The Nintendo DS Lite

I am absoloutly thinkin' the DS look so damn fun! I just wanna hear your veiws on the cool looking handheld. Have you got one? Do you like it/ why? Best game? Why is it good? Best color to get it in? P.S - I so wanna get one!!!!

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ds lite connecting to a pc through wifi?

Hi, I'm wondering if you can connect a ds lite to a computer (pc or linux) through wifi.  When I put the ds lite in pictochat mode, and refresh the wifi connections on the computer, it comes up with "Other Network".  When I click on "Other Network" it asks for an ssid.  I have tried a couple things, like Chat Room A, and stuff like that, but it doesn't work.  Any ideas?  And is this even possible?  Thanks in advance. :D

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the touch screen is grey color but still functional could it be the flex?

The touch screen have a grey color the light is fine,the touch is fine but it doesn`t show the colors properly i the ds lite opened didnt touch anything and after I close the ds the touch screen looked like that could it be the flex or something worse?

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does anybody know where i can get halo for my dsi?

I have seen alot of people with halo on their ds on youtube and i want it even if it is a mod for a game

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Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi.

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?

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What to do with a Nintendo DS

Somebody gave me a nintendo DS for free because it had a broken top screen. Using the power of instructables I replaced the top screen and now have a perfect Nintendo DS. Problem is...... I never play video games, I have no use for a DS. Anybody have any good ideas of things to make with a Nintendo DS.....either using the DS as a whole or savaging it for parts?

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Sweet Handmade DS Case

This custom DS case hits the mark perfectly. Too bad they're already sold out. Link

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what is this white piece in a ds for? Answered

Hi all, recently, i had to take apart my DS lite to replace the button panel. when i got it apart, i saw that there was this white piece in the ds i took the panel from, but it wasn't in mine. unsure if it was required, i put it in mine. what is this piece for anyways? if it helps, i have a polar whit ds lite, and i believe it is a 3rd gen, judging by the fully covered wifi reciever in the base of the unit. but what is this white piece for? (its right beside the stylus slot)

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Best Nintendo DS Games

What are the best games for the Nintendo DS?

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ds wont power up

Ds phat wont power up i have a original ds it charges OK but will not power up when i press the on/off button there is nothing at all i have tried a new battery i have checked the fuses and they are all fine any one got any idea what the problem may be has my son is pestering me like mad Thank you in advance

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Can the DS Browser load...

Can it load the text on pictures that appears when you hover your mouse over it (like the yellow boxes on the pictures on here)? I know the way I said that sound stupid but anyway.

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how to fix the top part of the nintendo ds ?

The top of the ds screen is red and it doesnt ajust right it flops open

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nintendo ds lite has shaky screen?

I have a nintendo ds lite and the bottom screen is now shaking is this fixable and if so what part would i need

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does anyone know how to? dismantle a first gen ds?

Here a pic . there are small screws i cant get out with a normal screwdriver.

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Anybody got a fix for a DS slot-1 latch problem? Answered

My sisters DS slot-1 wont keep the games in. I think the latch is broken. Do i have to replace it for her, like un-solder it and re-solder a new one, or is there a simpler fix?

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is there any way to play gameboy color games on a DS lite?

I have a bunch of GBC games, and i would like to be able to play them on my DS lite. Any ideas?

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When Nintendo DS is plugged into the charger the light turns on but the unit wont stay on.?

When Nintendo DS is plugged into the charger the light turns on but the unit wont stay on.?

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Looking for A good DS Emulator. I tried using iDeaS but it was to no avail.

When I downloaded iDeaS the 2 screens came up but when I tried to open a ROM with it but nothing happened. I tried 2 different ROMs from 2 different websites so I don't think the ROMs are the problem.

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where i can buy components for ds-1 mod? Thank you!? Answered

I want to do ds-1 mod ( sem+ultra mod) but I came from italy and here it's impossible find components! I need some site where i can buy ALL the components ( on i haven't find all components)...

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DS Lite - There are parts of the lower screen that don't respond when run over with the stylus. Can someone please help?

It was bought in from abroad, I don't know if this makes a difference....

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Anyone have a way to make a gameboy ds/advance case without duct tape?

I'm looking for a way to make a smallish, easily carried case for about 18 Nintendo DS games and maybe 6-10 Advance games. I don't want to use duct tape, and the cloth and plastic roll up Instructable isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

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ive a ds lite which switches on showing the green light but wont power up the fuses and battery seem ok screens inop?

Ds lite has suffered a broken hinge ,green light shows but it wont power up fuses and battery seem ok also it charges up ok

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What repair does my ds lite need? The problem is with the bottom screen when playing any puzzle solving game Answered

The screen rolls so it shows the top of the page along the bottom at the same time (like an old tv when the vertical hold goes) The words jump till you can't read them and the screen goes a greenish color. This started as an occasional problem but always corrected its self but it is now constant. I can still play the likes of Lara Croft with only the odd bit of trouble which sorts its self.

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help do i have water damage?

I can't tell if i have water damage i let someone use it and now it doesn't work.. it turn orange when i plug it in but won't turn it on..

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Open Exe (Executable) Files on a Nintendo DS?

I am wondering if anyone knows how to open exe (executable) files on a Nintendo DS. I already have an r4 card.

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What are the thoughts on moding an original Gameboy to hold a Nintendo DS/DS Lite?

I've been playing around with the idea of how one would mod an old Gameboy to open up and be able to contain the guts of a Nintendo DS/DS Lite

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Talk about the DSi Shop and DSiWare here.

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I'm thinking about buying a DS

 I'm thinking about buying a DS Lite but I was wondering if I should wait till the DSi XL comes out and hope for a DS LIte price drop.  Does anyone know if this will happen or not? Thanks

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can you put dsi ware on a ds lite?

Hi (again :P), I am wondering if it is possible to put dsi ware on a ds lite, more specifically, flipnote.  Any help would be great! Thanks in advance! :D

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Nintendo DS will not turn on, it got wet?

My Nintendo DS Lite got wet and now when plugged into the charger i just get the orange charge light on and nothing else, it wont even power up. Can anyone help PLEASE?

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my nintendo ds lite does not power up.

It has a new battery, the red light turns on after being plugged in but shuts off after a few seconds?

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DS lite does not recognize games in either slot?

I replaced the bottom touch screen following videos and instructables. It works perfectly. Now the unit does not recognize any game in either slot. What could be wrong? How do I fix?

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bought a brand new DS LITE but its not charging at all

The orange light does not come on and there is no other sign of the battery being charged. It has never been used

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ds duct tape game wallet

2 things the first thing is that in catagories they should have a duct tape catagory and second i have looked all over the internet and there is no such thing as a ds game wallet i have searched here and for those who dont read the entire thing THIS IS A GAME WALLET, NOT FOR THE ACTUAL DS because i have found the duct tape case but i already have a case but i need one for my ds because i almost lost 2 games and 2 reasons why i dont construct my own one is because im to lasy and 2 is because i have a small amount of duct tape left i found in the basement and my parents wont let me get another pack.... or maby my brother can get me some oh well thats another story and sory this is so long but yeah so give me your ideas :P and post them on hereand another thing there should be a duct tape contest

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Nintendo DS lite - bottom screen shows only top half (bottom half mirrors top half).

However, touch items on bottom half (that I can't see) still work, e.g., settings. Recalibrating touch screen does nothing. Do I need a new touch screen, LCD screen or both? Or can I fix this another way?

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Good Nitendo DS games(action/rpg)?

Hi everyone. I am looking for the best action rpgs on the DS. I have Chrono Trigger, some FFs, Dragon Quest and Pokemons. Thanks in advance! :)

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