Hello, I have the rippen rocket set and i added a customized chainlift on it but i can't figure how to get the chain going on the track. I keep trying but the chain gets stuck on the knex guide.

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Hey I want to get into airsoft, but I'm 16 ands I'm quite certain my dad will think I'm a sissy. any ideas?

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I need a name for my ball machine! i wont post it until i have a good name. any suggestions?

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Wat is the termalujy for kne xguns thast usd most?????i wunt tu udnrstad teh insterctbles more

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The bassist of my band quit, and now my I have to be the bassist and vocalist at the same time. I'm pretty good at playing the bass, but I can't seem to stretch my fingers out that long.... Anybody have any idea on how to increase finger-stretching capabilities? Any advice would be appreciated.... Oh and I can't sing properly if I'm playing an instrument, so any advice on how to sing while playing a guitar/bass would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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knex help

If anyone has a trigger design that I can use for my gun it would really help. also if you could help me with a clip that would be awesome! thanks

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Playstation Help

Help! I have a ps1 and I need some help with when i start it up I just get a black screen and nuthin no logo or startup my uncle thinks its a video problem but I need advice HELP PLEASE!

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Please help

Could you please vote for me, it takes no time at all, and its a big help. Thank you.

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umm.... help?

I have a problem. i made a video and its a .mov extension. it was gonna be on my tgkt entry, but when i try to open it, it doesnt work. what should i do?

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HELP!!! minecraft

PLEASE HELP ME! MY BASE HAS BEEN ATTACKED! I NEED NEW RECRUITS! PLEASE HELP! the server is called / ip: NEED PEOPLE! Also if you join, know this: Faction Allies: Magnolia, Dragonforce, ForgottenCity Faction Enemies:???(enemy unknown, just known to be attacked)??? Neutral Factions: DO NOT ATTACK! MAKE PEACE! Please do not kill people that are our allies or in truce,PLEASE! Someone did that and died(i think he raided me). My username is Brusk101. Please comment below if you want to join the AceArmy!(that's my faction name) Also, the reason why I want you to comment is because I don't kill you by accident. PLEASE HELP!

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Help me Answered

I cant figure out a name for my sniper. So please help me.

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Any Help?

Hello. i was wondering witch one of you knexers live near philidelphia cuz i really want to build my own knex gun but i need help with the trigger and the overall design of the gun so plz reply if you can help!! :)

Topic by RedStark 

Help Needed

I've almost finished my M4 SOPMOD. One problem. I need help making a SOPMOD kit. If you want to help, you can be a collaborator in the 'ible.  Also, for my next project, I would like to make an XM29 OICW. I've included a picture for those of you who don't know what that is. I'd like it to be a collaborative project. Hopefully, The top portion would be a repeating mag fed sling (Pseudo-Semi auto?), and the bottom part would be a mag fed repeater (semi auto?). they would be modular, and be able to fire separately. Also, it would be cool if when connected, they both fired with the same trigger.  If pulled off right, this project could be very innovate, and advance knex considerably. That is, if good range could be achieved. Also, it would be an awesome replica. I'm not sure which part I'll do, but it'd be great if some people wanted to be part of it, and if these people had some good ideas for mechs. 

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Minecraft HELP!!!!!!!?


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Help, again!

I need help, again! Ok, so I like a girl and want to ask her out, but my mom will like go all," OMFG! No way! Who is she!?!??! TELL ME!!!!!" What should I do!?!?! NEED HELP!!

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Help with Handle.

I need help designing a handle for my new gun. The problem with my current one is that is only connects to the gun in 4 places, and can easily twist off. Any help?

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balloon help

Does any body know where to get a blimp shape mylar

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Modem Help?

Okay. I have a modem and I was wondering if I could somehow hook it up to a Cat5 netwoork cable?

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Help Navigating

Hello, Its been a long time since I've been  on here and the site has changed too... I can't seem to find a section for Knex guns.  Before the website changed I was able to search, "Knex Gun" and then filter the subjects. I can't seem to find the filter when I search. Could anybody help?

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Need Help

I'm also new here and I'm looking forward to learn from you guys. How to Finish a Basement: Framing and Insulating?    What are the other phases to finish a basement?

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Killswitch Help

Alright, so i built a killswitch for my guitar like SomeRockenGuys minus the rocker switch. and i get this buzzing noise, kind of like feedback and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to tame this wild buzzing. I've got mono jacks in there now, would stereo help? what about grounding it, what would i ground it to?All suggestions are appreciated?

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TEMP HELP!!!! Answered

Do i set the temp at 210degF (boiling point 212degF) or adjust temp to 173degF? I know 173 & 212degF points on my stove from previoius runs.  How cold does the temp of the condenser need to be? 

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KNEX Help!

I always see these cool video's with a swing thing that goes down and back up and I really would like to know how to make those and should I make the tower get smaller as it goes up?

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Need Help

I need you to vote for my Knex Folding Music Stand in the Back to School Contest,  The link is... Thanks

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Plumbing Help

Help! We just moved into a new house and the water pressure seemed pretty high, especially at the bathroom sink (it sprays everywhere when turned on full).  I tested the pressure at an exterior hose bib and it measured at 81 psi.  It also measured at 79 psi at the cold water supply valve for the washing machine.  I sent the pictures listed here to my father-in-law, who seems to believe that I can adjust the pressure with the current plumbing system.  I looked everywhere for a pressure regulator in the line, but couldn't find one.  The only thing I can think of is that he believes the gray valve above the meter is a glob valve and can be used to throttle down the pressure.   Any help would be appreciated!

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Zipdart help

I'm struggling to figure out why range is so low for this thing. The barrel ends right after the bands stop pushing the projectile, the effective length is over a foot for the barrel, and even after adding 15+ lbs of band power the projectiles are going maybe 40 ft no matter what projectile I use. Any ideas? 

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Need Help

Hi, i need help, i've built a hybrid gun, its a brute spiker by halo123guns and the 7shot rifle by knexagon, if they don't mind i will post it, it has a 10 round mag and can be increased easily, it is a pistol aswell, and is pretty beastly, looks like a nerf maverick a bit, i compared it with my own maverick, but enough about that, i have one problem, my elastic bands are getting caught just before the bullets, stopping me from firing all ten in succession, (ignore typos) i'll get some pictures up as soon as i can, but if anyone has an idea it would be much appreciated =]

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Arrangement help

I haven't searched anything up for a while and I've noticed that the search results are WAY different before. I just wanted to ask if there was a way to switch back to the old arrangement as an option setting for the website? Also I wanted to ask if there should be a picture on the side like the original search so that if you were making something, you would see the picture first. Ok thanks and please answer my question. (If you didn't read the whole thing or forgot, it was: Is there a way to revert back into the old arrangement when searching stuff up?)

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Bass Help? Answered

I am going to purchase my first bass soon, and I need to know which is better, a Fender P (precision) bass or a Fender J (jazz) bass. At my local guitar center they are both sold in a box set (they sell squiers, not the more expensive "true" [or standard] fenders) that includes a bass amp. Guitar Center also sells a Dean box set with a bass and an amp for $200. Which is the best bass for a beginner, who already plays guitar? And can a bass be played on a guitar amp?  (any bass I would get is 4 stringed) Thanks, freeza36

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Potentiometer help

Hello,I'm new here and pretty new to home audio/electronics projects so please bear with me here.I created my first clock amp a while ago using a Minty Amp kit, an Ikea alarm clock and some other bits and bobs. Here are some images:frontbackgutsI failed to take progress pics so couldn't create an instructable for the project but I plan to do that with my next one (I've had a lot of interest with people actually asking to have them made to order - which Mr Minty Amps, Bob Hickman, assures me is cool). Anyway, so I've ordered the parts to make another clock amp but decided to get some extra bits from this time. In teh first amp I used a 250k guitar potentiometer for the volume but it's not sensitive enough and really only has three settings (full, quiet and silent). So, this time I ordered this 1k pot from Maplin. When the pot arrived it has a 50mm shaft which is too long for my project. I assume I can just trim the shaft down so long as I'm careful since it's only plastic. Is that right?Also, because it's not a guitar pot, the shaft is smooth and so the standard control knobs I have will not fit it. Does anyone know of a (cheap) type of control knob that will fit such a pot? I really don't want to have to glue a knob on there.Thanks for your help.

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help with the valvelitzer please help me

See my question on the valvelitzer step 4 and if you can help me please do

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I really, really, really need ideas for what to outside... I have a friend who is my age (12-13), I am not playing with fire, no g-friend, no drinking (these 'no' things mean i cant), and I have a 25 foot rope tied to a tree in my backyard... and lots of mud... and ballons (non-water)... ideas!!! please!!! Thank everyone who has posted and/or will post!

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Help me please.

Can anyone help me? ugh i feel so stupid, i just need someone to talk to...please. I'm so confused. pleas

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Help..."Raising the Floor"

Ok so i want to raise the ground level in my room by about 4 feet. so making a box that can hold proubly 200+ pounds and has carpet attached to it just like the floor. also it needs a way to rerout a air vent. feel free to ask questions about anything and thanks for any help

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A Video Helps a Homeless

A nice Story, just watch : You.

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Band Hero Help?

Hi, I have just bought Band Hero (ps3) and trying to get all players to join so we can play it. But can't figure it out. Can someone please explain step by step how we do this?? Thanks so much!!

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Help me please!

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A little help please?

Just me again looking for more advice.... *sigh... i must be pathetic...* I have been having problems talking with people. Not talking as in messing up my words but talking as in saying something softly and uninterestingly. it seems i can type with personality but i can't show it worth a crap... I just don't feel happy and i feel empty inside one of my friends said it was not believing in myself but i don't think that's the case. It's not a confidence problem. (3 years in Tae Kwon Do fixed that). It seems like a personality problem. I don't feel like myself... i don't do much but keep to myself. I play online games with a headset and i can talk just how i want to unless i am at school. I just feel numb inside. It is really hard to explain and i feel like i look like the kid that just sits and goes through the motions and doesn't have any fun. It feels like i have the personality of a rock. Im not the best looking, not the funniest, but i am nice to everybody. ( for the most part). I am just not getting noticed as much as i want. when somebody talks to me i just kind of respond in as few words as possible and it doesn't feel natural to talk for a long time. Can anybody tell me what this problem is and how to fix it. (if possible?) ----------------extra info-------------------- --I don't get out much --Most of my time is taken up by COD my computer and hunting --I have a small group of loyal, good friends --have never had a girlfriend --do not normally get in trouble please help me with this... i just don't feel interesting...

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Statics Problem Help? Answered

I need help with this statics question, because it seems easy enough but I know I am not doing something correctly.  Look at the picture and use it along with the question, which says; Four forces and a couple act on the beam. The vector sum of the forces is zero, and the sum of the moments about the left end of the beam is zero. What are the forces Ax, Ay, and B? Ax is of no importance, it can be anything because it does not affect the moment because it line of action intersects the point of rotation, so i don't care about it.  So it would seem to me that the 800N force multiplied by the 4m, gives 3200Nm plus the 200Nm from the couple makes 3400Nm, and since it has to be counteracted by B, it would be divided by 7m which equals 485.7Nm.  But what is Ay?  It seems to me it can be anything, as long as B is adjusted accordingly to account for it, but I think I need an actual value. Is Ay suppose to be part of the couple, because if it is it would have a value of 25N which would factor into the 800N because that force lies on the same place where the other portion of the couple would be.  So would 25N be Ay because it says in the question that 4 forces (800N, Ax, Ay, B) AND A COUPLE, which it makes me think that Ay isn't part of the couple?

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knex gun help

Can anyone help a new knex "gunsmith" out wit easy beginner guns plz

Question by jaffawarrior1   |  last reply

Somebody Help Me!

Can some one help me find a knex gun thats good for war and it can shoot anything thank you. dildil99.

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help needed with crane

I dont know how tho make my crane spin around nice and steady can someone please help me

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plushie pattern help?

Christmas is coming and I really want to make a tooth plush for a dentist. but I need some help for the pattern. Can you guys help me please? The one I want to make is the I heart guts tooth. I have a link to the picture. Can someone please help me with the pattern or instructions?

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Rash need help

What is the fastest way to get rid of poison ivy?

Topic by Pat Sowers   |  last reply

air raidsiren help?

Http:// please help me make one of theese and find where to buy the motor! i made a video too

Question by knex gun and grenade maker   |  last reply

Help transcribing a melody

Wondering if someone could help me transcribe/work out the notes for the main melody in this song "crystal japan" by david bowie Thank you

Question by luekio   |  last reply

help on a trigger system?

im trying to make a my own airsoft gun, but i am stuck.i cant figure out how to make a truigger that will work. any help? (the pictures should help) i need something that im able to cock and it will stay until i pull the trigger. please helpppp.

Question by andyweigl 

I need help

I am looking for a scope for my paintball gun and I need some help. My gun is called the MR-1 and was manufactured by Spyder. I have an 18 inch and a 21 inch barrel for sniping but I need a good scope now. The scope should be 30 USD or under that uses a dovetail mount. Thanks in advance for the help.

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guitar tabbing HELP!!!!!?

Hey can anybody help me to understand that stupid guitar tabbing thing. im real blonde so dont waste youre time if you dont really get it. the thing i dont get the pictures and how to read it.

Question by maliyah   |  last reply

Help translating korean?

Can anyone translate the text in the image to english? If not, then any ideas on how to get it done?????

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim   |  last reply