in the key of either C or Bb

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Not quite work table? Answered

I want to make a work table but not the kind for like, hammering and carpentry I need a table made for making small things like my instructable 'how to make a bolt action bb launcher out of a mechanical pencil" or modding nerf guns The table needs some sort of organizing system for materials and tools Does anyone know if there is a good guide to making something of that sort? Also, please take a look at my instructable rate, comment, and subscribe!

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What's wrong with my airsoft gun? Answered

It's a small gun and when u cock it back the BB either falls out the barrel or shoots literally 1 inch. If you need more pics let me know.

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How to straighten copper tubing? Answered

I'm making an air "cannon", but my tubing is bent. It is 3/8 copper tubing, and is very bendy. Is there a way to get it straight, or am I better off buying a small steel tube? (I did try googling this, with no helpful results)

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whats the best size container to compress air into? Answered

Thanks for the advice on my earlier question guys but now I'm wondering what the best size to make my tank. Just so everyone knows I'm trying to improve a pneumatic  air soft gun I made a while back. I just want to know if a really small canister, like one with an aria of 12 square inches for instance, could launch my air soft bb just as fast as a 100 sq inch canister if they both had the same amount of pressure inside. If not then whats the best canister size in between the two to launch my air soft bb. Thanks for the help : )

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can someone help me make a couple of things for my airsoft gun.specifically grenade and grenade launcher?

I need an instructable or an idea for the perfect homemade airsoft hand grenade and a grenade launcher to fit on the bottom of my gun. if u could please help thanks

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scope for knex (real one)

I made the scope using knex and duct tape ok maybe i bought it at Walmart for $8.98 two years ago (Daisy 4x BB) but the point is that that there knex gun is pimped out (its killerks magnum or whatever, only cause it was on hand at the time) I hope to god that no one needs an instuctable for this...

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Wii Friend Codes

Here are my wii friend codes Quantum of Solace: 3609-5355-8761 Buy this game! Then post yours! Animal Crossing: 4511-4786-9191 Post yours! Brawl: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Rockband2: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Please post your own! BB

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is there any accurate snipers that i can make that r not powered by compressed air?

Is there any accurate snipers that i can make that r not powered by compressed air? Ive tried glove guns they aren't that good i don't think a spud gun would be accurate either.

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l96a1 dimensions? Answered

I need to know the dimensions of the l96a1 as i am building a model one that i hope will fire bb pellets but i cant build it without dimensions or a firing mechanism. i may post an instructable if the gun is any good but the most important thing is the firing mechanism with a trigger. if you have any ideas please tell me  

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What is better? the Gamo blue flame or red fire?

Yes I know the blue flame is a lot lighter, but I want to know what other users think would be better out of a 600 fps break barrel against squirrels.

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K'nex Gun Request

Could someone make a knex pistol meeting the following requirements? 1. The firing mine does not come out of the back of the gun. 2. It has a slide. 3. It has a mag. 4. It fires at least 20 feet. 5. The mag is easy to re-fill. Please? Thanks, BB

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Modding table?

I want to make a work table not for stuff like carpentry and hammering I need a table for modding nerf guns or making small things like my instructable (link at bottom) This table needs to some way to organizing tools and about 30 or so small materials If anyone knows if there's a good guide to making one or has any tips please reply Link to my guide

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pumatic airsoft gun help ? Answered

Ok so heres my situation. About 6 months ago I made my own pneumatic airlift sniper but even though I could get about 80 lbs of pressure stored up before I pulled my trigger my sniper only shot as far as my 300 fps gun. My question is why cuz I had a lot more force in my pneumatic sniper then my other gun and it doesn't seem to matter. My sniper was made of a metal nipple about 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I then put a cap on one end and a reducing coupler on the other. I drilled a hole in the cap and inserted a valve that allowed me to attach the chamber to a bike pump. On the end with the reducer I then added a ball valve that worked as my trigger. After the ball valve was another reducing coupler that brought the size down from an inch to 1/2 an inch. Into this coupler I screwed a break line about 50 cm long(sorry about the unit change I don't remeber its length in inches) and it fit the bb very nicely. I also added a little contraption I made from paper clips that allowed the gun to be tired downward without the bb falling out. However I don't believe this was the problem as I fired the gun when their was just a wire across the back of my breakline ,to keep the bb from falling into the gun ,and the distance seemed the same. I made sure every connection before the ball valve was sealed well except that the gun did leak at a rate of 20 lbs for minute because of a bad connection with the valve that connected with the bike pump. If you need more info just say so in the comments but I don't have the gun with me right now so all i have to go off of is my memory. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. : )

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Can anyone tell me how to make a true trigger for a knex gun? I Just want the triger not a whole gun? Answered

Plz I really need a tru trigger im makin a gun and i need one. The gun is like  4 connecters thick. (the actual gun is 2 connectors thick but including the shells its 4)

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Are 12 gram co2 cartridges a viable power source for small rockets?

Would it be practically possible to use 12 gram CO2 cartridges like those used for bb guns to power small rockets? I have high hopes for this, but I don't know how well it would work. I am going to go do some ill-advised tests, but I would like to know if anyone has tried it and what I can expect.

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anyone here still use knex?

Hi im new to this i just regesterd today but iv been looking at this site for like a month and a find all the knex guns are soo cool a made one and i customises it and its now beter than ma friends bb gun. anyway can someone tell me how a pumpaction shot gun works and add pictures as a wana make a good one out of knex? i looked at ones oj this site but i dont know how the pumpaction bit works any help?? sorry for spelling

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Your opinion on this DOWNGRADE of and airsoft gun ?!?

Hi ... as usual my another airsoft rifle is to powerful for the site rules. Because it's NEW, iw ould like to avoid open it and the gear box as well and change the spring. Or to clip the spring. What about to make a small hole in the valve that is pushing the BB in the barrel ??? With those small/fine drill bits (0.3 - 0.6 mm) ??? That should make the pressure smaller, you wouldn't have to fight with the spring and it would be cheaper to replace it ?!?! Do I see it to optimistic or do you think it could work ??? Thanks ...

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Make a Little Brother video and Get Featured on BBtv!

We really dug Cory Doctorow's new book, Little Brother. We liked it so much that we've made a series of Instructables based on the w1n5t0n character in the book. Now Cory has thrown out a challenge to make a video based on any of these Instructables and post it to YouTube. The best one gets featured on BBtv.So, to recap:(1) Shoot it!(2) Upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site!(3) Tell us where to find it! Submit the url here.(4) Selected videos will be featured on BBtv! LinkWant to read the book? Then check it out for free!

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Anyone know of a strong, lightweight modeling material?

I am an avid airsoft player and I have always been intrigued and interested in the fancy masks they sell. But honestly, I see no need to pay $89.95 for one with a design if a simple one can be less than $20. I plan on buying one of the cheap masks and sculpting on it the design and pattern I want. The only thing is, I can't think of a good material to sculpt with. Water-based clays dry fairly brittle, and plaster gets heavy.... SO INSTRUCTABLES COMMUNITY, what is a lightweight, yet strong material that i could sculpt with and NOT have shatter or break when shot with airsoft bb's?

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My one year anniversary on Instructables!

Wow. One year. Doesn't seem so big, it's gone so fast! I want to thank everyone who has helped and guided me, been my friend, or even just friendly! In this time, I've posted 21 instructables. That's on average one every 17.39 days! Wow. I guess... I'm addicted to Instructables! Eric, thanks for making this great site! Viccie, Dj, DGM, IAC, Dsman, TD, EB, Jollex, BB, KBF, TBM, KSBF, aww hell, all K'NEXers, thanks for being awesome and constructive, and helping me get where I am today! Thanks to every single member of Instructables! And if you don't get why I'm thanking everybody, don't worry, I'll be sticking around for a long time! (Unless premium accounts mess up the site...). Thanks again! -TJ (\_/) (o.o) (> <) And his bunneh ;)

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I am looking into getting a new Alto saxophone, but dont know what kind to get!!!

I have played the Alto saxophone for about 3+ years now and have done it on a Bundy II, probaly one of the worst saxophones you could possibly own. And i want to buy a new saxophone probaly in the under $2,000 USD range . I plan on playing the saxophone for many years to come so i dont want another piece of junk. My current sax is aweful and i cant even play down to a low Bb(have done so on others) and i even have had about 80% of the pads replaced! So what brands and types do you people recomend i invest in (want to play for many years). I dont plan on going professional so probaly just getting a intermediate one that will last for like ever. Please post links if possible!!!

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knex ideas

Here are some ideas that you can use if you give credit to me. NOTE: use the honor system, if you really did get these ideas by yourself then fine but be honest. Also if anyone wants to start one of these projects with me then send me a pm. lawn mower--------------i already tried but i failed cause i'm not good with gears :( full sized fan--------------same not good with gears rubix cube-----------------may not be possible mask skateboard TIME MACHINE (jk, but you could try) dog tennis ball thrower----------my dog is awesome backpack boat trimmer door basketball hoop scooter gun with gears like an airsoft one glasses (i think this is already done) picture frame jet skii elevator gum ball machine with tracks for the gum ball (like ball machines) full sized bike flamethrower (might need to use other stuff like FIRE YEAH I LOVE FIRE) hat bb easy loader for airsoft guns blowback gun There you are!

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Homemade SAPI Plates anyone? Answered

So i just bought a bunch of new tac gear, but mainly a new plate carrier and a bunch of pouches. and while i was out there runin around out there feelin legit, i noticed that with all my gear, the vest kinda flops around without any plates. so im too lazy and cheap to buy a $30 useless hunk of square plastic that no one is ever going to notice, and i wondered, why not homebrew it? so if ANYONE has an instructable or knows how to make fake SAPI "ballistic plates" PLEASE reply...PLEASE          UPDATE- some people seemed to get the impression that im using this for real steel purposes. i can see why they would think that, since i was a bit vague on that part of the question. HELL NO. i will be using this for AIRSOFT. those are 6mm plastic bbs flying at speeds of 350 feet per second maximum. so just about anything works. and im wearing eye protection. so no one is shooting their eyes out either.

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Yet ANOTHER K'nex Gun!

Before commenting, be aware that i got rid of this. hahaha Sorry, no pictures yet. The rest of my family (all of the girls in the family) went on vacation down in SC while us manly men went to manly places like tool shops (hahahottopic jk) like home depot and water country usa. And sadly, they took the only camera with them. Their coming back tonight so I should be able to get some PICS of this ttly 1337 gun. Enough of this talks about my life onto the gun. Like I said, I can't take pictures, yet, so I'm just going to list the features from the butt of the gun to ze top. 1. Comfy, buttstock, and a stick type stock w/ ram guide 2. New 2-position realistic angled handle (one position for m16 series standard grip, and another a bit more angled) 3. kinda weird for-grip thing but it's good I guess 4. easy to use scope mount and blade sights 5. around 10-15 round blue rod mag 6. and my favorite part of the gun, the Hop-up! 7. I wouldn't consider this a feature but it looks a b s o l u t e l y bad***. You'll see. just wait... A hopup is basically a bump in the barrel causing the bullet to curve up thus making it hop up. Originally from airsoft guns it presses down on the BB as its leaving the barrel creating a backspin so when it leaves the barrel it curves up increasing range and making it more accurate. Except this doesn't apply to knex bullets since they tend to move MUCH slower and the barrels are their are dents in the middle of them. So with knex you'd have to just put a small dent type thing on the bottom of the barrel instead of backspinning it (which is impossible with knex since their not in a sphere shape). If you really want to know more about hop-up heres a link;=589601 And finally, sorry I have been so inactive lately, I have been extremely busy more then normal.

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Как выбрать онлайн казино?

Что может быть лучше увлекательной и расслабляющей игры? Она снимает стресс, поднимает настроение, делает жизнь интересней и ярче. Все это прекрасно, только если не вредит работе и не разрушает семейную жизнь. Но нормальный человек всегда может остановиться и не бросаться в крайности. Тогда увлечение не приведет к непоправимым последствиям, а будет приносить только радость. Большинство казино предлагают своим посетителям широкий выбор развлечений, разнообразные игры, новейшие игровые автоматы, такие как Кено и многое другое. Однако опытные игроки пристальное внимание уделяют репутации заведения. Ведь правильно выбрав русское казино онлайн, вы можете не только насладиться игрой, но и сорвать крупный куш. Как же выбрать игровой сервис, чтобы не стать добычей нечестных на руку владельцев, не потерять деньги или не стать жертвой шантажа? В первую очередь, следует ознакомиться с черными и белыми списками таких сервисов. Основная их цель – уберечь новичков от обмана. Они составлены на основе отзывов игроков, которые на собственном опыте проверили их честность. Респектабельные казино, типа Winner Casino, не скупятся на различные привилегии и бонусы для своих клиентов. Это прекрасный способ получить постоянных посетителей и надежную рекламу. Хорошей приметой является возможность играть онлайн казино бесплатно. Это значит, что владельцы не спешат нажиться на неопытности своих игроков, а предпочитают честную игру. И еще один момент. Всегда стоит обращать внимание на дизайн сайта. Качественное оформление стоит недешево, и мошенники, вынужденные часто менять свой адрес, обычно не тратятся на него. Учитывайте эти нюансы при выборе места для игры. Это позволит защититься от обмана. 

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