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Instructables T-shirt Giveaway (Closed)

Hey guys and recently I came in the nine runners up the K'nex toys and rods connectors contest 2014 and I have received my prize a week ago but the t-shirt that came with the K'nex set was to small for me and it wasn't the colour I thought it would be so I'am giving it away to the person that asks for it will get it. The t-shirt is purple and in size medium.

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KNEX Robotic Walker

Some images of a walker we just built.

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What should a k'nex Halo needler fire? Answered

Image of the needler HERE. So, what should it fire if it were to be made into a k'nex gun? I was thinking either rods, rubber bands, or special needles made of rods/connectors, but what do YOU think?

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What is the best k'nex pistol?

....but preferably without black y clips or using to many pieces

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K'nex sniper rifles

This forum is for K'nex sniper rifles that look good, can shoot atleast 50 ft, and are accurate.

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k'nex ball tower guid ? Answered

I lost my guid for my k'nex ball tower i'm looking to download the guid can anybody help me?

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K'nex Saturday Night Specials

Hey everyone, I've been working on a K'nex Colt .25.  Any one else got anything similar?

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K'nex Quad Bike

I found this model on the net but cant find where i found it from. It parts of the quad was quite hard how they fit, we have changed the front end a litle.

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Which one should i make? A m16 with some accessories grenade launcher maybe mag and charging handle or a true shotgun w/ mag and pump and should I post my sling shot sniper rifle with my own mech and low pieces

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Which is better K'nex or legos? Answered

I want to know this because i just want to know opinions so tell me yours thanks. If you want, please go to my page and subscribe please thanks for your time.

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Cloud's Buster Sword From Final Fantasy 7 Out Of K'nex

Ok, I tried to make the Buster Sword out of Knex. It looks like a skinnier version of it, and the handle is crappy, but it looks kinda like the real thing. Just don't swing it. I will post pics later when I find my camera. But, how about some of you Final Fantasy 7 fans out the join a new group all about FF7 Knex things? It's called Knex Final Fantasy 7 Remember, ONLY Final Fantasy 7 things will be allowed to be posted in this group.

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I need some help with k'nex guns (sear triggers and true triggers)? Answered

Can anyone give me a tip on how to make triggers for k'nex gun,because I just made my file about a week ago,so can anyone help?

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So why didn't one of you all make these?

I ran across this picture on the There, I Fixed It blog. An I'bles search for K'nex headphones turns up nothing. I'm a bit disappointed that none of the K'nexers here built this lovely work of art :-)

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K'nex Innovators Contest: discontinued until further notice

Can't be bothered to keep this contest going. If anyone else wants to run it or create their own, go for it. ~Point board~ Waffleman - 10 Kinetic - 9 Jollex - 4 Arjun - 3 Sharir - 3

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Is making a k'nex blowgun a good idea?

I'm new at instructables and I have been trying to figure out a good k'nex instructable. I noticed that most of the k'nex instructables are guns. I have posted a k'nex rubberband gun, but I started thinking about posting a k'nex blow gun. Is this a good idea?

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K'nex shotgun

Hey, ages ago i made a k'nex shotgun but took it apart, does anyone know if the instructable was removed, or if they know which one im on about could they post a link? all i can remember was that it had a sort of magazene at the end, was fired using a firing pin mechanism, and fired 2 blue rods at a time thanks.

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AR 4 Commando v3 help

Https://www.instructables.com/id/AR-4-Commando-v3/ i just love this gun put i dont have the parts for it can someone post a part list and some other "shortcuts" to sorta cut down on the resources needed, like idc bout the look  more just the range i want really...

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New Tab for K'nex??

 Does anyone else think that the instructables team should make a new tab for all the K'nex ibles?? i was just wondering this. I think it would be awesome to have a K'nex Catagory, it would be filled almost instantly. If any other Members/Pros feel this way please tell.   Please also think about it Instructables!

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K'nex UZI

Designing an Uzi. I did, and it was jammy, bulky and ugly. Here are a couple of pics. The main problem with an Uzi is the magazine is the handle, and u have to have the trigger before the handle. I ended up making one, using a small flexi rod, but it is weak and it wasn't autocock. The magazine was good, but it had a really flimsy connection. Would anyone else try and make an Uzi??? (I'll add more pictures real soon)

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Ball Tower Name Contest!

I will give a patch to the person who can think of the best name for this tower! After 17 months it is almost complete! It stands 6' 10" and has 8 tracks. This is my first ball tower,but my brother and I built a Ferris wheel that was about 8' 6" tall. You can suggest as many names as you want. The contest ends on June 11 at 12:00 P.M. CST.  Thanks!!!

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Duncan's Easy, Random Pistol

Meh, I was on a building spree and kept morphing a gun until I eventually came to this. After I was all done, I finally realized that I pretty much wasted my time because I accomplished nothing. Meh, it's a cool and different gun nonetheless, but it's nothing to get hyped over either. I was bored so I made a video for it anyways seeing how I haven't done that in a while. Enjoy. <br>

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Which motor has the most torque? (K'nex)? Answered

Hi there I'm in the process of developing a K'nex new ball machine lift, but the current motor I am using (the TT one 2 speed- the one below) does not have enough torque to drive the axle. I was wondering which motor is best suitable and has a larger amount of torque. I was thinking the 12V one with the adapter, but since I don't own one yet, I cannot test one. So my question is which motor has the most torque?

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Indoor War- What weapons?

I've observed that the majority of people think range (and reliability though this seems to be taken way too seriously) wins wars outdoors. So what would you choose for a weapon if it were indoors with a few walls and corners, tables and other cover, and probably the largest room being no larger than 20x20 meters? Just curious. I was thinking that for this reason, I'd like to come up with a shotgun. I have an idea floating in my head if anyone wants to hear it as I can't build it for the obvious usual reasons.

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How do i make a removeabe k'nex magisine without all of the pecies falling out when i take it out of the gun?

I am trying to make a pump action k'nex gun but my magisine doesnt run smothley. I want it to be a dropdown mag with a resenanable amount of shots. also i want to be able to remove it so i can reload quickley & change the magisine. when i finish i will try to post instructions so the person who came up with the mag can use the gun also!

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The "What are you working on?" thread

Well it's getting kind of annoying to go around asking people or just not being in the know of who's doing what so I had the bestest idea evah!!! Make a thread!! Lik ZOMG!!! Anyways, yeah just post whenever you're making something new and talk about the following. -What you're making -What features it'll have -If and when it'll be posted -And finally any pictures you may have (not required though) And keep it to K'nex please. This is the K'nex forum after all so I'd think that's obvious.

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K'nex Concepts 14

Turret-Fed Shotgun: A 3 barreled shotgun, each barrel capable of 50 feet of range, that strikes 3 rounds out of a TR-18 turret simultaneously. One trigger pulls all the blocks at the same time during firing. One master pin pulls back the 3 firing pins. It is also important to note that the blocks should just barely touch the firing pins because there will be 3 times as much pressure for the trigger to overcome as a typical gun because there are 3 blocks. -by Oblivitus This concept has also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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K'nex Gear Ratios

What Ratios Do the K'nex Gears Produce? I have noticed there have been a lot of questions about gears for k'nex models and in particular, engines but there have been no documents or information on what the different gear combinations actually convert the input speed to. On the document attached there are the worked out combinations and what the speed produced is, but you will notice that the combinations only go up to three gears; this is because if you have only three different gears, you will have to repeat atleast one gear therefore the ratio would be able to be created using less gears as intended.  The new file has now been uploaded. I hope this helps. MattJoeP

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k'nex pump-action with a dropdown removeable mag?

I am trying to biuld a k'nex, pump-action, dropdown magisine, with stock and sight. I have everything running smothley apart from the magisine & i need help! The things i am looking for is,... # The magisine has to be removable. #The magisine runs smothley without cataching or jaming. #The magisine has a good amount of shots. #It must include a clip to go on the gun for it to slide and clip into. #And it must have a tensile to push the shots into the chamber. If somone manages to do this and follow all of the things obove I will post an instructable about my gun. With all credit to your name for the magisine. (I tryed to add pictures but my camera was playing up).  

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K'nex Swords

Anyone ever make any swords? They lost popularity some time ago but I'd like to see some of the more creative plastic blades you guys may have made. I may start a contest or something to get some you to make some if I need to but hopefully some of you will be willing to try making something just to see how good it'll turn out. It's a nice challenge to make one as durable as possible and still have it look good. I tried out the Master Sword some time ago. It was pretty decent for a first go at it but I always intended on redoing it. I'm going to have another go at it tonight. Excuse any old comment boxes that may be left in there.

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Anyone need any of my youtube videos?

I'm going to be using my channel for other things and, quite frankly, I honestly don't want to keep up the more geekish K'nex videos d(^_^d) I'll still be around for a little longer. I won't build much, I get to it like once a month literally, but I'll still mess around most likely until summer. After that, I'm off and probably won't bring my K'nex with but I don't know. If I have the room, could be something to show off I guess. Anywho, if you guys need any specific video, I'll post the exclusive link to that video but otherwise I'm hiding them from public and friends. I'll be keeping up the knot tieing and linerider videos, though.

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HV1 - semi auto

Hey, I new to the site. I would just like to say I was looking around, and enjoyed viewing everybody's creations. I've also been making K'new guns since I was pretty young, and I still enjoy making new creations to pop my friends with (lol). Anywho, this is one of my more recent guns. As you can see by the look and style of it I've always designed my guns around functionality rather than looks first (making the shape of another type of gun). I believe this makes my guns pretty unique. This one I made is a semi-auto, and the hopper holds up to 34 rounds (red rods). I am currently tweaking it to be fully-auto, but this is good for now.

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My final product! It's pretty DAM awesome! Directional, Attack, Mine aka DAM! Looking forward to making a video and instructable soon! Be on the lookout for my DAM K'nex mine! Just a few stats... Uses 30 size 64 rubber bands to shoot 50 pieces up to 100ft at the slightest pull of the trip! I really had a lot of fun with this build I hope everyone that gives it a try will too! Big thanks to JonnyBGood for inspiring the design of the stand. I was able to use his idea and turn it into this great stand with 5 adjustable angles for different angles of attack depending on range of intended target and ground terrain or angles. All around this is an incredibly fun weapon to add to the arsenal.

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Am I the only one who think K'nex have gone downhill?!?!?!

Hi all, For the past 5 years, yes K'nex has been terrible with all the micro bricks and stuff and it being compatible with LEGOs. And you think that they wouldn't do anymore damage by promoting these sets, would you? I mean the amount of bad feedback they get is off the scale. AND NOW, they are releasing TitanFall Sets and more Mario sets and Plants vs Zombies  <----- Bound to fail. Do K'nex even take into account the feedback from their models and how overpriced they are? source - http://www.vg247.com/2014/02/21/titanfall-mario-and-plants-vs-zombies-knex-sets-revealed/ For those who don't know, TitanFall is a Xbox One game to be released out in March/April. The Beta is currently out. What are your thoughts and opinions?

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K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!

K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!the first contest for this group. this contest is not intended to give people time to make a sniper rifle now, but already have a sniper rifle made AND posted. all you have to do to enter is to put your instructable in the group. this saturday i will make another forum with a list of the entrants. then the voting will begin. so to enter you1. have to have a sniper rifle2. have a insructable for it.thats it.3. it has to be made out of knex only, they can be modified as broken but not melted down to make a barrel or anything like that.4. it can only use compression(string) torsion(string twisted) and tension(rubberbands), no air compression allowed.so good luck to everyone!for inspiration, i will put a picture of my newest creation, MY SNIPER RIFLE! it is finished and i will post a instructable soon.(i won't enter it into the contest though)

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K'nex Ball Machine Contest!!!! (CLOSED)

Hayz!!!!! I am having another contest!!! And this time it is for ball machine's!!!!!! Anyone can enter. Just leave a comment with a link or pictures!!! The requirements are simple, have a ball machine that you would like to enter!!!! UPDATE: User frenzy will be willing to give out patches for the contest! 1st place: A 5 on everything, a patch, a sub (if I Haven't already), comments on there ibles, and the satisfactory of winning. 2nd place: A sub, a patch and comments. 3rd place : A patch and comments. Contest ends the 31st. Entries needed by the 29th. Happy building!!!!! Entries: 1. KGB....Ballatron 2. knexfreak95.......(UNFINISHED) Fire Hazard 3. megametal8.......Project Dynamite EDIT: CLOSED!! First place: KGB: Solid, 2paths, finished, You made so much out of so little. Nice Job! Second: knexfreak95: You have second because It was unfinished. You would of had first if it was. Excellent work! Third: megametal8: Third. The ball machine was kinda small and looked unstable, but you aleast got a prize!

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Unfinished Ball Machine

Hi guys umm well the title pretty much says it. For sometime now, many of you have known that I have been working on a new ball machine. However, one thing you should know about the ball machine is that I am quitting on it. :-( WHY? 1) Not enough space :-( - see pics 2) Not enough time - I know that you have to make time if you want to K'nex, but over the past month, I have not really had the chance to build at all due to studies and other stuff :-P. Its quite unpredictable when I was going to get it finished by These are the main reasons why I am quitting as well as I am not sure if I have enough pieces :-( BUT... After tearing down this ball machine, I will begin a new one hopefully. This one will not be high but it will be more wider, compact and dense around the bottom. I am happy to inform you that this will feature a white floor as well as 2 networks as far as I have planned :-). Anywho, thanks for reading this post and feel free to comment Also, for any of you wondering, the last picture is a new ball machine lift which I hope to post in a week or two. Till next time Hunter999

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Please join K'nex group on Groupie

Alright, so to help start the community back up, I was hoping to find a group of K'nexers on a website/app called Groupie. It's actually pretty cool, but I mean not to advertise. Anyway, it is basically a message board where you pick all of the different forum topics you want to be a part of, or you can make your own. I made a K'nexing one but no one whatsoever has joined it. I want to get people from here to join because: 1. A little activity to jumpstart the group may result in more people actually from Groupie joining. 2. We can have an easier way to chat in between a forum here and a live chat. It's much quicker than posting a topic, but posts will stay up and open for discussion so you don't have to be in the room at the time to discuss. So if you would, first sign up on Groupie (or download the free app if you have an iOS device) then join the group 200173 which is my group once you're on. And of course feel free to check out other groups and whatnot, you'll probably enjoy it, but again I mean not to advertise the site so much as get people in my group.

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Just Dropping By...

Hello Guys, Not been on this website in around 2 years or so, seen a few emails and thought I would call in and see what innovation + time has brought to k'nex, and I must say I've seen quite a few bits I like. It definitely got my very creative mind turning, sadly I just don't have the time to build anything, but I thought you may want a little catch up on what I've been doing and simply I've secured a position in a line of engineering which I really do enjoy as it gets my creative mind flowing, I also have a computer 'hobby' as you could say, building custom computers etc... and I have a hobby in carpentry making furniture of useful items. I think its safe to say I haven't lost the creative spirit and as long as you stick with your skills you will be able to do similar things all your life. I would like to also add on the end anyone who is looking to purchase some k'nex let me know I still have around 5-6 thousand pieces remaining which I would like to get rid of... so anyways ill leave this story here and hope to talk to some of you again. :)

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Oodassault 3.8

I really need to stop now. I'm running out of numbers until I reach 4.0 T_T This one takes inspiration from killerk's futile attempts at improving a Dunkis weapon. Everyone knows that only the true master can improve his own weapons muahahhaha! Kidding... but I just didn't like how the magazine on his looks and you know me and how picky I am about fashionable practicality...if that exists. I left the entire back of the gun intact. The only major changes happened to the magazine. I did away with the tilter in favor of a locking magazine like the 3.3 and Killerk's version. And...that's pretty much it. It seems to be perfectly reliable but so was the 3.7. This one just doesn't require those mini k'nex adapters to do so. Oh actually I did modify the clips I use a bit so that you can keep them in the gun. This allows you to push them in without needing to lock the magazine and then fire the gun normally. I think you could use these with the 3.7 if you wanted to. So yeah, here's my video with a tad bit of Russian thrown in for no particular reason...I had some Coke before hand >_> And for some reason it won't embed so here's the link... Video Speed Load Video

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Ideas Welcome- Piece limited

Hey. Yeah, haven't really been k'nexing much lately nor do I think I'll be doing it much longer. Long story short, I'm taking college classes for my last semester of high school for credits in both and yada yada so I have more and less time. More because I don't have much homework and I only have one class on Thursdays which means an entire open afternoon but less because I'm a lot more occupied on other days with other activities. But I decided to crack out the K'nex again. I need something somewhat innovative. Or maybe not innovative but just something that we don't have enough of. For example, an updated BAW was one of my ideas. The problem is that I have limited pieces. Take a look at my updated UMP, folding gun, or my BAW (red rodded stock version) for a general idea of how limited I am in pieces. So I'm obviously looking to make something compact. I was also thinking of expanding on my charging handle pin concept. Perhaps combine BAW and TBAG concepts for a shelled weapon. We still lack practical shell guns. As much of a hassle as they are compared to chamber action weapons and turrets, shells are still a perfectly reasonable (and more so, less complicated and less bulky respectively) method to get more range. But it's up to you what I build. So any requests?

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Wanting to go out with a bang

Alright, I'm sure you guys get the message, I don't build much lately. I think I might stash away the K'nex soon (I'll still stick around) but I feel bleh that I haven't actually posted anything in forever. I was going to get more images of the UMP-45 but I ended up mutating it into a non functioning modelish gun while I was bored and it'd take work to regut it so hopefully someone figures it out from the two pictures I posted. It's really not that hard. Anyways, to the point. I still have that idea floating in my head from over a year ago that no one has been able to help me with yet. Basically, it's a fully automatic gun that doesn't require a motor, and it'd get decent range. The concept is pretty much to modify an RBG type gun to work with a piston system like the ones in modern firearms. It should have a controllable RoF then. The problem is that I still need a good RBG mech! It's funny how tricky it turned out to be. I need a cog/gear and trigger system that takes little effort to operate. This means that you'll need to somehow minimize the friction between the trigger and whatever is holding the rubber bands. If it's sensitive enough, the rest should be simple. But grr people keep leaving and I need someone who can make such a mech to MAKE IT ALREADY! I've tried so many times myself and failed but I'll give it another shot. It's essential before I can move on to the rest of the design.

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RBGs- True Semi-Auto or Not?

Alright so I'm having a "civilized discussion" with Mykhailo/whoever you call him now and he's arguing, just like plenty of others, that RBGs are not true semi auto because of the reasons soon to be listed. Comparing RBGs to real firearms (which I understand are not exactly alike in plenty of ways) I find that they're more like a true semi automatic than what you guys would call true semi autos. Just listen to my argument and see if you can at least understand what I'm saying. The majority of your arguments for why an RBG is not a true semi auto is that you have to prepare a band for every shot. Some of you compare this to cocking a weapon more than once for every shot. I find this a bad comparison. In real fire arms, the firing mechanism isn't what launches the bullet. It triggers the powder which then in turn shoots the bullet. An RBG is similar to this. Each rubber band acts as the "powder" for the bullets. The RBG firing mechanism simply sets them off. You also have to prepare real cartridges too. Does it matter if it's you or not who makes them? You still have to mix up and add the powder all the same as you must add RBs to your weapon. This brought up the argument that it's still not a true semi auto because the bullet isn't self-contained in an RBG. OK I have two things to say to this. First, now bullets decide the firing mode of a weapon? Secondly, what about ooda's RBG ammo. That's self contained, isn't it? The bullet is attached directly to the RBG. What do you guys think?

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I really need to stop doing this - Oodassault 3.9 - Ohai, I'm posting stuff

Hey, everyone. I don't build enough, but it's summer and I haven't heard back from anyone on a job yet, so in my free time I decided to build a little more tonight. I was trying to make something new and innovative to get back into the game, but I'm still rusty, so I fell back into my comfort zone. The result is that instead of having a flashy reentrance, I just improved my Oodassault pistol yet again. I should be done with it, I know. Really, the 3.8 was good enough and honestly the only reason I worked on this was so I'd have something to present for the first time in a while to let you know I'm still trying. I'm hoping to make more worthwhile things in my free time this summer. Anywho, changes from the 3.8: -Spacers on the front of the handle for better comfort -Changed back to be tighter around the firing pin -Changed safety to allow comfortable grip around the handle without the safety getting in the way -Changed magazine to be smaller, stronger, and hopefully more reliable. Still has locks back and has locking pin for individual loading but can also use my 10 round stripper clips for fast loading. Holds twelve rounds total if not using clips. So yeah, that's it. It's still my pride and joy. It's compact, it's durable, it gets the job done, it's my weapon of choice for war not out of bias but from proven performance as well. Have any suggestions or requests for other projects? Have any other random questions on me? Just want to chat? Go ahead and post below.

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Repeating Shotpistol

So it's been forever since I've posted anything. Here's something I was working on. At first I was just trying to remake my DERP pistol into something actually post-worthy, but the magazines were being finicky without a decent mag lock. I figure I like my Oodassault 3 better, I'll probably remake the 9 and make that post-worthy instead (getting people interested in K'nex guns elsewhere, but I don't have decent instructions for the 3.7 or 3.8). However, I really liked the base of the gun with the body and trigger so I decided to give this concept I had going for a while on compacting my shotgun a go. I'm sure people have had a similar idea, but I haven't seen one posted yet, so here's mine. So the idea is that I have a part similar to the pin on my last shotgun, except I've shortened it an turned it into an energy transfer for a normal firing pin. That way you can still disperse the energy across three separate bullets but now the design can be much stronger in a smaller package. Other than that, the only real features are the sliding trigger adapted for this body and a pin lock that's incredibly simple again for this body. I liked those two things, so I'll probably try to find a use for them elsewhere as it allows for a compact weapon. The only problem with this gun is that, well first the internal barrel is kinda crude because I changed only the front but couldn't be bothered to fix the middle after. Then I couldn't be bothered to make a good front magazine wall, so it's too low and the ammo shoots at a downward angle. So, if someone wants to take the concept and improve it, go for it. Else, just let it be known that I'm still alive.

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So...who is still here? Vet roll call + free concepts

Actually, I don't feel like asking for names specifically, as I don't remember everyone and some people would probably be offended if I forgot them. So, just reply to this topic if you've been here long enough that you've arguably established yourself a place in the community. I won't put any standards on that. Judge for yourself but be realistic if you wanna consider yourself a veteran. I want to know who is still here. I want to try kickstarting K'nex gunning back up again (ironic that it's me doing it) because I have plenty of ideas, fair amount of time, but little pieces. Basically I'm going to collaborate with whoever is still here and interested in my ideas. I'm hoping a decent rush of innovation will get old vets reinterested and perhaps inspire new K'nexers. If you're wanting to take on any of these projects below, let me know and I'll discuss with you them in full detail and provide whatever help I can. Otherwise, I'm leaving it to you to build them. -Improved shotgun concept. Look at Foofy's take on my concept and improve it further. I'm thinking of pump action and a large hopper. Make it bottom mounted so a higher powered weapon can be used on top -Controllable fully automatic sling gun. This would be revolutionary if we could get it to work. The potential is there, we just need to figure out how to unleash it. I've already talked enough about it, someone must be interested. -Pump action, pseudo semi auto turret. This would be somewhat complicated but still doable. Think of a gatling gun combined with the K-sayer. Each pump would cock and rotate a barrel. So you could then prepare a number of shots beforehand and then fire them all in succession. All of the above are potential war weapon candidates so I was figuring people would be more willing to give them a shot. If you're looking strictly for innovation or fun then: -Crossbow pistol. I always wanted to give it a shot but never could do it. Make it handlefed. It was going to be a candidate for my ultimate side arm back when I was still going through my TDS phase but now it would be purely for the sake of fun. -Automatic gun prop. I figured this might be interesting. Basically, make a gun that doesn't shoot but rather it ejects "shells" from the ejection port and fires either semi or fully automatically. I'm thinking you could make a rack and pinion system to drive the ejection port (which when opened would let the "shell" fly out) that's hooked up to a motor or a rubber band powered gear. It might not be as fun making something that doesn't fire but it'd be a challenge and something new. -Dual/triple stack magazine. Interestingly enough, this one is more challenging than it should be. Basically make a 3 layered magazine and then try to get it to feed into a single stack. Make it removable. The idea here is that it would have a larger capacity. It probably wouldn't be too practical, though. -Dual stockrail gun. Well, this could probably be a decent war weapon but it'd be somewhat complicated. It would combined several concepts into one gun. Make a rail gun with two rails in the stock of the weapon for extra strength with less length. Your choice of what it loads from. -Bullpup repeating sling. This has actually been made before. I know I got Jollex to make one at least. None of them seemed quite good enough, though. Add crossbow limbs and a magazine that accepts finned rounds and you've got yourself a pretty BA weapon. -Side folding stock. It's very doable, just annoying. If you could set up a hinge in a sixth layer that connects the stock and the gun, it wouldn't be much of a problem figuring out the rest. The problem is how to make that hinge. Eh, I'll come up with more. I'm regaining my memory. I kept most of my ideas in the dark and forgot about them. >_<

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Finally getting more pieces

I'm not exactly big on money at the moment. College student and all with limited working hours. Luckily, I have parents paying for a lot of expenses so I really only have to cover food that isn't under my meal plan and any other misc things that I want on the spot for supplies or entertainment. But I recently just got $25 online from doing surveys which I decided I'll put toward getting more pieces. I can't be bothered to buy all the pieces in one bulk, so I'll just probably be ordering big things of yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods to start. When I get more money I'll get other pieces, but those will already help me create a lot more things. Yes, I'm finally actually being bothered to get more K'nex in the 3+ years I've been K'nexing. So of course then the question is what things should I build now? There are a lot of things that I want to make just for the sake of putting my own spin on them. For example, I recently rebuilt my UMP from a lack of patience and a need to have something around the dorm room again (possibly using it in a video my friends are making with nerf guns). I was thinking I might have a go at making a personal assault rifle. That is, those weapons (can't think of the names of any examples) that people built mainly to have a lot of features, look somewhat like a real assault rifle in style though with their own design, and not built exactly to be great in function. I figured I'd use my UMP as a starting point. I actually wanted to make mine look decently realistic. So yeah, that'll be a just-for-fun weapon. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking less about new concepts and more about things I can put a personal spin on or perfect.

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K'nex Gunning Guide Video Series

Alright, it's simple, I originally wanted to make a guide, but in instructables or wiki form. This wouldn't be quite as helpful, and I want to start making videos again, so I figured I'd start up a video series purely for making K'nex weapons. It'd help out newbs by teaching them all the common techniques to hopefully get them past the generic gun stage and start making their own creations. At the least, it'll be a time killer for me this summer. Does anyone else that's good on camera want to help out? The format will be simple, we'll start linear in lessons but then reach a point where we'll branch off so that newbs can decide what they want to learn about next. The first video will introduce them to gunning in general, the most basic parts (pin, trigger, and barrel). Then we'll work up from there. So each episode will explain a concept or part, show demonstrations of different constructions of a part or concept (for example, all the different types of barrels you can make), then we'll build in real time a gun using what we just taught. We'll tell them the piece count and give detailed instructions so they can build along and make a weapon to understand what they just learned. We'll hopefully mix it up enough so they're not getting the same generic building methods hammered into them (i.e. use different bodies, barrels, triggers, etc. each time). So yeah, I'm hoping to spit a few out each week if possible. I'll only need a couple others to help out just because I don't want to tackle every part and concept by myself. We'll probably need to design new, simple weapons for the sake of demonstrating a single concept without complicating the rest of it. A little change up in persons should keep the series interesting. I need people with good speaking skills ("um"s will need to be few and far between) and good video quality.

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