Creatively using this space

Any ideas on how to use the space creatively. The open space is between the drawing room and the living room. In the pictures below I have captured this space from different angles just to give you some perspective. At this point I don't have the actual dimension of the space but can provide if required.

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How do I remove the front panel from my Creative SBS 230 speakers? Answered

I'm trying to disassemble my speakers. I've found 2 screws to remove at the bottom, and there are 4 more screws in the front, holding the front panel (with the fabric) to the rest of the body. Is there a way to get them out without tearing the fabric?

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i want to make an android game - need some ideas

I want to make an android game.. i need some ideas.. maybe if we end up making money we can share the profits..

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Expanding Thought Process, the Mind, and General Creativity

I believe that, for the utmost of simplicity, I should begin this topic with the fact that I am a teenager who is quiet passionate about electronics, engineering, and teaching others in general. I have run several websites (each generating a plus of 200 unique visitors/day), created many circuits for school applications (projects), and many similar forms of expressing oneself such as writing. Being just about 15 today, my mind is far from creative, though. Less then three years ago, I was at, what is at this point, my "creative prime". I was publishing quality articles daily for my website, and greatly grew in the ranks of superiority among other websites in my niche. At ages 12 and 13, I was pushing content out - in addition to designing many webpages through core-coding languages - on a daily basis, requiring a load on my creativity to be pulled. Nonetheless, I always managed to tap into my inner-creativity and pull out great ideas. The Point of This Thread Less then two years later, though, I'm stuck in a bit of a muddy puddle. I cannot tune into my own creativity, for the well that it is is now very much dried up. I'm looking to somehow expand my mind and thought process. Are there any activities (keep it legal, guys(;   ) that can help? It'd be a huge inspiration. I can come up with the ideas for circuits and execute them, but from there, all of my creations fall short - they don't end up how I pictured them. The visual aspect of my brain is, uh, malfunctioning. Thanks(:

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Public domain, Creative Commons etc. musci sources wanted

My latest film project is in the style of a fantasy epic- think LotR, Narnia, that sort of "party of brave adventurers battle evil in a non-specific setting resembling mediaeval Europe" thing. It's in post-production now, but while we are ok for visual effects and editing we really need some music. To keep options open regarding public performances, we make sure to use music that doesn't infringe any copyrights- the last film only used original compositions and public-domain soundtracks.For this film we need public-domain music in a fantasy genre. The links below illustrate the sort of style we are looking for. Public domain recordings would be great, but freely-reproducible scores would be ok as we have a couple of talented musicians in the group who can play pieces with limited instrumentation, but sadly no full orchestra!The best answer will receive a Best Answer, probably a patch if the answer leads to some good sources, and possibly (at the discretion of The Powers That Be) a credit in the film.Rousing orchestral musicSadly we have little hope of reproducing music like this, but any public domain not-too-recognisable pieces would be absolutely great.Celtic-sounding flute/whistle music... is something we could actually play. Recordings would be better, though.Faux-mediaeval stringsOh, what I'd give to have a cellist on board. Oh well.Slow reflective piano melodiesNot quite as "folk" as the rest but would give great colour to the sad moments in the filmHarp musicNo, we aren't going to rip off the Braid soundtrack. I know, it's a shame. The only harpist I know is busy studying for her veterinary medicine degree so doesn't have time for our stupid projects.Of course, if anyone plays in any of the above styles and feels like hooking us up with a score or a recording that we could use, you would be the coolest person in the history of the world.I may be abusing the phrases "public domain" and "creative commons" here- I have tried to sum up what the copyright issues are and our stance on them, but essentially we need music we can put in a derivative work and potentially show in public.

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What would be a creative addition to a Surgeon costume I'm wearing as a Halloween party? Too generic by itself. ZZZzzz.

I work in a hospital where I was allowed to bring home a gown, gloves, cap, booties, & a facemask. You guys always have some awsome creative & original ideas. $cheaper&-the-better. THANKS 8)

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Come to MITERS!

Hey!If you're around Boston on Friday Nights, come to MITERS, the MIT Electronic Research Society.We have build parties every Friday from 7:30 on, at N52-115.This week, the idea is clothes-hacking. We've got all the supplies, including conductive thread!We're a bunch of students with a penchant for inventionWho run this complete machine shop, EE lab, and creative haven, with lots of space for large projects.Everything goes, from motorcycles to electronic clothing, with a good helping of logic, lasers, microcontrollers and motors.Instructables itself came out of MITERS!Here's our instructables group.Here's our website.Here's our location.

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Blogger or Writer? Want to publish your thoughts on creativity, art or design?

Hi everyone, I've been an Instructables fan for a long time, and I'm currently a web producer for an online community for creative people called ArtBistro ( We're looking for contributing writers, if you have a design or art related blog or like to write about those topics, we'd love hear from you. Drop me an email at if you're interested.

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Does anyone have any creative computer case modding ideas?

Im planning to build a computer in the near future, and plan to use an intel mini-itx mobo, laptop hard drive, slimline disc drive, and a small power supply unit. The mobo is about 7" inches square, and the rest of the parts are standard sizing. Im still trying to come up with an idea for a case, since it would be much cooler to build a custom computer case mod. For example, i built one of these motherboards and parts into a broken VCR, and made the tape slot the disk drive. So.... What your ideas? By the way, i have already seen the instructables on this, im looking for new ideas.

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I have 500 business cards, and i was wondering if you (yes, YOU) had any cool ideas of what i can do with them??

I was sitting here, staring at these babies, when i go " I betcha someone on Instructables has a good idea or two" yea, One thing led to another, and here i am, asking you( yes YOU) what to do.  Here is what you may (or may not) need to know... They have someone else's name on them. And adress, and phone number. They have a kinda pretty background pic, but then again, you can hardly tell with all of the writing. They are for a realtor. ( no, i didn't hijack them from an open house.....) The backs are blank They are not the glossy type...I wonder if i could fix that with a smear of two of lipgloss? J/K I have already tried card throwing, and lest just mom (lovingly) told me she'd kill me if i ever did it again.  SO, thats out of the picture...(maybe) lol  SO, help me out here....give me a few ideas! ( I know you have one....)  KK

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lliard balls

Hello creative guys, I need help. I want my old ugly looking aramith billiard balls to look like new. How do you do that? any creative suggestions?

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Windows Media Player won't sync w/ Creative Zen V Plus?

Every time I try to sync my Creative Zen V Plus with my Windows Media Player library, an error message pops up that says "sorry for the inconvenience", but if I move that aside, WMP runs fine. I then try to sync my songs with my player, but every time I do, the message "Preparing to sync" appears and nothing else happens. I try again and WMP says that my MP3 player is running slowly, but it's fine. I've synced with WMP before, this is a new problem. Help! Please!

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my drive is dead in my creative zen micro what type and brand of CF card should i use to mod the player?

The drive went in my micro zen just need to know what brand and company I should get the CF card from

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If you wanted to create a machine that could invent new stuff, how would you do it with a website like Instructables?

I'm curious, with all this creative stuff on the Instructables, can't we use existing creative thinking techniques and Industrial Engineering methods to create totally new inventions?

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I have nothing fun to do...can you help? Answered

Hi. I'm 11 and I'm creative. Even though I'm creative i can't think of anything fun to do by myself or with my mom / dad. It can't cost over $30 either. Can you help me? Please?

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Creative ways to stay sharp on you algrebra and pre calculus skills when you're not in class? Answered

Hey, guys! Any other math enthusiast out there? I just took pre-calc with Trig last spring. My intention was to take Calc 1 this fall while pre-calc was still fresh on my mind. Unfortunately, things aren't going to work out that way. Does anyone have a really creative and fun way to stay sharp on their maths? I already have a few of my own but I want to know what other ideas people have. Thanks:) PS: My current method is solving TED riddles using systems of equations.

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ROUND 2 A Knex ball Machine lift IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BUILD THIS DUE TO A LACK OF PIECES OR MOTOR CONTACT ME ASAP Duration This round will last from October 29th to December 1st Requirements Must be able to lift a standard knex ball or ball of similar size. Must lift the ball up at least a foot Must be able to AUTOMATICALLY pick up the ball from a short entry ramp Specifications You may use      knex      tape      string      A motor other than knex You may NOT use      modified pieces      wood / other plastic / metal / etc.      Points system up to 15 points-each judge gives up to 5 points for overall up to 12 points-each judge gives 0-4 points of innovation up to 9 points-each judge will give up to 3 points for looks up to 6 points-each judge gives up to 2 points for the speed of the lift up to 10 points-I will give each creation up to 10 points on how much I like it Bonus Points 2 points-a video displaying the qualities will add 2 points 2 points-if you incorperate a motor from something else you will receive 2 extra points. 5 points-If you complete a ball machine you will receive up to 5 points from me Contestants and Entries Knex mad Killer~SafeCracker trauts Wicky knexsuperbulderfreak Kinetic Big Z chopstx Coreyt Smilee bigdylan91 logic boy How the scoring works The amount of points you earned from last round will be added on to the total from this round to get your total to see who advances to the final rounds. The highest total will receive a bonus on the final round. DEADLINE DECEMBER 1ST

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I'm trying to make a cool luchador mask out of a beanie, but mine keep coming out totally dorky... Any Ideas?

 I'm looking for a luchador mask designed out of a standard semi stretchy beanie (It says it's 100% acrylic...). I'd like it to have some piping around the eye holes and everything so it looks professional. Creativity is a plus so be creative! It's a cool idea and seen something similar done with beanies so I know it can be done! Thank you so much for your time, and good luck!

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Minecraft tekkit server

Come join my tekkit server!  The url is  We also have a map of the server at the same URL.  The rules are pretty straightforward, no griefing, and be nice.  If you are interested in creative, comment.

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simple machine build ideas (from junk)?

Hi guys, could use some creative ideas... i run a pub & we also have a successful themed pub quiz once a week.  it's always a little bit different... in the past we've had teams make an egg throwing machine from bits & pieces such as garden cane, plastic milk cartons etc.,(a surprisingly forceful trebuchet was the eventual winner) & we would like to do something similar. a machine to transport something?  i'm having a massive creative block so some input would be great. ta in advance.

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Uber-Nerd Proposal

"Nerd love at its finest, with a maximum allowance of creativity and a minimum of french kiss retainer entanglement or dual use pocket protector prophylactics."How will you top this one?Gamer proposes to girlfriend by hacking Chrono Trigger via: boingboing

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New Weekend Projects

What do you think of the new weekend projects with kipkay at MAKE? I personally really don't like them. Coming home on a friday to relax, watch a new project that starts turning the gears in your head to create something really imaginative. Now I come home to a droll (yet clear) voice that you don't even want to sit through the whole project. I do not get the creative inspiration from the new ones as from the bre ones. everything bre made had potential for creative add ons. Mousey the junkbot, that is so cool and easily branch off of. Beam bots, inspiring for creative electronics? Theremin, intro to a cool instrucment, that goes for the mellophone too etc.etc.etc I don't need a video to make something look uglier, bigger, fatter, less portable that sucks hours out of my free time. Cutting a book to put something in it. On the popular video areas bre did it, but made it imaginative kipkay did it, but sexy in the front, I mean come on Kipkay did it AGAIN except for taking off of the cases of electronics, taking out connectors and hard wiring everything instead, where's the imagination! I mean I could see if you made it better than before, but come on!!! anyone's thoughts?

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i made a scare bear for some one and i need a fun story for his past, Help? Answered

I made a scare bear for some one and his birthday is tomorrow (friday) can someone think of any creative storys for him? (the bear) thanks!!

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DIY Challenge Portable Filtered Ventilation System

Hello inventors and creative minds. I'm an airbrush enthusiast and I'm looking for an inexpensive way to build a portable ventilation system. I'm curious if anyone has built something that would work by using cheap home filters. Please send any ideas and suggestions

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Replica guns need to stop:

Now I don't know if it's just me but im am bored of replicas or models of real life guns. Now there are some amazing replicas out there but can people please show some skill by posting some guns which are built with creativity. Thank you Bhuty

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K'nex Wireless Charging Phone Dock

I had this wireless charger for my phone so I decided to incorporate it into a phone dock. I tried to make it look nice and used some creativity to get the angle I wanted for the back. The wire for the charger comes nicely out of the back of the base.

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what can do with my old projection tv that stopped working?

I have an old projection tv that has stopped working its huge and takes up alot of space im thinking of just parting it out but i dont know what to do with it. be creative any ideas welcome. Thanks!

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Just Dropping By...

Hello Guys, Not been on this website in around 2 years or so, seen a few emails and thought I would call in and see what innovation + time has brought to k'nex, and I must say I've seen quite a few bits I like. It definitely got my very creative mind turning, sadly I just don't have the time to build anything, but I thought you may want a little catch up on what I've been doing and simply I've secured a position in a line of engineering which I really do enjoy as it gets my creative mind flowing, I also have a computer 'hobby' as you could say, building custom computers etc... and I have a hobby in carpentry making furniture of useful items. I think its safe to say I haven't lost the creative spirit and as long as you stick with your skills you will be able to do similar things all your life. I would like to also add on the end anyone who is looking to purchase some k'nex let me know I still have around 5-6 thousand pieces remaining which I would like to get rid of... so anyways ill leave this story here and hope to talk to some of you again. :)

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Hey everyone...what's up... I was wondering about a few things, I found instructables about a year ago through readymade magazine and website, I love creative things like this. Except I'm not so creative. I kind of come to this website to cheat, I just make things people have posted and show you how to make, lol. Anyways, I'm 20 years old, live in Kansas, and I'm going to school currently to get my degree in Entrepreneurship, I couldn't think of anything more exciting. I'm in the process of a business startup involving a t-shirt line, and even if it doesn't work out in the end, I'd love to have my own business one day.... Which brings me to my question, where do all of you amazing DIYers work? Boring places, just to pay the bills, or somewhere cool where your DIY skills got you the hook up?

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What to do with laser printer toner?

Hi all, I have a several unused laser printer cartridges I don't need. Is there anything fun \ cool \ creative \ useful I can do with the toner powder? Please note: * I don't have a laser printer * the powder is neither conductive nor magnetic. Thanks for the ideas!

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Hey you guys are all so creative and knowledgable, this site is so great (tho terrible for my procrastination) does anyone know how to build a speaker to fit certain dimensions? like how flat could i make a speaker, and how loud would it be for something only a half inch thick (if thats possible) and up to 12" wide? it is meant to plug into an mp3 for power source etc.

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Riddle - A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school - How does he do it? Answered

A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school.- How does he do it? I thought of some unconventional ways that this is possible. Just get creative with your answers, this should give us some laughs.

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Possible things not yet done with a GameBoy

From Chiptunes to an LED addon for the screen, there have been numerous creative things done to Nintendo's GameBoy line of handheld consoles. Given the capabilities of these sturdy, nostalgic devices, what kind of things could be made or done to them to increase their awesomeness? Apart from making Chiptunes, MP3 player casings, and some of the usual mods for any kind of GameBoy, is there anything else that a Maker could do to it?

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Powdered Tempra Paint

I work in a child care with preschool aged children.  We just got a massive donation of powdered tempra paint. I was wondering if there was any interesting craft ideas that we could use other than 1. add water 2. paint with brush Other than using tempra powder to make sidewalk chalk I have been coming up with a blank.  Any new/creative ideas for this product?

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What is the best MP3 player? NOT iPod

I'm looking for an MP3 player, but i don't want to get an iPod. I was thinking the Creative Zen. I was looking around and I saw the 8 gig at Walmart for about $150. (I don't want to be badgered about Walmart or China or whatever) So does anyone have any idea on what should I get. It needs to work with Vista and Windows Media Player.

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How to make a giant (12'x12' x 9 ' high) inside of a computer for my kids school.

Hi all, I need to figure out how to make a giant inside of a computer for a school project for my kids class.  I can get a 2"x4" frame for the entire space, but need ideas of how to decorate the inside of this giant box.    Any brilliant ideas on how to do this thing on a shoe-string budget? Thank you all for your brilliant ideas.  I am a worker, not creative!

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Does Instructables help us to market our idea/product to companies?

I have seen many of the good idea in instructables. Many people posted good products as their hobby such maybe a home appliance, technologies, etc. Ideas are unique to everyone. All of us have this wonderful platform to publish our creativity. If instructables offers a market for our product, i will be lead to create more ideas. I think this platform helps to get a job for talented fresh graduates. 

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Looking for a plans for k'nex motorized lazy susan

Hey :) I'd like to build a small lazy susan out of K'nex. I've got a pair of the blue motors that I'd like to use with them. All my searching is coming up with nothing and I am NOT the creative type. I've tried. I know it's possible, I just cannot figure out how to do it. I want to be able to put small objects on it for display. Could someone point me to some plans? Thanks so much!

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MIT Electronic Research Society

Hey!If you're around on Friday Nights, come to MITERS!We have build parties every Friday from 7:30 on, at N52-115.We're a bunch of students with a penchant for inventionWho run this complete machine shop, EE lab, and creative haven, with lots of space for large projects.Everything goes, from motorcycles to electronic clothing, with a good helping of logic, lasers, microcontrollers and motors.Instructables itself came out of MITERS!Here's our instructables group.Here's our website.Here's our location.

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OK THIS WILL BE THE KNEX GUN FORUM - woooh!!! Any Ideas!!! PoSt ThEm , FoRuM ThEm , AnSwEr ThEm MaKe ThEm ImAgE ThEm                                           and so on... ...                       

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Long time no talk

Hey guys, or whoever is reading this and even slightly cares.  I haven't made a gun in a really long time, and I haven't really responded to the last 300-400 comments.  Now that it's the holiday break, I'm going to have a lot more spare time.  So this is what I feel like doing, making a new gun.  I want your ideas for it, because I'm really not that creative..  So what do you guys want me to make? Also add me on Xbox Live; TH3 BR0WN B0Y.  The "0's" are zeros.

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Here is my Knex tube fed, shell ejecting BM shotgun. It was fed off tube feeding shell bullets, which were three grey spacers taped together with a white rod on the inside. It fired white rods only 30FT with two bands. It held 5 shell loaded rounds which ejected where a real shotgun would. The way you'd eject the empty shell would be to press the button in pictures 7 & 8, it would automatically load in another shell waiting to be fired. Ram rod powered. Built for engineering creativity, not looks! It was a fantastic little gun. There are no more pictures, the gun is no longer together.

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Im going to start an instructable collaboration on how to make money, it will be geared towards kids and teenagers, people who cant/dont-want-to go get a job. Parts will be general money making ideas and some more specific to the summer months, And try to suggest creative ideas to instead of the average babysit, dog-walk and lawn mow. I am looking for some collaborators, so if you want to help out post a comment below and share some ideas. in about 3 days ill choose around 4-5 people to help! I hope there is some interest beacuse lots of kids ask these questions, hopefully it will be great ! Thanks, SMART

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Musician - let's collab on I'ble: make your tune mixable-from-phone

I've written a mobile-friendly web-based audio-mixing toy called SynPhonia. You can see a demo at (from computer or phone). In the demo, I used a sample pack by DJ Vadim  that's available under a Creative-Commons license. If you're a musician and you want such a toy for one of your tunes (because it's fun and because it promotes your music) - we can do this together and write an I'ble about it. If you have a web server that can run all the stuff we need (python cgi, sox, lame) - cool. If you don't - we can do it on my server (no charge. I'm only doing this for fun). Anyone interested? Note [This might be obvious to most of you, but just to be on the safe side]: Your samples will be distributed under one of the Creative Commons licenses (I recommend the by-nc-sa variety, but it's your call). One thing you can't do is use any of the *nd* (no derivatives) licenses, since derivatives are exactly what people will be doing with your music :) This means that people will be able to use your samples in their own music, but they'll need to give you credit (usually this is done by a link, and that's good for your SEO).  They should also conform to other conditions depending on the type of licnese you choose (e.g. you can limit this to non-commercial use by choosing one of the *nc* licenses). Bottom line: If you're too attached to your music to afford such conditions (or if your song is already copyrighted to a non-cc record label), this is not for you :)

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A New Gun by Logic Boy?

Hey guys If you haven't noticedyou will see that I haven't made anything new since my PP19, everything that I have made has either been an improvement to something else or I never got around to finishing it. well my creative slump is over. I recently got some new knex and I now have built a new gun *gasp* it is actually the full completion of an older concept of mine that worked really well but wasn't exactly what I wanted originally. So I now have a pretty awsoime new gun. Pictures will be posted this weekend. Until then try to guess what it is. Hint: I have posted the name of the gun somewhere Good luck.

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Jamming in Paradise (Puerto Rico) - an invitation for musicians and artists to visit

I live in a little piece of paradise, in the forested mountains of Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, I don't find many musicians near where I live to improvise music with.  Since I have a guest house for visitors, it would be nice to import some musicians to fill it once in a while.  Also artists and other creative people to play with.   I mostly play tootophone, latabonkers, and a variety of other musical instruments I make.  (Search Instructables for tootophone and latabonkers.)  I lean toward improvisational jazz, but can improvise along with just about anything.  I have some recording capability.   Let me know if you might be interested.  

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K'nex Swords

Anyone ever make any swords? They lost popularity some time ago but I'd like to see some of the more creative plastic blades you guys may have made. I may start a contest or something to get some you to make some if I need to but hopefully some of you will be willing to try making something just to see how good it'll turn out. It's a nice challenge to make one as durable as possible and still have it look good. I tried out the Master Sword some time ago. It was pretty decent for a first go at it but I always intended on redoing it. I'm going to have another go at it tonight. Excuse any old comment boxes that may be left in there.

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Knex Transformer Contest

Ok so i had Another idea which needed its own posting I want peopel to show me there own transforming creating out of knex and whichever i think is the best and most clever will get instruction to any of my transformers of their choosing and only the winner will get the instructions and they are not to be posted these are for you only. The rules: -It can be an size as long as it is a complete transforming w/o taking it apart. -Being an actual transformer is preffered to make it easier to judge. -being creative is a must Ill probably let this go for about 1 month to make my decision so lets see what you got. Update: well obviously its been more than a month but only because not many were on board for the initial idea of this. So I will honor the deal for an awesome submission.

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Southern Cali Lights & Sound

Southern Cali Lights & Sound What's Up, I'm looking for a Hip-Hop fan that are also tech nerds. I have a few ideas for some stage sets that I want to include in my performances. They will include syncing lights with sound and apply some other creative effects. I'm looking for someone in the Southern California area that can help me with the wiring and logistic. I already know what I want, and I will pay for all the supplies. I will also pay who ever helps me, but i dont have much. I would like to meet over the course of the next couple of weeks and get everything organized. Then spend a month or 2 getting all the supplies and then a month or 2 building

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