Ok everyone I finally deleted my for um topic how many people are christians Ok are you happy now so stop bugging me to delete it

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The Forum of Peace

As of late, war has spread across Ibles, Ibler's are turning against fellow Ibler, names are being stolen, threads spammed...So in the prevailing darkness, all those who seek peace may come forth and hopefully safely be at peace here.Allowed discussion:~Peace~What is peace?~FRIENDLY religious discussion~BACON~peaceful things, links video etc...~making apologies and righting wrongsMay you go forth in peace and be bountiful fellow Ibler!Can't get the fight out of your system yet? Go to the War Forum

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knex forum

I have made a forum for all things knex, custom or not and im holding a gun contest there toolink

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new knex forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

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knex gun forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

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Knex Grenade Forum

THis is the best spot to talk or submit photos of posssible and full knex grenades!

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My New Forum

Alright sorry I know DGM already made a thread for me but I'm going to make my own so that I may update it with the most recent additions. We're are still very much alive and not closing down after all. so I made a site called K'nexables (uncreative I know I just wanted a quick name) because I didn't like everyone clinging to 'ibles. I know that the insults have gone down but we'll never be highly respected in the community. And it would still be nice to have a place of our own. However, KI isn't a favorite for some of you. I can't blame you but I know there are those of you who like it so I'm not targeting you. I'm not trying to compete with KI I'm simply giving those who don't like it the option to join me. You may be wondering- What does TheDunkis's site have that would make me want to use that instead? Well here are some current features and some soon to come.-Chat with different categories based on the forum. If you're a member of the forum you're a member of the chat.-Wide selection of categories including non K'nex topics.-Good amount of BBcodes to make posting easier.-VIP forum. Equivalent of the Secret forum on KI but there are many more ways to get into it.-Constant Contest. We may have more than one running at a time (although all ending at different times so that you may participate in all of them even if low on pieces). Sorry our prizes aren't physical but you can still earn a variety of forum prizes.-Friendly atmosphere. We'll attempt to be a little more friendly than KI. Not saying that KI isn't but they can be intimidating to new members. I'll have some firm but strict rules with a fair and just punishment system.-Not that most of you even care but me and couple others are planning on prioritizing KA as our main posting site. All of my future projects will be posted here and you'll have to join in order to see them. I'll post them here too though just not for like a month after posted on KA.Alright I think that's all of them so far. Here's a list of the things I'm planning on adding.-Ranks with K'nex pieces for images-Karma or forum rep-Possibly a cash mod for an online forum economy (trust me it'll be used in a variety of ways)-Possibly a portal mod. A sort of front page that has many useful tools.-Anything you want! We'll pretty much add anything that seems helpful and easy if you suggest it. We'll pretty always add a new category if you suggest it as long as it makes sense.Any questions?

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Another Teeth Forum

Hey, just saw there were alot of responses to the other forum and I'm having trouble finding anything that makes me feel better on the Web, so I figured I'd ask here. I had 1 wisdom tooth that had grown in properly and rotted, pull about 6 days ago. I'm still having "I need serious painkillers" pain. I'm pretty confident that its not dry socket. none of the pain is really coming from inside my mouth other then the side of my tounge. most of the pain is in my chin jaw line and up into my temple. I've had plenty of extractions and they all heal enough not to hurt after about three days. Am I gonna die? no but seriously..... is this normal?..... like maybe from him reefing on my jaw to lossen the tooth? or am I screwed and should go back to the dentist?

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Forum: Mashed Potatoes

Yum. The perfect comfort food eh? I love 'em, Do you love 'em? What do you think goes best with them? Share your recipes and comment and ideas here!!! Mash potatoes THEY ROCK!

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Where'd my forum go?

Can someone help me? I had put up a forum about League of Legends, and its gone now. I dont understand why, but did I violate a rule? Am I not allowed to advertise it? Can someone please help me?

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I recently bought a Zippo and I want to find a forum. Any Suggestions? Answered

I am looking for a friendly community, preferably built on Vbulletin or a similar forum frame. Possibly a forum that discusses repair and tricks, among other topics.

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We are LIVE!!! - Knex Flux - General purpose Knex forum

Knex Flux is live now, you can visit it here: So, I randomly had that idea and Sandro likes it too and stuff, so yeah, is there any demand for a general-purpose knex forum uniting all the parts of the knex community under one hood? Of course such a forum would need people who actually use it, thus me asking if it would be used ^.^ I could do the hosting, I know my way around such stuff :) This would be in particular good for sharing progress, which isn't really possible on instructables, sharing small projects you don't think are worth a whole new instructable, helping others out and of course all just having a fun time together!

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Would any one be interested in...

Another new knex forum? I know we have KI but I really just need to be working on a forum right now. I'm not trying to like have revenge on KI (I don't even have a reason) but I just don't care for it. They're moving at a snails pace. Sure I won't be able to get a payed host (is it even worth it for knex?) but I don't really think a domain name maters all in all. What you'll have right away if I do start it is. -A front page with details like new posts, latest polls, and of course the Xat chat right there. -I'll probably find some sort of cool style instead of the default. You'll still have a choice in case you're one of those weird people who likes blue, white, and grey. -I'm hoping to have the karma mod installed right away which will basically be rep -I'll hopefully implement a ranking system using knex pieces as images. -I'll have a handful of bbcodes ready such as a spoiler code that you click on a button to unhide whatever you choose to put in it and a youtube code in which all you need is the video ID. There will be others. -I'll have more forums than just knex. I'll still keep the common theme but y'know I think everyone should be able to make a topic in a variety of categories other than "misc." -I don't know basically I'll be taking requests which I usually answer within the week they are posted. If it's a new forum topic that you want then I'll usually add it if it isn't a stupid idea. I'm hoping to add later on a cash and shop system although I'm not sure how soon that will be. Mods will be payed. I'll pick out a good few mods to work the forums for me. You won't need any real exp. all you need is to have good grammar (get firefox! it's a must!) and be active. So will anyone actually go to it if I make it? Please any loyal KIers don't find this as any more of aggression against you. Like I said I just really didn't like your forum and I want to make a forum so I figured I might as well make my own. Alright so if I get at least 5 approvals then I'll make it. It's a lot of work starting out so I might not do it if I end up not getting too far in a limited amount of time. Hopefully I'll have a friend helping me out but if not then it might be slow starting out. I really want to get us a good place to migrate to without being forced to KI. I know some people don't really care for it but I promise I'll try making this place better for those people. I'm not saying that this will be any better than KI but it is another option if people want me to do it. Once again KIers I don't want to start anything so don't think of this as a competition or anything I'm just giving everyone else the option.

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The blue food bowl in the pics has been replaced cos she ate all the bottom so it wasn't strong and i went to fill it up when she was under it and i didn't know and as i pored it in the food was too heavy and i all collapsed on to of her and she leaped across the cage head first in to the clear plastic walls. (:P ha ha ha it still makes me laugh

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UPDATE:::! K'NEX Gun Forum

Couple of days ago i made a K'NEX Gun Forum. I noticed there are not that many K'NEX Forums. So I decided to make one. MORE USERS!feel free to register or check it out!K'NEX Gun Forum

Topic by Egotistic-Hippie 


OK THIS WILL BE THE KNEX GUN FORUM - woooh!!! Any Ideas!!! PoSt ThEm , FoRuM ThEm , AnSwEr ThEm MaKe ThEm ImAgE ThEm                                           and so on... ...                       

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Knex Forum (Random thread)

(previously the ****ALL KNEX PPL COME HERE**** forum)Ok this should be now a random thread for knex because the other wasnt working so talk about knex, post your ideas and pictures, ask questions and just generally put it in a couple of words:SHOW OFF!Thanks

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What shop would that be when I publish a forum topic? Answered

I just noticed something for the first time: Are you ready to publish? If you still need more time to complete your post, you can access it here when you return from the shop. Shows in the info box when you publish a new forum topic. Just wondering what shop that would be or if it is a bug, forgotten easter egg or something else. I know, I should just ignore it as ignorance can be a bliss, but now that I noticed it the shop is nagging me.... On a different topic: Also would be nice to have a category for site related things here. Sometimes it is just a question and not really worth posting it as a bug or feedback in the forum.

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If i post a comment in the pro forums and a non-pro person sees it on my profile and clicks it,what will happen? Answered

Will they be able to penetrate the pro forums? will there be an "error on page" what if they are not even a member at all(not logged in)?

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What does it mean to have a featured Instructable?

I don't know what it means for a post to be featured. I know you get an achievement, but I was just curious what it exactly meant. Please answer. Thank you!

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IVE DONE IT 1500 of each knex peice

Today i bought the following peice 5946584442 x2 6053440294 x2 5984772116 6053048799 x2 and i have finally reached my 1500 of each peice goal. thats right i have 1500 of each knex peice.. the only problem is i cant get 1500 of those little Y peices so i geuss this is false celebration XD but its still pretty awsome

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ESL (English as a second Language)Forum

Would you find an ESL (English as a second language) forum helpful? I think we have quite a few users who might benefit from something like that. It'd be a place to either ask for or offer help with both publishing in English and understanding Instructables that might not be clear if you aren't a native English speaker. Encontrarías util un foro de Ingles como segunda lengua....? Veo que hay algunos usuarios que podrían beneficiarse de algo asi, sería un lugar donde preguntar , ayudar u ofrecer ayuda para publicar Ibles en ambos idiomas y entender Ibles qu no son claros si no eresun Hablanta nayivo es asi cuenten conmigo para hacer mas Accesible este sitio al que todos queremos.  

Topic by Mr.Sanchez 

yet again another knex rifle forum

This is just another forum to ask wether or not to post me auto load true trigger rifle here are som pics: UPDATE: i have changed the stock will post soon

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Is it possible to get a rating of 5* on a forum topic?

I want every body here to rate this topic 5*. I've always wanted to know if its possible to get a full 5* on instructables. _Edit: DONT RATE IT 5 ANYMORE! Rate IT 0.5! Lets see how low the rating can go!

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Can you edit a forum topics documents if you posted it? Answered

I had posted a document for a topic and now I have a more up to date version, any tips?

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Pokemon Black/White Friend Code Exchange Forum

I think all of the pokefans reading this know what to do. In case you don't, Comment here on what pokemon you want to battle trade etc.

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Do You Feel Like A Part Of The Forum Yet?

    What I mean by that is do you feel most people around the forums who use it on a daily/weekly basis recognize your username, Avatar posts and have generally have a personality pegged to your online identity? If you don't feel this way, are you bothered by this? Or do you generally not have any interest/care about people giving your posts more thought/attention than just a first time poster/unknown poster?     For me I feel I've been here for a while and built up a large enough post count full of unforgettable humour and amazing advice (ok I'm stretching that part quite a lot :P), and I feel I've gotten to know quite a few individuals on here where I'd be a lil sad when/if (I'll probably be posting here for another 50 years) I stop posting. I guess you can call me sad, but I enjoy having an online identity in this forum, and I also appreciate the characters and great people who make this site work.

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Why not start a Knex building request forum or group? Answered

  I'm far from knocking you guys because I used to be a LEGO monster.   I've also seen some impressive projects and the skills are there in a BIG way.     Why not start a place where people can challenge your skills?  Not only will you hone your skills, you will be building stuff you have no clue about and in the process there is no telling what you will learn.   I'm willing to bet there are some cats around here that would be more than willing to keep you in a steady supply of good challenges.

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Getting known

Hi everybody, READ THIS (ALL OF IT): Recently I asked a question about how to get better known in the k'nex community on instructables. I got lots of tips but most of them didn't help me because I already used them. Except for this one: POST A FORUM TOPIC. So here it is, my forum topic, everyone who reads this will now know me because they think: What an idiot and what a stupid avatar picture(I agree). That's me, Mr. Muggle ( or actually: mrmuggle but I don't know how to change that)

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New Instructables Contest Page Format, Unfair?

I saw, (And hope you have to), the new format for the contest pages. When I say contest pages I mean the Tooltips contest, Share the Love Contest, Anti-yo contest, and any other to come. I dislike the new format for the pages because I feel it gives a few of the instructables members an unfair advantage over everyone else. On the old pages, everyones instructables were listed on one page, but on the new ones, the most popular are the only ones shown on the front page of the contest. And it's so hard to find the "View All" button, that not many people will likely search through the rest of the insturctables. I just think that having a couple of the lead I'bles on the front page will keep them on top and not give everyone a fair advantage by having them on the same page regardless of popularity. I hope someone else feels this way. Thanks Gunk On Floor

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Halo Talk

This is forum halo1 to the last halo ever

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This is more of a chat room than a forum

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K'nex Flux

Hello everybody! I'm here to tell you about a website I recently joined, created by Sorunome, which is amazing! It's a forum for k'nex called KnexFlux. You can make instructions, like Instructables, or even import from Instructables. You can ask for help with your builds, ask for suggestions with your builds, look for ideas for builds, post progress with your builds, and much more! Basically, anything k'nex related is allowed there and it's much more useful than Instructables. I'm not saying we should all quit Instructables, I'm just trying to raise a lot more awareness of this amazing website. Sorunome tells me it's taptalk compatible too, so you can browse it with ease from your phone/tablet! Here it is:

Topic by That_Jamie_S_Guy 

ideas for k'nex guns

Hey guys ! between if you've heard of me or not, probably not, i really like building k'nex guns, and i have made a few decent guns over the past year. my best gun would be SABR (Sharir170's Amazing Bullpup Rifle, instructions posted), second would be triple S rifle (Sharir1701's Super Sniper, not posted), and third would be a full-auto rifle i haven't named or posted (it works on an amazing new mechanism that i discovered with my friend, but he begged me not to post it, and made me swear, so i can't post it or show it or even explain how it works (major soz)). anyway, i'm plain out of ideas, and i really wanna build some new guns, so if you'd like me to build something, anything, you name it, and i just might build it and post it. you might be asking yourself : why should i do this... i've never heard of this guy, and therefore don't know if he's any good, and he's not a pro member on 'ibles, so he can't send me a patch... all i have to say is that i've never given up on a k'nex goal i've set for myself and i just work on it on and on until i get it. and what you will get from this is the opportunity to build the gun you requested me to design, and get credit for the idea on the 'ible. anyway, if any of you have any good ideas at all, say so and i might build them, no matter how stupid you think they might be.

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working knex battle rifle

I have been working on a battle rifle from halo. This forum is just to show you some pictures. If you want to see more go to my original forum.

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Assault Rifles

A forum about WW2 Assault Rifles...

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Project Chasm: Knex Sniper

Welcome to the Project Chasm Forum. This is a forum I will use to tell you KNEX gun builders about upcoming designs. Ask questions as you wish, and I might even create a gun for your requests.

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disappearing topic

I could of sworn there was just a how do you feature forum topic. Kruser said kiteman featured my instructable, so I checked my instructable to say if it says anything about kiteman, and it didn't. So I went back to the forums and it isn't here anymore!

Topic by guyfrom7up   |  last reply

Red Vs blue

Kill the Reds.... Kill the Blues.... Red Vs Blue forum!!!

Topic by RelyNupon 

instruct me what to do

Instracting me the way to use the forum

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Comments on Instructables

I haver noticed that there are not as many people commenting on new Instructables anymore. Maybe we should comment more to make the people feel more welcome. What do you think?

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My online riddle game

Http://realriddles.f-snet.comThis is my riddle. There are a few on the internets but I wanted my own. I have only made 27 levels but they are being added as you read. Also, there is a reason there are no discussion forums so only use the forum for hints!Cheers.Also, here is my guitars.

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Homemade Camo

This forum is all about homemade ghillie suits and some other cool tricks you use for camo.

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Pandemonium '09

Reminder:;=670This weekend. Yeah.

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The K'nexecutioner - Perfect Duck's premiere super-heavy gatling.

Here for the topic on Moloro0's forum.

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Is there a bumptop-type thing for Mac?

I recently ran into this: on a forum thread, and was wondering if there was anything like it for Macintosh.

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PS3 Spec Ops

 This forum is for people to post there PSN tags and do spec ops or online games together NO BOOSTING!

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K'nex sniper rifles

This forum is for K'nex sniper rifles that look good, can shoot atleast 50 ft, and are accurate.

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