knex car?

how can I make a perfect Knex car?

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knex cars? Answered

Knex dude 2000

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knex car

My knex super car is so cool but the bad thing is bad photos

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K'nex Car

My vehicle for the TNKIT. If you're gong to ask about the front wheels, I didn't have enough tires. And if it makes a difference, this was my first vehicle too.

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Flywheel car

I've seen some old flywheel powered toy cars and i'm wondering could that be scaled up to work on a pedal car so that it spins up while you're pedalling and then have it engage by lever or something to assist pedal power over bumps and stuff or just give it a boost on the flat? also most flywheels seem to be mounted vertically, is there any reason not to mount one horizontally as i think it would fit into the pedal car better that way?oh and assuming i'm limited to a certain weight would a small flywheel with an evenly distributed weight or a wider flywheel with most of the weight on the outside edge maintain its spin for longer?

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Slot car racing - controlling the cars wirelessly

Guys, I and my two boys have a Tomy AFX slot car racing system that we set up and play. We have a load of track so we can set up a long, winding track. The downside though, is that as the speed controllers are connected by a wire, when one of the cars comes off, you have to go over to put it back on the track and one of two things happen; 1) you have to drop the controller, go over to the point where the car comes off, then run back (Me) or 2) run over to where the car has come off, forgetting that the controler is still connected to the track and pull the track apart (the boys) If there was a way of making the controllers wireless, it would be brilliant. It would mean you could stand where you want and not have to waste as much time when recovering your car. As i see it, I would need four independent transmitters, of one channel each. That's about the limit of my knowledge of the wireless bit! The cars get about 22 volts, although clearly the current is not massive. The current controllers are basically a rheastat with a trigger connected to the wiper that contacts the coiled resistive wire. Any of you clever guys out there know of a relativeley cheap and simple way of making this wireless?

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Rubber band cars.

Does anyone build them? here is mine

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knex car competion

Hi this is a user competition untill 10/3/13 . you can build any 4 wheeled car or truck , MUST NOT BE MOTORISED OR KNEX PEICES CUT OR STUCK. ALSO PLEASE POST INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR ENTRY. thank you .

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Securing a Car Door

I have a car with a mechanical door lock that is broken. Hence I cannot lock the car door (drivers side). I tried to stick a couple of staples (from hasp and staples) using superglue to the door and body work with the idea of putting a padlock through both. To my surprise the superglue would not stick. Has anyone any idea how I can secure the door while the lock is broken. Thanks

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Knex coaster car

hey all, im in need of a coaster car for the screamin serpent, mine was unfortunatly damaged somehow :( if you know of one or have one for sale yourself please get in touch. thank you.

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my knex car

This car to me was the best one i had ever made becuase it had steering and adjustable seats and etc

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Knex Car (SUV)

Ok i put on foums because nobody made a knex car.

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New knex car

This is a new knex car I made its really powerful, and has two motors.

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how to make a car? Answered

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how to convert a toy car into remote control car?

HOW TO MAKE A TOY CAR REMOTE CONTROLLED ? I want to make a four wheeled remote control toy car.I have completed half of its parts i.e. the body whic is square shaped and little bit slanting in the front,the wheels are also fixed ,whic i obtained from an old broken toy car.I have fixed three motors,each of 1.5 volts.I had also connected the motors to two 9 volt batteries, and i have also fixed one switch and now i am able to run my car.       But my question to you is that how can i make this toy car remote control?Pleease can u suggest me some answers . And aklso tell me what are the things i need to make my RC car.  TYPE OF ANSWER I ASPECT:1.the steps to make my toy car remote controlled                                                        2.The things to make it remote controlled   please give me an positive answer

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RC Car --- RC Plane?

Okay, so today at school, we learned about Bernoulli's principle and how wings help a plane fly. So I was wondering, if you built some good wings, attached them to an RC Car, and drove it off a ramp, would it glide for a little bit?

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"Ghetto" car CD player?

Over a year ago I saw an I'ble on making a car CD player from an old CD ROM. There are a few I'bles on making CD players, but this one was specific for a car, and was installed with foam and duct tape. It had just the style I'm looking for to complete a project. I can't find it - can anyone help?

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car to home speakers--how to?

Have 4 seakers from my car--would like to turn them into home speakers (within 2 boxes only having 2 speakers each). What needs to be done and what should I know about thisThanksMich

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New Knex Car 2

I know how to make a car that has two mini block trigger gun on the top that shoot off while driving on its own. With the use of a non strechy string. Lets say you have about 16 in. of string. And you put the two guns in the back of your car.You can wrap one end of the string to the block trigger gun's trigger(that sounds wierd). and the other end of the string to the back rod that has the back wheels. When it starts to go the string will begin to wrap around the back rod until all the string has been used. The string begins to get tight. For the car to go any further its gotta pull down on that string, so it pulls it down and the guns fire. DISAVANTAGES: 1. Right after it fires the car cant travel any further. 2. Probobly a pain in the butt to reset. 3. Not sure if it fires that far. 4. I havnt even finished it yet, so im not sure if it even works. ADVANTAGES: 1. There hasnt been any thing like this posted before. 2. It can have up to like a lot of guns. Thank you for reading this forum. I hope you understand. I dont have any pics for 2 reasons: 1. Im on vacation. 2. Its not finished yet. If I have any mispellings please tell me and I will fix them.

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Knex rc car or truck?

I was wondering if anybody could help me make an RC knex car this is what i have i have 100 to 150 knex, one 49mhz RC controller and reviver i also have some RC car tires. P.S. the car reviver is from a New Bright RC car.Also i have no cyber knex motors i have a good amount of reagular knex motors most are the green ones also have a good amount of wire.

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A knex car to build, anyone? Answered

I want an idea on what car I should build, can anyone give me a decent idea? Im open to almost any idea...

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wiring lights into car speakers

I want to add some electroluminescent tape and panel to the portable speaker i built in such a way that it lights up when i turn the speakers on. my question: would it be possible to achieve this by popping the power leads of the 12v inverter into the positive and negative woofer terminals on the crossover along with the speaker cables already there? 

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rippen rocket car help?

Can i make a rippen rocket car go up a knex chain?

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The WORST Car Wash Ever!

The best comment: "I want my money back"...

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Remote Control K'Nex Car

Hello, K'Nexing community! It's been roughly three years since I last posted anything on Instructables. Anywho, I've finally gotten the motivation to create something out of K'nex, and also combine it with my favorite hobby of hobby-grade remote control cars.  This car that's featured would be a brushed, but also fast on-road cruiser. Features/Notations of vehicle: Powered by: 12T or 15T Brushed motor ESC: Old ESC from ECX Torment, or Traxxas Slash ESC RX/TX: Team Associated combo Servo: Team Associated servo Solid Rear Axle Power Source: 2S LiPo More details and pictures will be added over time, and hopefully it won't take another three years. XD I've also included a couple of pictures of my current RC cars.

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How do you build a gear box for a motor to make a small car?

The gear box has to be made - no prefab gearboxes.

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My radio in my car was stolen and I dont want 2 buy a new one. Can I hook up a cheap radio 2 play thru the car speakers?

I have a 1992 Honda Accord that has no radio. In the empty space where the radio used to be, there are two cables: one that looks like a headphone plug, and one that is some sort of 32-pin female connector. Is there any way I can hook a cheap radio or maybe an Ipod to play through the car speakers?

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can you make a subwoofer from computer audio system go boom booom boooom in a car without adding an amplifier?

I have a spare logitech g51 speaker system and want to use the subwoofer in my car instead of purchasing an entire car designed subwoofer, box, amp, wires, crossovers, etc., etc.

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How can i make a good instructable which will get lots of views.?

I want an instructable which gets lots of views.

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how can i fix my kenwood amplifier? Answered

I have a kac-8152D amp and it dont work no more.i put it the fuse and it spark in the beginning but dont work.when i take the fuse out my light turns on for 5 seconds then turns off.

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How to make a bottle rocket car?

How can i make a bottle rocket car? I have limited materials to use on the project. The materials i can use are: - 5 straws - 1 regular size water bottle - 1 sheet of a paper towel roll - 4 wheels - baking soda - vinegar - hot glue (glue gun used to apply it) I thought up of a couple of designs and they all failed. Can anyone help?  

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suggestions on my next knex car

I want some suggestions on what vehicle I should make next. Im open to almost anything.

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where can i get a free car (it dosnt have to run)?

My cousin lost his house (the economy) and im trying to raise money to try to get him an apartment so im doing a car bash and a car wash. 

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cd stuck in car cd player

How can yo get a stuck cd out of a car cd player/

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Cars running on vegetable oil regulated

The man is really bringing me down here...Drivers of SVO (straight vegetable oil) fueled cars are running afoul of the law.Not too long ago, cars that ran on leftover vegetable oil were rare, a curiosity. But now that lots of people are buying kits and hiring mechanics to mod their cars to run on french fry juice, the government is starting to take notice. Drivers of these cars now have to pay the same taxes as traditional fuel drivers, register with the state, file monthly reports and payments, as well as make sure they are in compliance with local environmental laws. Noncompliance will be punished with stiff fines.

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Top Builder Challenge: Balloon Car

Take the Challenge! Become a Design Squad Top Builder! Design an air-powered balloon car that can zip across the floor. You can use all kinds of materials for your balloon car's body, axles, and wheels. But the jet must include a balloon! Watch the video to see Nate and his friends Desi, AJ, Zara, and Anna design their balloon cars. You can find instructions to get started on your own balloon car in our Build section. Enter the Top Builder: Balloon Car Challenge by logging in to the Design Squad website and submitting a photo of your design using this form on or before March 27, 2013. Be sure to tell us how far your balloon car traveled! We'll highlight some of the most creative balloon cars and then you can vote for your fave. The Builder with the most votes earns a special sticker for use on the Design Squad website.

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whose car is better? you be the judge.? Answered

Well, whose car is better? Mine, or Selizona's? heres a link to Selezoina's Slideshow. heres a link to mine

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Steering system on my knex rally car.

I need help putting a steering system on my knex rally car, can anyone make a steering system for my car?

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Zip car card RFID location?

I just got a Zipcar membership and received a card, which I assume has an rfid tag to unlock the doors. Does anyone know where the tag is, so I could punch a hole in it (to attach it to a keychain)? Or how I could find out? Thanks!

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hai my rc car receive the commands only when .........................................................?

Hai my rc car receive the commands only when the antenna of the transmitter touches that of the carpls help me to solve this ineed my car to go far?

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Making a supersize RC from small rc car? Answered

I want to replace the small  motors from a small rc car with bigger one. the problem is that the circuitry in the rc car do not provide enough current to drive bigger mortor. i know that if i use transistors or mosfets i can achieve it. but i can' go backwards then. i need a design lets me use the power output to the motors from the pcb of the rc car which will let me switch higher current.. and when current is reversed it switches the other power supply so that the motor can be reversed. sorry for english. 

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i want to build my own amplifier for my car to power my sub. i would a 300 to 600 watt rating any ideas? Answered

I have a small background in electronics and i would like to build an amplifier for my car to power my subwoofer. i am having trouble coming up with a schematic that would work. i would like to accomplish 300 to 600 watt rating and i would like all solid state components if possible. i dont care to much about size as long as it fits in my escort. and i dont care to much about cost either do you have any ideas?

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Beat this, K'NEXers!

A life-sized replica of the Bloodhound sonic car - the world's fastest vehicle- made entirely out of K'Nex building blocks - was on display at the entrance to the British Toy Fair. The Sonic Car replica was built by blind veterans from Royal British Legion Industries out of 388,000 pieces of K'Nex building blocks.

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