Volume limiter circuit?

I need help designing a circuit (off of another circuit) that will limit the output voltage to X. I need X to be adjustable from between 0-700 mV. However, I need it so as the input voltage goes up, the output voltage will stay at what it was set to. Without clipping. Any advice? Thanks!

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I need a simple cheap circuit that will record and then play a sound?

ere can I buy a small, cheap circuit that will record asound and play it back at the press of a button?

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Circuit Diagram Experts Needed. Thanks. Answered

Hi, (I posted an image)I found this circuit in an book of mine because I wanted to build a VU meter. I only want to simplify this circuit. I don't need sound coming out of the VU meter; so I could have just remove the speaker and be done with it. But... is there anything else in the diagram that is only related to the speaker in which I could remove? All I need from this circuit is the led reacting to the audio input like a VU meter. Eliminating unnecessary parts will help me make it smaller. Thanks! Helpful things to know about diagram: Ignore R1, C5, U2.... those are just references to another diagram. 324 is an Operation Amplifier IC (there is only 1)546 is an Audio Power Amplifier IC (there is only 1)the Si is a silicon diodethe VR is a 50k ohm control volume (potentiometer?)6 volts going inIgnore the funny looking earphone, thats the audio input instead.I posted one General Image and 4 close up Images. Any other question about the diagram feel free to ask.Once Again Thank you for helping a newbie.

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Information on mechanical switches for electronic circuits?

Text and photos on mechanical switches for electronic circuits

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how could i make a circuit that?

How could i make a circuit that if a ir  detector (such as one in wii mote) detected a ir led it beeped OR if a bluetooth device detected a bluetooth device with a specific name beeped

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How would i make a circuit that? Answered

Like on splinter cell he wears a suit with photocells that tell him how visible he is ! How could i make that

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Circuit that sounds 30 seconds of a music from a pendrive

Hi. I need some circuit that sounds 30 seconds of a music from a pendrive, when a bottom will be pressed. anybody can tell to me how must I do it?

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computer not responding!!!?

My computer will run great for 10 minutes and all of a sudden everything will go (not responding) in the top bar and then the loading symbol apears as my cursor.... what is going wrong? is it a virus? hardware poblem what! i have a acer laptop with windows vista installed.... please help or my mom is gonna kill me!

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Buzzer Game With Reset

I would like some help with this circuit. Description: It's like a regular electric circuit Buzzer game but with a no cheating reset option. 1. One must go from A to B to light L. 2. When you start (A) a green led turns on (G) 3. If you touch X, the buzzer sounds (S) an a red led (R) turns on, at this time (G) turns off. This means you have to restart from A 4. this must be powered by a 9V or 12V battery

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​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A.

I have a12v 1.5A  transformer. ​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A. Is it possible? If its possible than tell me HOW?

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It is not advisable to copy the activities shown in this video.

The Modified Toy Orchestra have a philosophy of performing everything live with a collection of re-purposed children’s toys.., converting abandoned playthings into exotic new musical instruments, and then exploring the latent potential and surplus value inherent in these liberated circuits. Guided by this hidden world they seek to make a form of music devoid of personal narrative or autobiography, instead they ask bigger questions about our relationship with “the next new gadget” the desire for the constant upgrade, and the possibilities for problem solutions hidden from our gaze by perceptual habit. The result of this on going investigation has been called cinematic, dark, joyful and life affirming. It is rare to hear an electronic live performance that has no midi, no sampling, no synthesizers, no laptops, in fact no conventional instruments of any kind. MTO have live dates coming up: 8th September at Birmingham Town Hall 10th September at Manchester Bridgewater Hall Hey, what about the title of the topic? Oh, that's from the band's appearance on the BBC website.  After all, these AA batteries are dangerous... Freeno & Olaf from Modified Toy Orchestra on Vimeo.  

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Why is my iPod amplifier circuit fuzzy? Answered

I used an LM386 audio amp with its usual circuitry to amplify signals from an iPod headphone jack, but the sound quality is terrible. I have tried powering the circuit with a nine volt battery, and with a wall wart, and, although sound quality was better with the battery, it was still pretty bad, and not very loud. I have tried different LM386 chips, and a speaker that I know is of decent quality, and the sound is still bad. I have also used a filtering capacitor in series with the decent speaker, and the quality was okay, but the sound was very faint. Sometimes with the wall wart I got a weird buzzing noise, and with either the battery or the wall wart I often get unpredictable gain from the amp and bad sound. My speakers are around 2-21/2 inches in diameter, and around 10 Ohms, and the decent speaker is of unknown dimensions and around 9 Ohms. I also tried one of Kipkay's homemade speakers, and, no offense Kipkay, but it all went badly after that, probably because my homemade speaker was only 4 Ohms, when it should have been 8 ( The speaker is not Kipkay's idea, he credits it to Jose Pino, from Make Magazine, vol. 12). I'm also using generic 24 guage wire, not speaker wire, could that be the problem? Please help! Thanks! P.S. I tried to make one of those big LED's sync to the music, but ended up burning it out with the wall wart, will the smoke hurt me? Thanks!

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Circuits and clothing at conventions: anything to look out for?

I've been working on a pair of working Daft Punk helmets for some time now. I am working on the electronics for it now, and I'm designing a systems to let me wear the helmets drivers and batteries without having to have a backpack that would cover up the hard work I did on a jacket (shameless plug is shameless). Anyway, I've settled on a custom vest with pockets to store all the needed bits and bobs. However, if I wear just the vest (from the plans I have so far) I get the feeling someone might think it's some sort of bomb. While I have no intention of removing my jacket (as to try and keep the inner working under wraps) I am concerned that if I do remove the jackets, someone might get startled at a convention. As I have never personally been to a convention, and I plan to start going on them much more, I was curious if anyone has dealings with stuff of this nature. And, if they do, if there is anything I can do to ensure nothing as bad as someone yelling "bomb" at me (maybe get it checked as a weapon?). Either way, this is something I need to consider before I actually start making the control vest, so if I need to modify the design, I can.  Also: I do know that most conventions have certain guidelines to them. Again, I have yet to go to any, and plan to go to them more often. Due to this, I want to know what the most strict set of rules would be, and follow those. Although, the strictest I have seen is peace-bonding weapons, nothing regarding clothing.  Thanks in advance! 

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I'm having a strange problem with a redstone circuit in Minecraft- can anyone help?

Thought I'd build a cannon since most old ones don't work anymore, and encountered the weirdest redstone glitch where, for some reason, a line of redstone will not power even though it should, and once I break it and put it together again, it does. It's baffling me. I'd appreciate help.

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How can I make my own SIMPLE digital delay circuit with 2 control knobs... see below

How can I make my own SIMPLE digital delay circuit with 2 control knobs... one for the INTENSITY of the delay and one for FEEDBACK DURATION / TIME' ? If you can help me, I would really appreciate it. Thomas

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Does anyone know if the facilitator of mintyamps.com is ever planning to reopen the site to orders?

I really want to make one of the circuits and I have very little electronics knowledge.  Are there any alternative circuit boards I could order that serve the same function as the minty amp? Cheers, Dean

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possible circuit for 12AU7 tube distortion. could anyone verify my schematic?

I am attempting to build a distortion circuit using 1 12AU7 tube as a diode. I know that the circuit is primitive but really its only to add in the extra tube sound to my amplifier. so my question is will this circuit work in its current design? if not what will make it work? 

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how to form an electronic circuit controlled distance formed by a voltage generator and a lamp ?

I have an electric circuit of a generator and a lamp with files I want to know what are the components necessary to control this circuit remotely

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what exactly controls volume in a circuit? amperage, voltage, what?

I see all these altoids amp circuits, and i want to build a small amp circuit into my backpack, but i just wanna know, what the hell is actually being raised? amperage going up? voltage going up? ohms going down? im confused!

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How can I power a 12v LED strip with a 3v coin battery?

I am working on project with a flashing led strip, 6 bulbs in total. The circuit includes a 555 timer.  At first I was using a 9v battery but then realised that battery is way to big. A coin battery (CR2032) would be perfect. How can I power the LED strip using the 3v coin better? I am pretty new to circuitry so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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How do I build an audio amplifier circuit?

Can someone draw out or point me in the direction of an audio amplifier circuit? I wanna build my own portable speaker system with an amplifier built in, but I wanna build the amplifier from scratch with no bells and whistles. I want it to be high wattage (40 or 50 or more.) and able to drive typical 8 ohm speakers. My understanding of the rules of building circuits is limited, but I can read a schematic and understand how they work. Any Help?

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can anyone provide information in regards to a specific circuit?

I am looking for information regarding the circuitry for a plasma globe. I was hoping to reproduce the circuit, but I need to know everything I can about the wiring. Diagrams are preferred. Instructions, links to instructables, and links to other websites are useful; and power/amp/voltage ratings would be great. If everything goes well, I might just be able to make an instructable out of it!

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Anyone have a good RGB LED Music Circuit?

I'm hoping to build a very large array of LEDs that will go along with the beat of whatever is playing on the PC. The goal is something like 200 RGB LEDs spread across the room (mainly in the separations of an IKEA Expedit). I have quite a few of these Expedits and wanted to create a circuit that would accomplish 2 things. First is a switch to control whether the LEDs cycle through colors, or go along with the music. If the switch is set for the music, the hope is to force the red channel to be a mid, blue as a low and green as a high pass. What would I need to accomplish this? Note: This is all going to be tied into an old 600w power supply I have laying around. It puts out 18A@12V on one rail and 15A@12V on the second rail, so power isnt an issue. The controller I want to use to run the RGB LEDs under normal circumstances is the one described here: http://picprojects.org.uk/projects/bigmosfetrgb/index.htm ... Is there a way to add to this, bypassing the microcontroller and shifting to another method of controlling the LEDs when the switch is flipped?I'm not looking for a complete guide, or even a full circuit ... a rough outline and part list would be appreciated though. Thanks,--John

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Sound amp circuit needed for backpack boom box

Hi I need an audio amp for an mp3 player that jacks it with enough power to run some decent size speakers (i.e. really loud) while still keeping the sound clear. I'm an avid skier and I'm working on creating a backpack boom box with more kick than your normal off the shelf version. The amp I'm using now if fine with some 3" speakers and can kick out some nice sound but once you get about 50mph the wind noise drowns it out. If possible I'd like it to have bass & treble channels but not needed (should prolly only have one speaker in my backpack anyway). I would like to build it from scratch put if there's a ready built version somewhere I'd be interested. Thanks :)

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Led Music Sync Lamp V 3.0. Help with circuit?

The circuit diagram is shown below and the source of where I found it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd3hzYAJzOoOnly problem is, I have no idea what values I should use, what vdd, vcc, q1, q2, q3, u1, u2, u3 and where power comes in.Could somebody tell me vdd and what vcc is?And perhaps what this guy is using as u1-3 and q1-3?Plus where the power comes in.And possibly what resistor values i should use that correspond with: (5-12 volts your choice) and 3 regular 5mm leds @ 3.3 volts 20ma?To go above and beyond... you could make an instructable elaborating this guy's design. :D

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Will tip31c work for music leds? Answered

I am interested in this: www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ Will tip31c work rather than tip31 www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/T/I/P/3/TIP31C.shtml I'm hypothesize that it will just affect sensitivity. (more or less?)

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I need help moving some buttons on a GameBoy Color. Answered

I have been working on a modification to a GameBoy Color.  I am basically putting it into another case that I have custom designed for the project.  I was just wondering, is it possible to break off a part of a circuit board and connect it with wires? I basically just want to move the "A" and "B" buttons 1/2 inch to the right to make them fit in the case better.  I think that will be easier than designing button extensions or something like that. I included an image to show the board and how the parts are labeled.  It is pretty easy to figure out what portion is what button (thanks Nintendo). An example of a similar idea can be seen here:  Ben Heck's Portable PS1 (It is a little past halfway down the page, where he shows how the inside was wired.  From what I can tell, he broke his PS1 controller into sections.)

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Any suggested uses for a screwed mouse circuit board? ~Edit: make that 2 (one digital, one ball)~

I have a circuit board from a mouse that has gone to a better place. Any suggestions for what I can do with the bloody thing? At the moment it is just taking up space in my drawer and any help would be... well... helpful.

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Any good designs for a tone generator using 555 or 556 ic chips?

I've seen a few on the web but I was wondering if any of you out there have put anything together that you really like.

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Volume adjusting stereo audio amp?

Hi, I want to make something like http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/023/index.htmlbut have it be stereo and also use a 386 audio amp. Is this at all possible and have you seen schematics for something like it? Thanks for looking :D

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Why do some toy's circuits miss some components? Answered

So, i opened up some of my old toys just out of curiosity, and i noted that there were some empty places for components such as capacitors. What would happen if i added a capacitor there and why do they lack them in the first place?

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Is there a way to include some kind of circuit from an reciever antenae?

I have these LCD headsets which let you see a message, and I was going to modify it for (Restricted ideas/plans/instructable intel!) Basically, i need to wire a resistor on the reciever end. Help?

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hot glue damaging any part on a disposable camera circuit?

Such as the transistor or other devices it is a small hot glue gun

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Does anyone know how to make piezo triggered Kick drum light?

Does anyone know how to make piezo triggered Kick drum light? One that lights up the inside of the drum when hit? I want to make one for my drummer. I plan to use the flexible strings of LEDs I've seen available to line the inside of the front kick drum head. Then some how wire up a piezo (either mounted in the shell or on the drum head itself) trigger so it flashes when he uses the kick pedal. There are some vents to feed wires through so if an exterior power source is necessary, thats not a problem. I know it will need power of some sort ha, but batteries are preferable. If anyone could help me with a circuit and/or a list of components that would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Tennis for two

I built this circuit from http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/card the circuit only has 6 pins to input data but my programmer has 10 pins. what do I need to do?

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use a footswitch to activate MP3?

I am attempting to set up a foot pressure switch to activate an mp3 player for an art exhibition. I wired up the footswitch to to close the circuit when pressed between the speakers and the mp3. Unfortuneatley it only closes half the circuit so the other half remains open giving a lot of hissing sounds. The idea is that the mp3 remains on and playing but that when the pressure swicth is stepped on it closes the circuit so the music plays. I need to find a way to break the entire circuit when the mat is not stepped on. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks Cathal

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I've have lots of mini keyboards and toy guitars. How can I store / transport them safely on the cheap?

Mostly for circuit bent music - I've got toy guitars like the One Man Jam, Tyco Hot Lixx, Tyco Hot Keys, etc. and mini casio and yamaha keyboards with new knobs and switches sticking all over the place. I'm afraid that some of the plastic parts may be broken (plastic whammy bars, knobs, etc.) may be broken if I just chuck them in a cardboard box or gig bag, but I don't have lots of money for a fleet of custom ATA road cases.

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can i have a simple lesson on electronics so i can build an amp?

So of just basic knowledge like "what are capcitors? stuff like that...I'm a begginer!

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old idea new twist,want to build a programmable music box can't figure out the hinge circuit

I'm converting a chest into a large music box i need to find a way to have a specific song downloaded to a chip or maybe a old cellphone i thought ,then set up to play when the box opens.I'd really like to know the name of the circuit that works on the principles of two objects separating to complete the circuit. Thanks to anyone who tries

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I want a circuit to close when I OPEN a glass jar ... Answered

I'm working on a project where I have a glass jar, and I want a circuit to close when I OPEN the glass. Need ideas on how I can solve that in clever ways...? I know how to program it in flash, but my current project is all hardware based, and I don't want to use a computer to solve it. I've tried using a photo cell, but for some reason it won't trigger on the circuit I'm circuitbending. I've used a photocell on another bend, and it worked there, but on this project I'm circuitbending one of those greeting cards where you can record your own voice, and it seems that it needs a good solid connection before it will trigger. Would greatly appreciate all tips. Addition: I need a solution that takes as little space as possible.

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Identifying Sliders and Knobs on circuit board M-audio Axiom 49

Hello there, I broke 4 of my sliders of my M-audio Axiom 49 and bended 5 Precision rotary knobs. I tried to order new parts at M-audio but they discontinued the production of the 1ste generation of M-audio Axiom 49 keyboard controllers and they cannot deliver the goods. So opened this sucker up and just googled Pots B10k and to my amazement I found a website with all these Precision Potentiometers. http://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx?FS=TRUE&N;=4294759271+16330845+1323043 http://http://www.alibaba.com/catalogs/--400502------------351-4333 I mean 1000, I went looking for what I needed. The only problem is everything looks the same, I don't see any part numbers that could identify the parts on my board. So I was thinking I should ask some one who has and eye for this and is much smarter than me :) Can you help me identify the type of Precision Potentiometers on the boards you see on the pictures I posted.-->(sorry for the bad quality)

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Can I Use an LED chaser circuit to make a large, sequenced coilgun? Answered

I saw an easy adjustable speed ten LED chaser circuit on the web and was wondering if I could use it to control relays in a coilgun that would be sequenced and therefore acheive higher velocities than others? Also, could I use a Wimshurst machine and homemade capacitors or leyden jars to power it, or do I have to use a ton of camera capacitors? Thanks!

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How can I make a varible induction heater driver? Answered

So a few days ago I saw a slideshow on how to make an induction heater. I thought that was really cool. However the circuit the author used to drive the work coil only had two functions, on and off. The author claims the circuit can drive 24VAC at 180 kHz. I was wondering if anybody knows of a circuit that can drive 24VAC with a variable frequency, between 100 kHz and 200 kHz. Thanks in advance!

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I have built the Valve Caster circuit. I am having a horrible fuzz coming from my speakers. How can I fix this?

This is a question that adds on to a previous discussion that involved a custom tube circuit using a 12AU7 tube.  I have gotten the Valve Caster to have output sound. signal goes from the guitar to the Valve to the preamp then to the amp. The amplifier did not have the fuzz until the Valve was put in. now I have a fuzz that sounds similar to that of rushing water. how can I fix this? I was contemplating putting the Huminator circuit in to correct this but I didn't know if that would work for this. the amp layout that I have here is roughly the same layout as it is in in reality

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Do I need a charging circuit if my power source outputs 9 volts and 2 amps? Answered

I plan on using maybe 6 rechargeable 9 volt batteries in parallel to run some computer speakers I put into a cigar box and would like to charge them just by plugging the wall wart into the power source from the speakers. Does the need for a charging circuit change based on how much power comes in or is it necessary whenever you want to charge batteries? Also if anyone wants to suggest a better battery setup, that's great. The speakers need 9 volts and ~4.5w. Thanks.

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Working on a 12V battery circuit, need to know how to hook up a toggle switch that has three way switching "On-Off-On"?

Is it necessary to connect the ground wire to the center post on the switch? Or can I just attach the hot wire to both end terminals, and leave the center post bare? Trying to hook up a rolling spot sprayer to my small Kabota tractor whereas all circuits are 12 volt, I'm wiring it so the power wires can be disconnected, by way of spring clips to the battery, when not being needed. But I need to be able to contol the power to the spot sprayer from the tractor seat.

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I'm building a coilgun. Can I leave the charging circuit on while i fire it or would that damage it?

I've seen videos where the coilgun starts charging immediately after the gun is fired so that makes me think you can just leave the charging circuit on.. But something just doesn't feel right about that. Is it safe to do that or should i turn it off each time before firing it?

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