Ipod charger? Answered

I have the correct 5v and the Ipod registers it but it comes up as charged, so I think its working like an external battery, but how do I get it to actually charge?

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Ipod Tetris

Anyone know of a free download of tetris for the ipod? Most preferably WITHOUT installing anything to it or altering how it operates. I've googled it i can find nothing but torrents, i don't mind torrents, but there like 8 or 9 games, at about 400MB. Way too much for dialup to handle. Now all i want is tetris, so if anyone can provide me with the tetris.ipg (with the DRM cracked), i'd be most pleased.

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Knex Ipod

Wouldn't it be cool to have a huge ipod dock made from knex, that looks like a HUGE ipod, also it could be rigged so that when you turn the humongus wheel, the ipod wheel moves! Just like this, but with the Ipod inside!

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Ipod Issue

Okay, I am having some weird issues with my Ipod Issue number one: My Ipod won't sync correcting. My plugged it into a different computer with Itunes installed, but it won't sync to it, even though it says, syncing or w/e. Why is this happening? (I put this in the forums because all my answers I submitted days ago still isn't on the list, so I figured this would be better)

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K'NEX iPod Stands

Post your K'NEX iPod Stands here!

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Will there be an instructables ipod app?

I would find this really helpful and would love to be able to have all the instructions i need in my hand

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Ipod charger question?

If I were to cut an Ipod charger wire in half, and modded it to hook up to a battery, would it still work?

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Mai iPod is Broken!

So i bought an ipod from a friend, he sold it to be because it was broken. I am attempting to fix it, but i have been stumped! I reset it to factory settings, (formatted it with iTunes) but it says that there is 0kb free! A 111GB of usesless stuff is on there (The drive is 120gb, but formatted, it read 111gb), and it can't get it off! I can't really access it through windows because it freezes my computer when i try to open it/right click it It takes a while to boot (1-2 minutes) it gets recognized by iTunes only part of the time. Every time it boots, i have to re-enter the preferred language. Thank for any help!

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Should I Get An ipod Touch 3g 32gig?

I have 300$ and I want to get an ipod touch  3g, Is it worth the money? >Axiys<

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(ipod dock) i cant find the pins that conect to the ipod so i can play and charge the ipod at the same time!!

Im building a ipod dock for my first instructable so im using a female usb plug for the ipod cable that conects to the ipod that mounts on the dock, so i need to know the output audio pins for the "L" & "R" speekers i have the 5v and the ground pins any recommendations are welcomed im using a 9V board with 2 bass inputs and center left and right speakers on a compact eficient case with 2 female usb chargers that i also want to use them to play ipods with

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Ipod Home theatre system?

Need some ideas on how to hook my ipod up to my home theatre system got any ideas?

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need help with my ipod!!!!!!!?

 i have an ipod classic and when i try to play games on it..i cant exit out of the game and cant stop the song or turn it off until it runs out of battery and i plug it back in to charge again...what do i do?????

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how to fix broken ipods?

How do i fix a broken ipod or create a customizable working one?

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solar joule thief and iPod?

I want to charge my iPod using a joule thief circuit and a solar panel. I don't know the voltage or current output of the panel and I also don't want to fry my iPod.

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Problem: outdoor to ipod speakers

Whats up guys,slightly new, and just became slightly become obsessed with instructables. But i currently have a pair of old speakers(outdoor) Online Pic. of Them. My goal was to take those speakers and turn them into portable ipod speakers. I took a pair of old headphones and cut the wires at the earpieces so i have the wire. When i cut the headphone wire, there is a white and red wire, but there is another wire that isnt wrapped and is just a bunch of minicopper strands. I ignore the minicopper strands and hooked the white and red strands to the back of the speakers and tried to play it through my ipod and it worked, sort of. I can hear music out of the speakers but its distorted like there is a loose connection somewhere but ive quadruple checked them. any ideas or suggestions?thanks in advanced!-matrix

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iPod Touch 3.1.3 jailbreak!!!?

Hi. My jailbroken iPod Touch recently went into recovery mode and I had to restore it to 3.1.3:( Is there a jailbrake for it????????????? (its a 8gig 1st gen)

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Subtitles on a 120gb ipod classic?

I want to have subtitles when i watch movies.  i changed the settings on my ipod to play subtitles, but there are NO subtitles. how can i fix it to where i have subtitles?

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iPod Touch Rail Mount

Hey!I got a Roland V-Drum kit last year and there's an aux input for mp3 players. I use it with my iPod touch to play along with songs.My problem is, I rest my iPod on the control module and not only does this then block half the controls, but it sometimes falls off with furious drumming.So I though to myself, I wonder if I can buy a rail mount so I can have a cradel attatched to the stand. I knew you could buy motorbike iPod cradels, but all of these weren't wide enough to accomidate the 35-40mm diameter of the stand. So I thought about making one.But I can't come up with any ideas.The stand I have is this:http://www.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/BATTERIE+DRUM+ROLAND+TD+9+KX.JPG(not the drums though... I wish)The rail mounts I have been looking at are like this:http://www.mountguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RAP-274-AP4&click;=21Any ideas guys?

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Can you make an Ipod Touch? Answered

Is there a way to make an IPod Touch It would be amazing there was!

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ipod classic pin out? Answered

I saw a link for the i-pod plug pin out but didn't copy the link (duh). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you put ipod touch firmware into a ipod touch clone such as ''Sylvania 8GB Touchscreen Audio/Video MP3 Player''?

I can get a ipod clone at Future Shop, but I want to try putting ipod firmware into it instead so I can do more with it. Anyone that can help?

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Should I Jailbreak my Ipod touch? Answered

I just got my ipod touch a month ago and I was wondering if i should jailbreak it Specs: Ipod touch 2G MC model

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any hacks for ipod nano 2nd gen?

Ipod nano 2nd generation: sometimes it wont turn on. tried toggling hold....tried select and play together. it will turn on but sometimes got to play with it for awhile. any help appreciated!

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Help How do you add notes to an ipod nano How do you add notes to your ipod? Answered

Everytime I add notes on my ipod and click on them it does not give me what I wrote it gives me one word in Chinese or Japanesse I can't tell.

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my daughter's 8g ipod is not recognized at all by my computer

I own a 2002 Gateway with windows xp with 2 -2.0 usb ports; My old 2g ipod works just fine as with my other daughter's 4.0 g. I also keep up to date with windows service packs. I have i-tunes 8.1 installed.When I plug in the 8g ipod, and open "my computer", it does not say anything while the other two ipods are fine. Thanks!!!

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Is there anyway to get the data off of an iPOD that won't start up? Answered

It acts like it wants to start up makes a whirring and clicking noise and then shows the sad iPOD icon.  the person at the Genius Bar said the hard drive had crashed.  Any thoughts/ideas?

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My 5th generation ipod is broken, help me fix it?

I have 2 5th generation ipods in my possesion. they are both broken,(motor makes noises, itunes wont detect them, says low battery frequently, goes in disk mode even when i do not put it in that mode) im not sure what to do.. and i would REALLY like to have a working ipod. im not even sure how to open them.. but i heard you can put a folded business card on the blue sponge part and it will keep your ipod in working order. anyways..could someone please help me?

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how do i download songs from an ipod and not delete my music library?

I borrowed my friends ipod to download songs, but im afraid to push anything because i dont want my itunes library to be deleted!

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i have an ipod touch and i want to be able to scroll through the music when its connected to my car stereo through ipod.

Please help, it goes in a mode where i can only scan the songs on my stereo....

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How do I unlock an ipod 2nd generation? I have cleared it and even renamed it but it still won't unlock.

How do I unlock an ipod to get to the music? I have redone it and renamed it. It charges but when I try to turn it on to get into the music it turns off. Also, it won't come on in the regular mode, it only comes on it standby mode. Thank you.

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How to fix a ipod scroll wheel that clicks when you slide your finger on it to do something (ex. change the volume)?

Stated above. i have an nano that when i rotate my finger around the wheel it makes click/tick noises when i pass the bottom left quarter of the wheel.

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My IPod's input jack is messed up. I'm getting sound out of one side of my headphone/speakers.

Do I need to buy a new jack? Where can I buy it? How much is the cost? I noticed there are 2 gold colored contact parts inside the input and one went in and won't make contact? I've seen pictures of what the piece looks like (a small white box that's got 2 screws.

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How do I add the artist's name in my iTunes library (and iPod) when the music CD is not commercially available?

The music is from a friend's daughter and I would like to have her name displayed, not just "Track 01" etc. I have no trouble downloading the music, adding anything descriptive escapes me.

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how to open an itunes account for free?

I bought an ipod shuffle but I dont know how to open an itunes account without costing me any money.

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Ipod touch or Nano second gen.? Answered

I have a perfectly good ipod nano 2nd generation but my brother is getting an iphone and wants to sell me his ipod touch for 50 dollars. Is it a good enough deal?

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Hi, Does this video firmware upgrade enable the video to handle the classic 80GB hard drives? Thanks in advance.?

I am referring to the video upgrade to classic firmware. Thanks.

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Can you jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon Wireless cell phone service? Answered

Someone once told me that you can jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon but I wasn't sure if they were right, and I didn't want to find out after I had bought one that you could not.

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Which homemade usb chargers are made specifically for an iPod Touch? Answered

Which homemade usb chargers are made specifically for an iPod Touch?

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I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and was building the Another Altoids Charger and its not working but will work with others.

I build the charger and it will charge my 1st gen ipod touch and my 1st gen ipod nano but will not charge my 3rd gen ipod touch, what do i need to do to make it work with my ipod touch 3rd gen??? PLEASE HELP!

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Can you hack a B&W iPod Mini to have a colour screen?

I was wondering whether or not it would be possible to exchange the LCD screen in an iPod Mini and replace it with a colour one? The Apple software would still display it in Monochrome, but using iPod Linux you could get colour.Now, I know it's never as simple or easy as it sounds, but would it be possible to do?Thanks. 

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Will over voltage ruin my ipod? Answered

I am thinking about making a wall charger for my ipod touch, but I need to know if plugging it into the wall will harm it.

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How do I put songs on a CD onto my Ipod? Answered

How do I download songs from a CD to an iPod?

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How would I make my normal ipod headphones fit better in my ears? Answered

Ok my headphones for my iPod always fall out of my ear is there anyway to fit them better

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