Pulling cables

Hi, hello, this is my first message and why not my first Idea, for the community and of course for me. Well I decided to join cause I was looking for a solution of a problem I have at my job. I work in a datacenter, and frequently I have to pull delicate cables, which have to run through many corners, sometimes they got stuck between sharp metal pieces on top of the racks, or even the doors. Not only that, but also the times that get to pull them from one place to the other (sometimes cables of 60 or 80 meters. You have to be also carefull on not pulling so much. So I was thinking in to invent something to put in many places as auxiliars that let run the cable in every corner. Many Ideas but I am not in use very frequently with the inventive that your experience have. But I think I discovered what I like most in life. INVENT THINGS.!!!! (too much Monkey Island when I was a boy) Greentings community Mijac

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guitar cable polarity?

On a guitar cable what part is positive?

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usb guitar cables???

Any ideas on how they work and maybe on how to go about making one??? any help is appreciated will pick best answer.... or maybe a guitar usb interface???

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Headphone Stero Cable?

If i take two pairs of headphones and cut off the ends (the part you put into an mp3 player etc) could i splice them together and have a stereocable? (like to plug into a microphone jack and a headphonejack so i can record what comes out of the speakers?)  ive heard ppl using headphones as a mic, so i figure this will work. anyone?

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how do hook up cable, right? Answered

I have the tv hooked into a black box that has chan3-4 on it, in order to watch dvds/vhs', but when i ran a cable cord through the back, and used a splitter, so i wouldn't lose the movie option, it now doesn't show the movies unless i unhook the cable and even then there is a noise you hear along with the movie. i tried seeing if it's the channel settings either on the tv or the black box, it is not.

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I'm looking for cables holder Answered

I have cables for the computer lying on the floor.I would like to hang them unevenly at the bottom of the table so that they will not disturb the legs.

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Can I use cat5 cable to make an earphone extension cable?

I would like to make an Ipod extension cable (approx 3')  Can I use CAT5 cable for this.  If not what type of wire is used.  This extension will have a male conector on one end and a female on the other.  I see from other post that earphone repair can be troublesome.  Any sugestions.

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My tv does not have av inputs so i cannot play video games. Can i make an av/cable converter like a vcr? Answered

I need help with this problem, thanks in advance for whatever advice!

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Guitar cord conversion to usb or mic plug in? Answered

I have a program on my computer called "amplitube" in which it is a virtual guitar amp with a BUNCH of pedals and cool things. I would like to know a way/place to cheaply buy/make a cord that goes into either the mic or the usb slot and the other end goes into my guitar.

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I Challenge You: Cable Driver

The new challenge!A cable driver!It's relatively simple idea, but balancing it will be hard!Tip:Use an engine or else it would just roll of the cable.Use weights for balancing.Best of luck, dudes!Link to the group.

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MKG L - AKG cable for PT40

Does any one know how to make the MKG L - AKG cable, this the instrument cable for the pocket transmitters of AKG (PT40). I had made a standard Mini XRL to 1/4 jack cable but it doesn't work, when I plug it into my guitar I only get the lower frequencies and it seems like the guitar have no ground (when I move the volume potentiometer or any other switch it makes a lot of noise). Please help me, Thank you all...

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Computer monitor as screen for xbox original??

Hi, i have an xbox original and i want to use my computer monitor as a screen for it. i still want to be able to use my xbox cable to plug it into my tv afterwards. any ideas? thnx?

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Ipod extension cable with CAT 5 cable??

I would like to make an Ipod extension cable (aprox. 3') with a male on one end and a female port on the other end.  Is it possible to use  CAT5 cable?  If not what wire should  be used.and where can I buy it in such a small quantity.  Also any soldering advice or "things to look for" would be appreciated. Thanks

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How to wire a guitar pickup to instrument cable/ rheostat?

I have been wanting an acoustic pickup but don't really want to buy one. I had an old tele neck pickup with a white and red wire and an instrument cable that has one jack taken off and the ground and hot contact exposed. I tried different configurations of the red and white wires to the hot and ground of the instrument cable but all it did was stop buzzing and no sound came out. I think I might need a volume and i have a leftover rheostat but I'm not sure how to wire it, If I could avoid wiring a volume completely and just go from pickup to cable that would be great but I'm not sure how. Help please??

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Can you splice audio cables into the back of a receiver?

Hey all, I have a 5.1 sound system hooked up to my computer's sound card. The front, rear and sub each have separate amps. However, I am not running a center speaker. (ie. quadraphonic with sub. or 4.1) I am wondering if it would work to route the center output into the amp for the front speakers. i would simply splice the wires so that both center and front signals went into the same connector on the back of the amp? What I am wondering is if doing this could mess up my sound card.

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USB Led music visualizer? How? Answered

I know how to connect leds to a USB cable and plug it in to make a usb light, but now i want to make it dance to music coming out of the computer, possibly by changing voltage or using the other black and white wires. Its possible a program may be used. Thank you for your input and solution.

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Is it possible to watch my ipod movies on my tv?

I have a cable that hooks my headphone slot on my ipod to the yellow, white, and red video and audio slots on my tv. i know i can listen to my music through my tv but i dont get picture when trying to watch video. is it possible to watch these movies on my tv screen?

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Would it be possible to create a wireless crossover cable powered by wifi? Answered

I was thinking maybe with an arduino and the proper shield, but I am not sure.  The reason is me and my friend want to cheaply use system link so we can play each other all the time, and we don't want xlink kai or something like that (due to lack of reachability; our computer is upstairs, and our xbox is in the basement).

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Does anyone have a diagram for a male headphone jack to dual female RCA (red and black) connector? Answered

I have one male stereo headphone jack (tip, band, ground band), and two RCA connectors (red and black) and I need to solder them with speaker wire so I can get RCA output from a headphone jack. The speaker wire also has one copper wire and one silver looking metal wire so if it matters which metal to use on which lead I also need to know that. Thanks in advance.

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How do you light sideglow or endglow fiber optic cable with an led or light bulb?

How can one attach the end of a sideglow or endglow type of fiber optic cable to a light source? Either an LED or a light bulb. Thank you very much.

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can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? Answered

Can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? what i mean is, can i plug the female end into the male charging port,and the male end into the female port in the Wiimote?

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will I be able to hook a wii to a monitor with a vga to component cable adapter? Answered

The reason why im asking is i bought a cord for this purpose from bestbuy.com and I know it will  work on ps3 but will it work on wii? if not I will have to buy a new cable and a converter did I say that right? hope I did

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Problems with Guitar to FourTrack app for Ipod Touch

Hi There! I am trying to record my guitar onto the FourTrack app for the Iphone/Ipod Touch but i cant get my cables to be recognized as an input on my ipod. Could someone please help me out here? Im running a cable from the output of my POD, to a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm adapter, to a 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter cable, to my ipod touch. My problem is that it isnt recognized as a microphone. Another problem is that when I start recording with FourTrack, the metronome starts ticking but the counter doesnt start. Thanks, Glaseyes (sorry about the pictures, but i am in a rush.)

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DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long.  The things you need:  -copper wire -av cables -box without the lid -magnet from a speaker -av cables -stereo to connect to the av cable -tape to put you copper on the box

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speaker connection for an MP3 player

My friend has asked me to make something so he can connect his stereo speakers into his MP3 player.They are speakers that have the black and red wires that you put into the back of the stereo, no plugs or anything and i already know what im going to make but im just not sure on the soldering points. I'm going to get a hobby box cut a hole in the front of it and put in a board of four speaker plugs then solder all of those to a cable that can plug into his MP3 player. Should i just solder all the black cables together and all he red cables together inside the box then connect them to the red and black cable to the MP3 player? The photos are the speaker plugs in going to use and a crappy MS paint picture of what im talking about

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How can I fix this power box thing for my guitar pedal?

It used to work fine but someone stepped on the cable and now it only works if I can find a way to bend the cable so that current flows, but honestly this sucks( cause I have to be holding it somehow to be able to play).

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how can i use my wireless Xbox 360 controller on the pc with the play and charge kit?

I have an Xbox 360 wireless controller and i also have the charge and play cable for it, and i was wondering if i would be able to use this cable to connect my controller to the pc, and use it for gaming

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will it boost the range if I connect the unused wires in LAN cables to my FM transmitter?

That way I will have an antenna thats 50metres long

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How do i make a pickup for my cajon to plug in a quarter inch cable? (Its a drum Box)?

Im wanting to know how i can be able to make my drum plug into a quarter inch cable to save me the trouble of using a mic. Meinl just came out with a pickup cajon. I need to know to to make one in mine.

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Modem Help?

Okay. I have a modem and I was wondering if I could somehow hook it up to a Cat5 netwoork cable?

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can i get internet on my psp if i plug in the usb cable to my computer? Answered

If i plug my usb cord into my computer that has internet will it give my psp internet

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The thingamagig

I am looking for what they refer to in the repair section for the Nintendo DS on the opposite side of where the cable, antenna and microphone goes through. Can anyone help me?

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dsl is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off ?if i open all the way it works fine.

My nintedo dsl lite is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off . if I open it all the way it click and works fine then if i turn the screen little bit down it turn off.please let me know what i should do? I open the bottom of the nds but i scared to pull out the cable.? please explain me how to pull out that big cable

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USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

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anyone with a guide or tips on fixing a bose dock? it charges, but no sound. i feel it can be reborn...?

Bose dock, has remote and charges ipods/Phones. decent sound. it still charges a phone, but no sound on it. even tried the speciality $40 Aux cable to attempt sound from laptop, etc...which was working not long ago...it seems the power cables plastic has fused itself to the receving end of the main, internal board......?? anyone w/ experience can keep this thing out of the landfill, perhaps? thanks?

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Cheap ways to be able to record guitar/bass on a computer? Answered

My band is just starting out and we are looking for cheap ways to record. I am not looking into investing in an audio interface or an extremely expensive microphone at this point. I am wondering if it would be possible to make a ¼" jack to USB cable or a ¼" jack to headphone cable or something like that so that we would be able to plug our instruments directly into my computer (MacBook V 10.6.8) to record and edit with Garageband. Thanks! -Tqwerty

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About how long is the cord for the wii speak accessory? Answered

I'm thinking about getting the wii speak accessory, but first I would like to know how long the cable is.

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parts for wii guitar hero drums

I have the guitar hero world tour for my wii, the cable that connects the drum set to the wii remote has recently been destroyed. the cable is white about 6-8inches long and is attatched to a circuitt board inside the drum set at one end, and like i said the other end plug into the wireless wii remote at the other end. the forceful craming of the remote into the remote storage area on top of the drum set i believe caused the damage. where can i find replacement parts? thanks eman. 

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Help!! Home Media- 4K, digital auto, remote placement

Hey! So I started renovating my living room and it's going much faster than i anticipated. I also upped the scope to move the TV and media items, and to do the professional job of wall jacks for everything so cables are hidden. I'm in a wall and nearly ready to do new drywall, so I need help planning this part I hadn't anticipated! Requirements: -Have media center placed in the corner, about 50' (as cable runs) away -potentially 4 HDMI items 4K ability for xbox, ps (50-60 fps) digital audio for surround sound that will be wired (I'm an audiophile, so I'd prefer optical to do it the best) other things I haven't thought of that will help keep the hard wiring relevant for the next 5-10 years I can: Run conduit for easier/future cable routing place wall jacks as needed behind the tv and in the media corner Like I said I didn't anticipate doing this at the same time, so I don't have a plan and need help. I wish I had time to search and learn the ins and outs, but what I've seen are HDMI splitters, signal degradation, wireless transmitters that only do 1080p, and fiber optic cable that is expensive. Does anyone have experience with this, or have a referral that I could post this on a different forum? Thank you in advance!!!

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Help! My low voltage, outdoor lighting wont light up - transformer error codes?

I bought a Portfolio 300watt transformer for low voltage outdoor lighting and hooked up a 100' 12 gauge cable (outdoor rated lighting cable) to it. Then I hooked up 4 low voltage lights (12volt 20 watts each). I plugged the transformer in to a gfi outlet that I ran out from the house. And turned it on. The little display flashes "E" and then "1" . The instructions say that the E means that there is a fire hazard so check the circut. So I unhooked every light except one. Same error. I hooked on a different light and unhooked the first one. Same error. Instructions say the cable needs to be under 250'. And the load less than 300w. I am there, except it won't run. Do I have a bad transformer or is there something that I am missing? Oh, and this is to light my haunt in my front yard, so I am running out of time! Thanks for any advice! Matt

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how do i make a homemade ipod speaker louder?

I hooked my ipod to a stereo speaker by wiring a headphone jack with speaker cable, but it's not loud at all. How can i make the volume higher?

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(ipod dock) i cant find the pins that conect to the ipod so i can play and charge the ipod at the same time!!

Im building a ipod dock for my first instructable so im using a female usb plug for the ipod cable that conects to the ipod that mounts on the dock, so i need to know the output audio pins for the "L" & "R" speekers i have the 5v and the ground pins any recommendations are welcomed im using a 9V board with 2 bass inputs and center left and right speakers on a compact eficient case with 2 female usb chargers that i also want to use them to play ipods with

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wegmans saftey hazard

I recently went to wegmans (for those who don't know it's a grocery store, it's a chain brand) and I while I was waiting in line for checkout I saw that the fire extinguishers were 2005. I have a picture on my cell phone, but my cable is in the basement and I don't feel like getting it right now, but I'll put up a photo later. Thoughts on this? Edit: Broke through the laziness barrier and got the cable and uploaded some pics. Sorry that they're bright, I had my cellphone on automatic flash and I didn't have time to turn it off. If you have a prgram that can dim them you might be able to see more

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Will it work if I use a guitar in the microphone input

Sorry, can't really think straight today I'm just wondering if I got an adapter for a standard guitar cable to fit the microphone input in my sound card, would it would it work as a microphone and record off my humbuckers?

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DJ mixer problem? Answered

I have recently purchased a Soundlab dsm5....I have minimal RCA cable at the moment so i have done this -> I have connected my ipod to the mic jack with a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adaptor..... then from that i have connected a RCA cable to 3.5mm mono adaptor (orginally for a camcorder so it has a video RCA as well)  from the AMP channel on the mixer to the AMP......  My problem is ....is that the Music plays but has a really bad quality? ....my amp is not bad quality, as i have done played music with it with no problem and the mixer and the amp are both sound lab....It might be I shouldnt connect the ipod to the mic but to line one or line 2 (inputs) to get more quality .... I dont know?...... Best awnser gets a patch!

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