Halloween is tomorrow and I'm really curious about what everyone is going to be. I'm going to be a zombie bride. :D Leave a comment and tell me what your going to be!

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Halloween Costumes

I need to make a costume for Halloween. I need to make a costume from scratch (or not) that will end up as Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Any suggestions or advice or help?

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Halloween Pinboard

Need a cheap and simple idea to decorate your home for halloween? I just swapped all photos on my pinboard with horror related ones. I just got them from Google Image Search and printed it in a photo shop. If you like, you could also have a look at my other halloween projects (see my profile). ;-) Spooky Halloween! Mischka

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Transforming Halloween

Ever since seeing the Transformers movie I just couldn't stop thinking about transformers. So I decided a Transformer costume was it this year. It started out as just a box and later became more elaborate and more of a car. IT IS FINALLY DONE. Took three months but it's done. Pictures of the final product is here. Today I took it to school for a contest. I probably transformed at least twenty times. At one point the tape wasn't working on the spoiler because the "haters" would tear it off. So we used a bolt instead. In the contest people were chanting my name and I won ... a cheapy blue necklace. But now whenever I was going around the block all I would hear is "Are you the Transformer kid? Transform for us". Of course I would. So if anyone has questions or wants me to post instructions let me know. The instructions will be hard because of the variety of height and weight.

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Thanks for halloween 2010!

Hello out there! I just wanted to say thank you all that are posting all the great things you do. And in some cases just for images laying around, they have given me alots of fun. This is how I turned out halloween 2010 and it turned out to be a great halloween for me with alots of fun. So keep it up everybody. Thanks you!

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Happy Halloween, kiddos!

I woke up at 4:30. I was too excited to sleep. Halloween is my Christmas. :P So what's everyone doing this weekend? Anything fun? What are you dressing up as? I'm going to a couple of parties and a Bad Movie Night, featuring Death Bed: The Bed That Eats People and Leprechaun 4. :D Plus, I get to dress up at work all day!

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Halloween costume help!?

For my halloween costume that I am wearing to a dance at my school I will be a robber.(I am a boy, and yes costumes are manditory) I need a weapon to be part of my costume or other thing that helps show that I am a robber.

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Your Halloween Plans?

So, what are your Halloween plans? Are you going to a party? Going trick or treating, or just going to stay home and watch Demons 2? This year, I'm not going to do much. Just paint my face white, and put on black lipstick and eyeliner while walking around the neighborhood. (Okay, I may go to some houses for candy =P)

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Are these Halloween giveaways useful for you?

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you prepared well for this scary holiday? I just found these wonderful halloween giveaways online. Hope that they would help you have a better Halloween holiday. No trick, just treat! :D Halloween costume giveaway: http://www.kidzworld.com/contests/halloween-costumes Halloween food giveaway: http://www.2wired2tired.com/kraft-foods-halloween-prize-pack-giveaway Halloween digital software giveaway: http://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/giveaway.htm

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Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin Zombie?

I was playing Minecraft today, and I saw a zombie with a pumpkin on its head. I have never seen this before today. Did Mojang make some kind of Halloween Update?

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More Halloween Party Pictures!

Check out Arwen's pictures from the Halloween party!You may notice that we nabbed zieak's ideas for the doll serving dish (we used spinach dip) and a variant on his toddler toddy for our sangria and sherbet punch.

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When I uploaded my Halloween slideshow, it does not give me an option for "Halloween" in the Catagory section?

How do you change the Catagory of an already uploaded instructable? When I uploaded my Halloween Slideshow for the contest, I could not see "Halloween" as a catagory option. I ended up choosing "Play" since it was the closest catagory.

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Halloween Contest Entries on YouTube Group 1

You can enter your youtube videos in the DIY Halloween Contest. Just add them to the DIY Halloween Contest Group. Here are some of the videos that we have received so far.Pumpkin Carving Robot DIYHalloween Toy Soldier Halloween Haunt 2006 Final Look

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does any one know some scary games for a halloween party? Answered

I am hopefully having a halloween party this year and i really need some games to play. I need them to be scary things.

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Halloween Contest Entries on YouTube Group 2

You can enter your youtube videos in the DIY Halloween Contest. Just add them to the DIY Halloween Contest Group. This is group 2 of the videos that we have received so far. I'll add more groups as necessary, so submit your video now!The Making of the Tesla CD Turbine Prototype Tesla CD Turbine with Skilsaw Attachment Running the Tesla CD Turbine With PumpkinCutter Attachment

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I really like to make a Latex halloween mask but do you know what type of latex i need and how?

i want to make a latex halloween mask and i found some instructions but they are confusing me by sculpting a base or putting plaster on head which one is the fastest but cheap.also where do i get the paints

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I need help with a CSI costume for Halloween

Does anyone know how to make a CSI costume for Halloween without it costing a fortune and make it look like they do on the TV show with the vest and everything? Here is what I want it to look like: http://kccb.livejournal.com/profile Just scroll down a little bit and its like the second pic down o something. Thanks so much. The main problem is with the vest, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Video with Accent or Sans Accent? - Halloween Contest

This relates to the Halloween 2007 Contest. I'm making a fairly large (I'm calling it Mega) iBle for the contest, in the Decorations category, and wanted videos to go along with it, to help explain. Now, I have a pretty strong accent, and I am afraid that it might not be able to be understood by most of y'all. I figured I have three options with the video, either: A) I talk like I do, and hope y'all can make sense out of it. B) I try my hardest to enunciate, though that might sound as if I'm one of those computer voices. or C) I use text instead of my voice in the video. If y'all need sound clips, I could get them. Thanks, I'm just trying to make this my best one!

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Did everyone else earn an Instructables Halloween card? Answered

I got a vague and generic email saying I have earned a Halloween card from Instructables. Then it asked for my name and mailing address. It this some sort of marketing gimmick so that Instructables can sell my information to a bunch of scam artists and the publisher's clearing house? Or is Instructables secretly working with the FBI to turn in people who have submitted Instructables that adversely affect the economy and/or domestic security? Or am I just really paranoid? Cuz I really think I earned a Halloween card. :)

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motor from small Halloween prop (toy)....any ideas? Answered

I have a small prop that is a bat that hangs from fishing line and flies in a circle. The wings got damaged, so I took it apart to look at the little motor. The bottom half of the bat body (see photos) has the battery case with the wires and motor on the other side, it also has led lights. The motor works fine when I turn it on and the lights work too. Can I use this for anything? Any ideas would be great. The motor is small and I dont know what kind it is, but the gears turn very fast. I thought it would be too small for anything, but the bat is actually quite heavy, so I should be able to use it for something Thx

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How to make cubone's skull mask?

I wanna be cubone for haloween but i need help on how to go upon making the skull?

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Hey. I am wanting to create a 'Tick' costume for halloween. Can anyone help?

Hey. I am wanting to create a 'Tick' costume for halloween. from the comedy cartoon series the Tick. I was wondering about making a well fitted and oversized chin and a muscle suit. Any ideas/sugguestions?

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Halloween Making: Why do we do this to ourselves!? ; )

Closing in on midnight on October 30th, and I found myself in a familiar situation . . .Making last-minute Halloween costumes and props for my kids!Here's a photo of my late-night kitchen table, where I was working on a homemade hover board prop from the "Back to the Future" movies. I paused for a moment to survey the scene and snap a photo, and couldn't help taking note of the silliness of the whole thing. It's midnight. I'm tired. My kids are asleep. And I'm up making this thing. WHY?Why do we do this to ourselves?! - - - - - -I know why I do it, but tell me why you do!Were you up late making stuff for yourself or for your kids? Share your reasoning and thoughts on being a creative Halloweener in the comments below. Be sure to include a photo or two of what you were making!

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EL-Wire Stickman costume

Very cool idea, simple yet amazing - a "Stickman" made for a child, using EL-wire and black jumpsuit. Video preview here (http://youtu.be/GkBDRUO8hAo) Happy Halloween!

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What would be a creative addition to a Surgeon costume I'm wearing as a Halloween party? Too generic by itself. ZZZzzz.

I work in a hospital where I was allowed to bring home a gown, gloves, cap, booties, & a facemask. You guys always have some awsome creative & original ideas. $cheaper&-the-better. THANKS 8)

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How do I make a cool Halloween effect, where it looks like wires or electrical cords are coming out of my skin?

I'm working on a costume that makes me look like I'm a robot that detached itself from a wall of wires or electrical cords. What materials could I use to attach these items to bare skin (primarily my back)? Any tips? I've scouring the internet for some advice but I've come up empty handed.

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Im looking for ideas and ways for to customize my costume for halloween withLED i know its a little early for it but i want to plan and design my costume. Note: it has to be a horror movie character

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What's a simple way to make a remote controlled candy dispenser?

Halloween is coming up and I'd like to hand out candy without being outside. What's a simple way to hand out a small candy bar to someone with the push of a button, without being there in person?

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Backpack puppet base?

I wanted to make a this costume for halloween but I can't figure out how to support it. I'm planning to make the body of the costume out of upholstery foam.

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So Bizarre, You Had to Know About This

My Dad sent me this. I suppose it's Halloween appropriate? Weird. Have you ever heard of "Bat Fishing?" Kids out in the countryside come up with creative things to occupy their time. This fellow called in to a radio show ... you have a very light monofilament line on your fishing pole. Tie on a very small hook like you would use for small trout, put a small weight just above the hook, and bait the hook with a little bread. You then toss the hook up over a wire or tree branch in an area where bats are flying around at dusk. Kind of tug or wiggle the line so the bats strike at it. Be patient ... eventually one of them will grab the hook. Then you can fly your bat around in the sky ... kind of like a kite. When the bat becomes exhausted, reel it in, remove the hook, and let it go.

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Entries in a contest

How many entries can we give for a contest

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Date of the winners

Anybody know when they will be announceing the winners?

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Can we get a channel for costuming?

There's a lot of costuming content on this site, and from what I can tell there are only two channels that currently contain these instructables; halloween and props. Some of the costumes aren't really "props", and "halloween" (1.) includes all kinds of non-costume related things and (2.) doesn't really cover costumes for cosplaying or larping or whatever other reason you might have for dressing up. I love costuming and I want to suggest a channel specifically for costumes, costume accessories, and the like. That way if anyone wants to look at costume ideas they don't have to sift through hundreds of ways to decorate your house for halloween. ::EDIT:: It appears a channel has been added for costuming since I asked this question. Thanks Instructables!

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Instructables has sent me a card!

 I got a message saying it's been sent! Hooray! I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like! Hooray!

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Why is the contest i am trying to enter not allowing me to save the description????

I tried last night and it did not save anything I wrote for each step! I did save what i wrote in a doc file. But it will not let me copy and paste it today. I am running out of time. I tried to start another submission today and it did the same thing! All I have in it are my pictures- no description at all!  I was told there is a bug that is messing things up right now. If it does not get fixed, I will miss the deadline today.

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Should I be L Lawliet from Death note for halloween even though I'm a girl?

I've seen people cosplaying as L, but I can't find a girl doing it. I really like the series Death Note, but I'm afraid I can't pull off being L for Halloween. I can act like L pretty well, but I dunno if I can look like L. (I'm asian though, so that might help) I have long black hair and slight bangs. But I wear glasses. Any suggestions?

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Im planning on making a slender man theme haunted house for Halloween! any tips?

Me and my friend are both gonning to be slender man and my brother and my other friend are gonning to be something ealse (help us on this!) and we are going to set up in my garage and possible yard. any tips on stufff we can do to make it scary?

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What is the best way to make a prop giant sword?

I'm thinking a single edge, six to eight feet in length, about a foot wide (blade to blunt side) and one to three inches thick. The design is not very ornate.

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Spontaneous echo effect? Answered

I was thinking of the old teddy bears which let kids talk to them and a chip recorded the sound and talked back. That made me think how creepy it would be to people walking through a Halloween haunt if they suddenly heard their own words repeated behind them. A quick search led me to this site: http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.499/.f?category=2 It seems pretty inexpensive, but you need to hold down a button to record and push another to playback. Any electronic geniuses who could create an ambiance prop that records and plays back ever 10-20 seconds or so? Hopefully one that does not involve elaborate reprogramming. Maybe there is an off the shelf option I am not aware of. That would be welcome too.

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My Costume Picture Entry

So I was hanging out with some buddies of mine in my spartan costume...betcha can't guess which one is me. My costume consists of: Helmet - Cardboard shape, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Bicycle helmey pads inside. Shield - Cut plywood, with a cardboard lambda, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Polyester straps are riveted/gorilla glued on the back. Cape - Scarlet cotton fabric with polyester straps to keep it from choking me. Beard/abs - Mom's eyebrow pencil...If you have experience with spirit gum, use that and fake hair, unfortunately, it didn't cooperate with me. Pantalones - If you're feeling frisky, wear a speedo, if not, brown shorts are acceptable

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how would u make mario overals ? Answered

I would like to be Mario for Halloween

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Discussion Pge Doesn't Work

WHen clicking on "Discussions" tab it opens my prophile page instead of discussions. Tied on Oper and Chrome - the same.

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Why does Make Private fails?

I've clicked the More button of the Edit page and chose the options "Private" -> "Make Private". All that happens is the message "You are not allowed to look at that." showing up. The instructable still stays published. Why? What am I doing wrong?

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How to get liquid with bubbles running through surgical tubing? Answered

Hello all, I may just not be searching the right terms, but I can't for the life of me find a way to have colored liquid with bubbles in it run through surgical tubing. (Basically, the bubbles show that the liquid is flowing.) I've seen this effect in movies using smaller diameter tubing and also in larger tubing in the frame work of old style juke boxes. For halloween, I'm thinking about a throwing a mad scientist party and using a black light lit  fluorescing liquid In the tubing. Bonus points if it's portable for the costume! And yes, I haven't really played with pumps before, so if most do this out of box, please be kind. :) many thanks!

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Prop building using Pink Foam sheets?

Found out that Pink Foam is used in building signs,grave stones "beloved tombstone" and other props. they showed examples but lacked the how to's need to know more besides a dremel tool what else can you use with this foam. can you treat it like wood carve patterns in to the foam?

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