Post your gamertags for XBOX here. Mine is xXFlann3lXx NM

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Xbox Live Gamertags

Post your xbox live gamertags here! Mine: bak3n

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Black Ops Gamertags

Hey this is where you can put your gamertag for Black Ops

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xbox 360 gamertags.

Hi instructables. I just wanted this to be a forum so we can get to know each other's xbox 360 gamertags. Pls. post yours. P.s. mines is Y3ahWhat3v3r P.P.S. I'll send you all friend requests if you want.

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I Need Some People To Play Destiny! (Xbox 360)

Hey peeps! I need a few player on the Xbox 360 to Play Destiny! Leave your gamertag below or send me a friend request at KnottyThought1. I'm waiting for a good raid team to do Crota or VOG Hard every week. I'm a level 30 Titan and I also have a level 27 hunter. Destiny is not the only game I play, I play Minecraft and AC4 aswell. Send me a friend req if you want to play those as well =D Ciao!

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Xbox One Gamertags. Minecraft, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Halo.

I would like to play the the listed games with anyone on Xbox One. I do have a mic and my gamertag is Skippygolong29. Plz list yours.

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XBox live

I got xbox live. Pm me your gamertags and i'll add you. I'm not posting my own publicly because i don't want spam.

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Fable 2 Dicussion

This is were you can discuss anything about Fable 2 from odd happenings, to how you managed to become rich in one fable day. You can also say your gamertag(if you have one of course) so other members from Instructables can play with you, and other members. Gamertag: ExtraAngry bolt

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Does anyone know how to disable an xbox live gamertag?

Last night someone stole my 360 and my playstation 2 and PSP, laptop, and TV.  I don't need to worry about anything except my 360 right now because that automatically signs me into Xbox live. So I need to figure out how to disable my xbox live account so the thieves don't use it anymore. Anyone know what they are doing?  If it helps, I still have the PC version of Halo 2, so I can sign into xbox live using that game since its on a "Games for windows" platform.

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Xbox Live?

Are there any K'nexers out the that have Xbox live? If so can you post your gammertag here so we can be friends? Mine is alfpwns.

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knex g36c

My g36c. i modded fartonia s m4a1 to get this!!!! my xbox live gamertag is: killermanjaro99 i normally play cod4 tell me if u add me coz i dont normally chek my mail/messages.

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Moving Your Gamer Profile to your PC

 I recently bought a Xbox 360 memory unit (512mb) I know that you are able to hook it up to your computer so that if you have your gamer profile on the MU you can mod it but there are no tutorials (that i have found) to do this i want to mod my gamertag so when im playing mw2 it is all colorful however i dont know how to plug my MU into my PC because the MU has a special plug (not usb) if someone could please help me before this mod id patched!!! :)

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Anybody Want To Form An Instructables Halo Reach Clan?

I was just wondering if anybody would want to form a Halo Reach Clan specifically for instructable members? It would be pretty cool! Comment below if you want to! :) GamerTag: BL4EST

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Games with Wi-Fi connection: Post your Friend Codes, IDs, etc. here so we can play together!

The main point of this topic is for I'blers to share their gaming Friend Codes, IDs or the like so that we all can play games together. Any games are fine, as long as it has Wi-FI capabilities. X-Box Live GamerTags and the like are also welcome.My gaming IDs:Pokemon Platinum: 4812 4433 2036 (IZANAGI)PS3 GamerTag: LovestoospoogeWell, that's it for now, I'm not really that big of a Wi-Fi competitor myself, but maybe you guys are, so post your Wi-FI gamer IDs and FCs here!

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Any Knexer on Xbox Live?

Hi all fellow knexers! I would like to ask y'all if you have an Xbox 360/One! If you do, would you mind sharing you gamertag? Mine is "KNOTTYTHOUGHT1"! We should play together sometime!

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My gamertag is CAPT GALVAN the owner of the clan is RasputinsShaft there are no requirements except you need a mic no KDR requirements no complaining though we all hate that and no saying we are terrible because Rasputin is good. The clan is for black ops 2

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Xbox 360 (edited)

So I got an xbox 360 elite for Christmas.  I set up my xbox live account and already have 75 gamerscore lol. My xbox 360 gamertag is "InvariantMedal".  I'm not a serious player, but I am decent at games when I master their controls. I'll post pictures of my xbox setup in my den later on.  Maybe tomorrow.  What's your setup look like?   *EDIT- 3/18/10*  Don't expect to see me on live for a while.  Some asshole broke into my house and stole my 360 and other game consoles.  I did manage to get 2615 gamerscore before my 360 got stolen.

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