Knex Computer Case

Heya, I made some computer case! Instructions are on knexflux, over here: Along with it there is a nice stop-motion video to show it off :P

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Custom MP3 Player Cases and Case Mods here

This is where you can suggest cases for iPods, such as a carved out book that holds an iPod and headphones (like the one I made last year) or maybe have an idea to make a secret iPod holder out of a pop can. If you have any ideas/pictures of your case (hand made or store bought) post em here. I'll get this started... One idea I have is an iPod case for my 1st gen 4GB apple mini of mine, I am currently making an instructable on it so it will be published once my camera gets back so I can take the finishing pictures of it. Descriptions/ideas/how to make one from an idea listed/pictures/ect. are all welcome here (MP3 player related).

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Golf club travel case

Has anyone turned a golf bag into a golf travel case. Looking for suggestions for perhaps a hard top to go onto golf bag so I can put on a aircraft or move to another location.

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Sweet Handmade DS Case

This custom DS case hits the mark perfectly. Too bad they're already sold out. Link

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Can't Decide Which Zippo

I cant make up my mind between these two Zippos'Hidden Dragon''Patriotic Version'What do you think?What would you get?OrIs there a different zippo you would get?below are images from zippo case museum (offical websight)update i go the Patriotic version and i love it. added some pics

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what is a good cushion? Answered

I am looking to make an Ipod case but I need to know what is thin, light weight, and pretty cushiony. P.S. this one is based off of my own Ideas.

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I need a good headphone case.

My headphones are too big for the contact case. Please help me! Thanks

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ear bud case - delayed instructable

I posted an 'ible on creating ear bud cases out of a contact lens cases. However by the time it showed up on the recent-instructables list, it was already on page 7. If you are interested here is the link.

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should I post an ible for knex pc case??? Answered

Should I post an ible for knex pc case???

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I`m new, preparing my first Instructable! Guitar wooden case

Hey people I`m new to instructables, I`m currently working with my girlfriend on making two wooden hardcases: One for her Gibson SG guitar and one for my Strinberg CLB25 Bass and I`m documenting great part of it so I can make an instructable when they`re done! They should be ready by next weekend, anyone interested in making their own case for their guitar or bass guitar be on the lookout next week!

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Can anyone identify this 20mm shell casing? Answered

My grandfather gave me this shell casing, and I have been having a hell of a time trying to find out what kind of gun it is from. On the bottom it says "20mm MK 4 I.S. 1944" From my browsing on the internet, I think it might possibly be a US naval autocannon round, possibly from a 20mm Oerlikon gun, or from a British Antiaircraft gun That said, I still haven't found an exact match. The thing that sets this shell apart from the others is the taper. Normally, casings are straight or are tapered in sections, at a much steeper angle. This shell has a simple taper at a very smooth angle. I have not found a shell that has a matching taper.  The other distinguishing feature are the small divots around the edge, presumably to help hold the projectile onto the shell. This is rather rare, because usually the projectile stays seated in the shell without any special aid. There is also a weld mark on the side of the shell, possibly from being held in a belt, but I am not sure. I have big hand, so the shell looks rather small. It is actually pretty small for a 20mm shell. Any help in ID'ing this shell is appreciated.

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case mod on a 360. need help with led lighting?

I used the 12 v power next to power inlet. ok i wired total of 8 leds in parallel. 6 of them are 1.9 volts and the other two are white leds of 3.3volts. now my white ones dont have power they dnt turn on . i wanted to make an effect of a really bright inside but i think i dont have enough power. i want to stick to this one 12 volt power source. whats the best way to go about putting the leds.

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What would you take with you in case of catastrophe ...

Hi =o)Kiteman's story made me wonder that :If, in the middle of the night, you had to leave your home very quickly (in a matter of minutes) because of a coming great catastrophe (hurricane, flood, fire, alien invasion ...), and given that everything you'll left will be definitively lost, what would you take with you ?Personally, I think I'd try to take :- my cat (despite that's probably not the most rational decision as I don't have a box to carry her safely)- a bag with my most important administrative and official papers- my USB keys with all my work- my cellular phone- a flashlight- and maybe a bottle of water ...And if remains enough time, I'd probably try to gather as much things as possible into my backpack/rucksack ...What would be your list ?edit : of course, it's obvious to me that none of us would abandon someone he/she loves ! ;o)

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What should i make my ipod case out of and how do i make one

Okay i want to make a ipod case i have a ipod nano video but i dont know how to make a case or what to make it out of . it has to be some thing that would be in a house. Can You help me

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Has anyone come up with a case for transporting the various Guitar Hero Band pieces in?

 My grandkids are back and forth with all the Guitar Hero equipment and I'd like to make them an awesome case that will protect all this gear.  Any ideas?

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Could i get scratches off my ipod case by sanding it (like on scratched car lights) without making it noticeably weaker? Answered


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I've have lots of mini keyboards and toy guitars. How can I store / transport them safely on the cheap?

Mostly for circuit bent music - I've got toy guitars like the One Man Jam, Tyco Hot Lixx, Tyco Hot Keys, etc. and mini casio and yamaha keyboards with new knobs and switches sticking all over the place. I'm afraid that some of the plastic parts may be broken (plastic whammy bars, knobs, etc.) may be broken if I just chuck them in a cardboard box or gig bag, but I don't have lots of money for a fleet of custom ATA road cases.

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Does anyone have any creative computer case modding ideas?

Im planning to build a computer in the near future, and plan to use an intel mini-itx mobo, laptop hard drive, slimline disc drive, and a small power supply unit. The mobo is about 7" inches square, and the rest of the parts are standard sizing. Im still trying to come up with an idea for a case, since it would be much cooler to build a custom computer case mod. For example, i built one of these motherboards and parts into a broken VCR, and made the tape slot the disk drive. So.... What your ideas? By the way, i have already seen the instructables on this, im looking for new ideas.

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Can I make a Page Protector a DS Card Case.... thing?

I've got a DS and I'm starting to get a collection of games. The thing is, I don't want to buy a lot of card cases that can only hold 3 or 4 games. Can I make my own with a page protecter? If so, how? Can I do it on both sides or just one? Should I add something in the midde?

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Which travel guitar?

I would like to buy either the Martin Backpacker or the Washburn Rover. The Rover is cheaper, and comes with a hard case. But, the Martin is a better quality guitar. What do you think?

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Steampunk Playstation One

Last Friday I was looking through some of my old stuff when I found my old PS1. I was wanting to try doing a case mod on an old NES but i thought this could be a bit more fun. Anyway after brainstorming some ideas for designs I settled on a steampunk-like style. So far this is about all I have done. But to explain what I'm going to do to it just mouse over the pics--\/ Let me know whatcha think.

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Where can I find a SSC-TRPXENO Soft-Sided Xeno Trumpet Case ?

I need a SSC-TRPXENO Soft-Sided Xeno Trumpet Case (shown in picture), here is the link to its site:;=551145. Where can I buy one? If you already own one, I would very much appreciate it if you told me what you paid for one and where you purchased it.

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EDIT: Robin's Gadgets?

I'm working on a Robin cosplay, and I need some kind of wrist-computer set up for my iPod touch. Hopefully something fairly simple, since I really don't have much experience with nor access to major equipment. Any ideas? EDIT: Also, I still need some of the Boy Wonder's various gadgets and such. They'd mostly be just for show, but having at least some kind of decorative functionality (i.e. lights, sounds, lenses, etc.) would be nice. All opinions and ideas are very much appreciated!

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flimsy furniture

My little sister bought the worst/cheapest book case from target. its flimsy the bottom piece was warped, and i had to replace one of the piece of crap plastic pieces that hold the thing together with wood glue, a drill, and a long screw (this piece in fact ended up swaying back and forth less than the rest of the book case) so what I'm interest ed in is ways to reinforce and boost up the quality of the book cases and $30 furniture for as cheap as possible. any one got any thing?

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hi. i just got a 360 for christmas. i was wondering if it would be feasible to install an externally powered fan. Answered

 i thought that i could take off one side of the case (so as not to damage the original case and void the warranty), and make a new case piece that has an externally powered bank of computer fans to cool the console... would this damage the other fans? I am trying to prolong the life of this one for as long as possible... i only play it several hours a week,  so it isnt on all the time.

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Anyone have a way to make a gameboy ds/advance case without duct tape?

I'm looking for a way to make a smallish, easily carried case for about 18 Nintendo DS games and maybe 6-10 Advance games. I don't want to use duct tape, and the cloth and plastic roll up Instructable isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

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is the xbox 360 elite (black case)repair for the rrod any different from the common repair?

Different mother board,screws, or process for the rrod repairs

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Baseball teams.

Well does anybody cheer on a baseball team? I cheer on the New york Yankees. And just in case you don't know the Yankees are in the mlb (major league baseball).

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how to open the registry editting that has been disabled by administrator.....however i'm the administrator?

How to open the task manager in this same case also....??????

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Cinderblock - To paint or not to paint

I always had this question in my mind.  Was the cinderblock designed to breathe?  In other words do we want the moisture to go from one side to the other in case of cinderblock walls (say in the basement walls?)  Logically, I would think that the answer is that we want to prevent the moisture to go from one side to the other.  If that is the case, why the cinderblock makers do not make waterproof cinderblocks by adding water proofing chemicals during the manufacturing process? I would greatly appreciate your insights on this subject.

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Halo 3 Limited Edition Question - Scratched Discs?

I might be going to Walmart tomorrow to buy Halo 3 (finally) and I'm thinking about getting the Limited Edition. Now I know that when Halo 3 was released there were some problems with the Limited Edition cases scratching the discs. I also know that you could send it in until the end of January for a replacement. So I want to know if the ones that are in stores are new copies, or just the ones with the bad cases that haven't been bought yet.

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I have several piezo-electric ignighters, is there a way to boost them to make a larger spark? Answered

I have a tutorial on how to get one, in case you need an example.

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Computer Mod Supplies

Found this great resource for computer mods and mod supplies. They don't really have any hardware, but they have a good deal of water coolers, fans, and even some ridiculous energy drinks....

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I have two extra pc cases(metal side panels) and am looking for some ideas of what to do with them.?

I already built a home server and another pc is just overkill right now.

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Am I using this guitar humidifier correctly? Answered

I recently acquired this Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, and on the package it says no leaks because the holes are on the side. I can only store my guitar (in its case) on its side, so one side is facing downwards. I am putting in the minimum recommended water amount, but i am still worried it will leak. Will it leak? Will I have to store the case laying flat? I really don't want my new acoustic to crack or warp, but i also don't want it to collect water, as this will mess up the wood. Please help!!!

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Pokemon Black/White Friend Code Exchange Forum

I think all of the pokefans reading this know what to do. In case you don't, Comment here on what pokemon you want to battle trade etc.

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What's the most simplified way to light up an XBOX 360 once you have a window installed?

I have 2 XBOX 360's that I'm trying to mod myself.  One, with blue lights and one with red lights.  I already have the Talismoon fans and the Talismoon wind tunnel.  I just need to know if there is  anything else that I can easily wire up that would brighten up the case.  I have a soldering iron but that's hard for me.  I've already ruined 2 controllers.  I need more practice.  I can paint controllers and cases pretty good but the electronic part is what's hard for me.  Thanks for any help.

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How to insulate a cooler box

I have just bought a plastic cooler box. It is two boxes in one: an inside lining, an air cavity, the outside case and  of course a lid and handle.. I would like to improve the insulation. I have a 750ml can of expanding polyurethane foam which I thought of spraying into the cavity. It will dry in an hour. I can work out the exact volume  to be filled with  the foam by prefilling it with water and measuring the amount of water that pours out of the cavity , but I do not know the best way to apply the foam. Any ideas, please. For example should I wrap the inner box in anything before pushing it into the wet foam that I  spray against the inside of the outer case? Robin

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Is putting weight to unweighted synthesizer keys a good idea? How do I do that? Answered

In my case it's a Korg X50. I can barely express myself with these keys. Any ideas on the topic are welcome before I screw my korg open.

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Playstation 1 box?

My Friend ring wraith159 had a old PS1 and was taking it apart he didn't want the external case so he gave it to me and i'm making a box out of it like my Radio Box. any ideas as for what to put in it?

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Mystery board game or puzzle?

Hi everyone, Can anybody identify this mystery board game or puzzle? I was given it with no instructions, its in a nice hard wood case, it has 15 blue marbles and 15 white ones. There is 30 holes in total 9 on the top and 21 on the bottom. Thanks.

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whats the difference between a good & a not so good audio potentiometer?

Looking to buy some potentiometers for a guitar project, i see the £1.50 500k audio pots that are usual style and some that are 4x the price and have a square enclosed case, still 500k audio. whats the difference and is it worth it?

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See Kiteman Chortle in Excitement...

In case you haven't seen them, here is a video of me opening my shiny fresh deck of Instructables Cards. Have you bought your deck yet?  Every sale goes towards an Instructables presence at the next UK Maker Faire.

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super smash bros. brawl!!!

Just in case you didn't know there is a new super smash brothers game coming on (Feb.10 2008)it will be on the wiihere are some pics. and a link to the sight where they have an update every weak day.

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The analog sticks on my Xbox 360 controller are sticking, how do I fix it?

Ground off plastic dust from my Xbox 360 controllers casing have fallen into the controller, making the analog sticks stick when I move them, how do I fix it?

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Cheap sources of stuff to build/modify.

In this thread, share your tips for getting the materials, supplies and tools you use to make and modify stuff as inexpensivly as possible.A trick I use:The local grocery store "Hardware" section is full of cheap tools and supplies. Last week I picked up a 105 piece screw/nut set in a nice divided plastic clamshell case for $1.00, two days later I saw a similar, but empty, plastic case selling for $3.99 at the craft store. The screws at the local Big-Box home improvement center would be about 6 cents a piece + the gas and agravation of driving to the store in the middle of a project because I need a couple 6 cent screws. 6 cents x 105 pieces = $6.30 worth of screws.

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Instructable idea: the Frankenbox 360

Ok, I'm working on something, and before I go through the trouble of writing an -ible for it, I would like to get a good idea of what kind of interest there is in it. I recently came into a free bricked xbox 360 (shocking I know, those are SO hard to come by.....) so, I have harvested a few parts, and am modifying my old xbox that had a bad habit of overheating by putting another of the larger heatsinks in xbox's over the gpu, changing the shape of the fan duct to accommodate the larger heatsink, and will putt the cd drive on top of the case, run the wires inside, and hook another set of the original fans to a 12v power supply and mount a switch on the case. This thing will be hideous, beautiful and will tell heat just where to go. :) So, What does everyone think??

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