Green Skin Paint?

Hey guys, So for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie me and my girlfriend are going as Starlord and Gamora. We are trying to figure out our costumes and it seems pretty clear that for her costume to be complete she needs to be green. So I was wondering if you guys new what paint we could use for that, obviously it should be able to be washed off. So if anyone can help many many thanks!

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How to make cubone's skull mask?

I wanna be cubone for haloween but i need help on how to go upon making the skull?

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How Do I make an Alien arm like wikus's in District-9 in time for haloween?

I wanted to see district-9 since May when I saw one of the super creepy propaganda flavored commercials and became rabid with curiosity. I tried to sneak in (twice!). I finally saw it today. I loved it. Now, my heart is set on making an alien arm like Wikus's for Halloween. If I had seen the movie earlier, I would probably build the whole alien costume, but as things are I am a little short on time. I'll have to go for the genetic-recombinant-halfway-through-transformation look. I won't be going as Wikus specifically(I am female, so that wouldn't work anyway), so the arm & claw have to be all the more recognizable as district-9 alien stuff.  (I suppose I could bring a can of cat food along, but that feels like a badly contrived substitute for doing things right.). There are no reference pictures for me or anybody; because of  sony's secretive media campaign there are hardly any pictured of the aliens to be found, and I have yet to find one of Wikus in which his arm is visible. My dad says I should use paper-mache to make the thing, but I've had bad luck with the stuff in the past. I was thinking of using plastic on foam base, but that seems rather inefficient. the only other option that comes to mind is plaster, but I would have to make all the molds myself which would be quite a pain. any suggestions? I sure could use some.

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