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Long time no talk

Hey guys, or whoever is reading this and even slightly cares.  I haven't made a gun in a really long time, and I haven't really responded to the last 300-400 comments.  Now that it's the holiday break, I'm going to have a lot more spare time.  So this is what I feel like doing, making a new gun.  I want your ideas for it, because I'm really not that creative..  So what do you guys want me to make? Also add me on Xbox Live; TH3 BR0WN B0Y.  The "0's" are zeros.

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Long Time No See.

Okay to start this off I'll begin on telling you how close i was to quitting "k'nex", so anyways when I almost quit "k'nex" i got into war games, like Call Of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company, mostly B.B.C though, so as i collected more guns thought B.B.C I thought to myself, I should keep my k'nex and build some replicas, but then again i thought psssht I'm not any good at building guns, so what I want you people of Instructables to do is to find me the best of the best replicas for me to build, and thank you in advance.

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Long Time Gone

So im guessing that most of you wont really remember me, i have not made a full come back to knex but i am mainly just trying to see if i still have the main skills but im going to give it a shot but at christmas i will be stopping as i am going to try and sell my knex again but at the moment i am working on a project which i dont think many people have suceeded in doing but i have nearly finished my !! spas 12 !! so yeah i will be posting pictures but i dought i will be posting as ive used many broken peices to get it to work the way i want but the main concept is very simple i may attach a picture once its done to this post

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Long Range Hybrid Crossbow

HERE IT IS. The Brickster LDS is a hybrid crossbow. It doesn't have a bow. It has a range of 250 to 300 feet with 16 to 32 rubber bands. It is extremely strong and could hold about 80lbs of force. The arrows are smaller than an average crossbow arrow so they fly slightly faster. It has no track so it is a slingshot type crossbow. Will be posted in a month or 2. Amazingly powerful. Has over 800 pieces and a Ballista attachment that rolls and keeps it at a 30 degree agle with the ground. Low piece and a great gun, If only I could show you. . . . . . . . . . . WAIT, I CAN!!!!!!!!!!

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Long distance relationship help

My girlfriend lives in Florida, I live in New Jersey. How can I see her cheap and often? Any cheap airline tickets? Any legal and plausible suggestion is appreciated.

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Long range paper airplane? Answered

Can someone plz tell me where I can find a paper airplane that can go at least 40 feet? Update: I have made a really cool paper airplane that can go almost a hundred feet!! Thanks rickharris!  

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So long cruel world!

Well I wasn't that active in making guns, but I think I should move on to bigger things. I will still lurk around instructables, however you wont see me doing knex guns unless I have an ingenious new idea that I'm sure I can portray correctly. I will probably be making instructables pertaining to: Art, Guitar, Video games, and other things, that is all goodbye and goodnight! P.S: 5th pic is an experimental curved mag I was developing around a year ago to go on my mp7, anyone is welcome to use it as long as they give me proper credit and link me to the instructable/slideshow.

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The K4: Long-Range Reinvented

Greetings K'nex community.  I know I have been dead for the past few days, but that is because I have been very busy working on my latest and greatest K'nex gun, the K4. Before I start, let me just point out that when I say "latest and greatest", I mean it.  This gun is all about innovation, power, and performance.  It utilizes a new breed of pump (a slide in this case) that runs along a track system, allowing it to maintain a firm grip on the gun without getting in the way of any other major mechanisms.  It also uses a new kind of ammo, a new bow system (which is not yet on the gun) that allows the trigger to be place in the front of the gun that keeps it from interfering with any other mechanisms, and many other mechanisms that you just wouldn't see in an ordinary gun.   At this point, it is not yet complete, the bow is still in the works but most of the more tedious elements have been taken care of. So now I'll just shut up and give you guys a peek at the K4!  Check out the video here

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what is the longest range knex gun on this site ?

What is the longest range knex gun on this site ?

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Proximity Sensor 1' - 25'; Bat Ears for a Blind Woman

First of all, I'm a noob in electronics, so please explain your jargon as you would to a 3 year old. I am smart & learn quickly. So, I really want to make my blind 80 year-old grandmother a pair of bat ears. I bought her one of those sonic distance measureres from home-depot because of the barely audible tic they send out to bounce off wall/etc and record the time it takes the signal to return. You can hear the tic, and with your eyes closed.. you can kinda tell how far things are away from you just by listening. She loves it, and it just barely.. kinda works. What I"m shooting for is a single over-ear headphone (xbox-live communicator style) with some type of proximity sensor attached, sending a constant signal to the headphone... low for long distances, gradually higher for gradually closer distances. Any reasonable suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Short-term vs. Long-term

My tests got me thinking, since I want to go gaming on Garry's Mod so bad, but then my coalition of brainwaves composed of rational thoughts and my conscience told me that I can achieve my short-term goals (gaming) in conjunction with my long-term goals (owning my classmates in the tests then gaming afterwards) if I achieve certain short-term goals (studying) that would require focus, determination, and moral (can't study when you're depressed). The reason why I posted this here in Instructables is because I wanted to know your opinions about short-term and long-term objectives. Like, which is better, short-term or long-term missions? You would get me if you're in my situation, sitting in front of the computer, worrying about the tests, but then you wanna go gaming. Once I get enough data, I can post an I'ble about my conclusion. Here's what to post: -your thoughts about short-term vs. long-term -opinions -thoughts that pop up in your mind all of a sudden What not to post: -spam -questions not pertaining to the topic at hand -advertising your instructables -posts that only flamers and trollers post -talking about how awesome GMod is (that's the abbreviation gamers gave to it) Also: I don't care how long your post is, as long as it's in the to-post list, it's good to go.

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How long is a Flying V guitar?

If anyone happens to have a Flying V guitar/bass, how long is the body from the very bottom of one of the "wings" to where it meets the neck? I'm going to build an electric bass, and I have all the dimensions except for that.

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Best long range knex gun?

Hey i just want to know what knex gun shoots the farthest that isnt overkill on pieces. Any recommendations?  Thanks!

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WOW its been a long time...

Alright, I know its been a long time and there are probably a lot of things posted on my ibles that i haven't answered. If thats the case then just ask anything you want on this forum and I'll get to answering it. Because it has been such a long time i was kind of expecting to see some great new stuff out there, but I have to say, I'm not very impressed. Sure there are some good guns that came out, a couple bolt actions and bullpups that were impressive, but other than that, theres not much new. We aren't ging to get anywhere unless we start coming up with new ideas and sharing those ideas so that others can make them better. That said, I'm glad to be back and look forward to building with you. -Kinetic 

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will it boost the range if I connect the unused wires in LAN cables to my FM transmitter?

That way I will have an antenna thats 50metres long

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Uses for a K'nex steel rod?

So I own a 39.1 cm (15.4 in) K'nex steel rod, which I got from the 6 ft. Knex Ferris Wheel set. Does anybody know any good uses for this rod? I should point out it is slightly thicker than the typical K'nex rod, has no places to clip on connectors (other than on the ends) and creates a lot of friction with the holes in connectors (so no epic single shots unfortunately). The rod is also quite heavy. The picture is a comparison between the steel rod and a strengthened grey rod (black).

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how long does it take to build a guitar? Answered

I have no experience and it is my first time.I have some experience in woodworking and tool utilizing though but i have never made anything like a guitar before.I have another guitar to copy or steal parts from if i need it to help me.i want to make a simple design like flying V.I am going to spend around 4 hours per week.

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knex morter need help

I was wonder has any body made one because i was building one that folded into itself and had the abilty to fire things using fire works and rubber bands but the problem was when i but the rubber on in exploded its now completely destroyed so has any built one because i would some tips on builting the mortar

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Long Live the Thriller R.I.P Michael Jackson

Unfortunately, today famous 80's pop star Michael Jackson, famous for songs "Beat it", "Bad," and "Thriller" died today of cardiac arrest. He was found in his home not breathing. There was a failed attempt at CPR, where was was soon announced dead. R.I.P. 1958 - 2009

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The somewhat long awaited knex gun: The L96

This is the L96, basically KILLERK's magnum on steroids. I have not tested range yet, because the trigger system still has a few kinks in it. Below are some pictures, most are my knex gun, but one is of the real steel AI AE, the same as an L96, but shorter and cheaper. Can you guess which one is of the actual AE? Correct! It is the second one!!! Some features of this gun are the cheek rest, and the real scope that you can mount to the gun. It also has a removable bi-pod. The gun weighs exactly 60oz (3 and 3/4 lb, if you are not a math wiz) without the scope, but with the bi-pod. Another feature is that all of the moving parts are in the front (except for the trigger, but that is on the outside so it doesn't matter), so you can design different bodies, if you don't have enough pieces. Also, the body doesn't have to be solid, it can be hollow to reduce weight or piece count. I got the picture of the Accuracy International AE from here, and the picture of the M24 from here (yes, it is in Ð оссия).UPDATE- I added some things to the message bodyIT HAS BEEN POSTED IT HAS BEEN POSTED IT HAS BEEN POSTED IT HAS ohh, that's probably enough now.

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What lacrosse gloves should I get? Answered

I need some new lacrosse gloves. I have played for four years, and I still have horrible, beginner gloves. I play defenseman (long pole, goalie's left side) and I want gloves that will do the job. I don't want to pay over $45, and I may be able to buy used. Any suggestions? (he gloves must also last through my high school lacrosse career, which I will start next year.)

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About how long is the cord for the wii speak accessory? Answered

I'm thinking about getting the wii speak accessory, but first I would like to know how long the cable is.

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What are some good long distance friend pranks?

So my friends got me with a prank, so now I need to prank them back. Two of my friends, I either don't have access to their house, or I am not able to see very often. One friend, I created an ad to have people call him with their best Chewbacca impressions. But I am stumped on what to do for my other long distanced friend.

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How long does it take you to write an 'ible?

I just finished one and it took almost as long as it took to make the superhero cape. I spend forever ordering pictures and being very specific. And I feel like I felt a lot out this time!It normally takes 1-5 hours for me, I'd say.So what about you?

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What is a good paper airplane that flys a long way?

I have looked through a lot of instructables but so far I still haven't been able to get any planes to work very good for me. Help please!

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How long have you waited for your wife?

Has anybody ever calculated how much of their life (to the nearest year) they have spent waiting for their wife to finish shopping, get off the phone, get ready to go out etc.?

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Save unpacking after a long trip with the suitcase wardrobe

This suitcase wardrobe makes for an excellent piece of furniture, i think it would be a great project, especially for anyone with alot of old suitcases! I think it would be great to make one that slots apart, so you don't even have to pack!The designer Maarten De Ceulaer says "I try to base my designs on a strong, simple and pure concept... to question what I see around me, and translate that in an object. I think poetry, humour and communication of ideas are very important aspects of my designs, but at the same time I want to make useful and functional objects with that way of thinking."A Pile of Suitcases via Cribcandy viaBoing Boing

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Is it a bad idea to leave a capo on a guitar for a long time?

I have an acoustic guitar that's not exactly valuable, but it's fairly old and has a lot of sentimental value; lately I've been playing a lot of songs that require a capo, so much that I've just left it on for days at a time? will this have any negative effect on the guitar? I realize strings are replaceable, but I don;t want to waste them... (also, it's not the clamp style capo, it's a strap that comes around and tightens down. I think it's an older style.)

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How long do you keep your knex guns?

How long do you keep your guns? Me? A week at most. You?

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Which type of trigger is best for a knex long-range crossbow? Answered

Which type of trigger is best for a knex long-range crossbow? Because im making a crossbow right now.

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How long do your rubberbands last on knex guns?

Just wondering how long your rubberbands last on knex guns and does anyone know a way to make them last longer. I know one way, to refrigerate them, I don't know why but I read it in my book of useless information (thats the title).

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DragonflY Assault Crossbow

Pictures have been taken, Instructable will have the Y-shaped bow and a normal shaped one. Stock and scope will be optional. And uh...yes these things actually hurt...I shot a few arrows into my own leg..just so I could feel how much it would hurt xD Instructable will up soon, need to find some time to write it.

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Why does it takes so long to announce the winners after the judging?

This is quite annoying.....

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knex uzi with stock

Well there are two uzis out there that are pretty good but most uzis that i have seen have this wierd pointed stock but nobody make the stock so here is this new uzi with true trigger removable clip and the stock. SO COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO POST IT!!

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does having a tuba on its bell for long periods of time flatten the bell? Answered

I was wondering because the 7 tuba players at our school are pretty lazy(i included) so after the class we usally just leave them upside down on the bells for the next class.

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Donkey Kong Quilt Will Keep You Warm on those Long, Lonely Nights

Scope this cool quilt from Etsy maker CarolinaPatchworks.If you've got the $450 to shell out for this bad boy, you're probably still living in your parent's basement and could use something to keep you warm while you reminisce about saving the princess from the angry monkey 20 years ago on your Nintendo, probably in that same basement.Let's be honest, if you love 80s pop culture and clever, crafty re-creations of your childhood memories ( and obviously I DO ), it doesn't get any better than this.Or does it?Show us what you come up with! Can it beat 5volt's Art Toast?Or spacegirl94's own Mario Quilt?The Challenge is on! Via:GeekyGadgets

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How to build a long distance remote (150 yards) for a mp3 player with external speaker?

I want to build something similar to this http://www.thewarrenersden.co.uk/calling_decoying.html    or similar to this http://www.gofoxpro.com/products/digital_calls/product_gx7.php The important thing I need is to be able to use it from a distance , basically a long distance remote (ie 150 yards) for a mp3 player hooked up to a external speaker anyone done anything similar or any suggestions?

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can someone put a picture of a long shot and how to remove air restrictors? thanks!

My friend failed at trying to fix his nerf gun so i tried to fix it cause he bet i couldn't, and he's missing a couple parts and i wanna know what they are and where they go.

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I needs a voice modulator with a long playing voice playback to be inserted inside of a plush dove.

I needs a voice modulator with a long playing voice playback to be inserted inside of a plush dove. My friend is trying to make a protype of a plush doves and the voice modulator has to hold a long playing message. Is there some part that is available that she can buy. If, the prototypes take off she will be needing a supplier. Please let me know A.S.A.P. My name is Mary E. Martinez I am doing her parts research for her. My e-mail is: munchkin3264@yahoo.com

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What to do with loads of one metre long pieces of pvc tubing that is a perfect almost air tight fit for a pencail? Answered

I have loads of 1 meter long bits of PVC tubing but don't know what to do with them. they are also a perfect almost airtight fit for a normal pencil!!! Please help Me!!! :2(

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What is your favourite piece in Knex?

Hi everyone, just out of interest, what is your favourite piece in knex? My favourite piece is the little black end cap and closely following is the long black rod! Did you know that the reason why the long black rod is stronger than the long grey rod? The answer is because there is carbon in it!

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Instructables Robot Family

Please meet some of my long lost and briefly lost cousins. Long lost robot cousinsBriefly lost robot cousinsemergency food preference

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The Brickster 2 SLDS

GUESS WHAT? I just finished my newest project, the Brickster 2, Super Long Distance Sniper. I estimate it shoots about 290' using my new arrow design. Unlike the Brickster, this has an open top and bottom instead of sides, and the rubber bands are fed through each arm. It makes for easier loading and smoother firing. Also, this mega-beast is almost TWICE as long as the Brickster. It is VERY piece efficient because each arm uses yellow and green rods instead of white and blue. I should post pictures and a video or two in a week and the Instructable should be up in a month. Hit subscribe so you know just when it's posted.

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How long does it take for a child from a western country to pay for the expense of their up bringing?

Just assume that the child is not forced to pay their parents for their upbringing. In other words I want to know when the accumulated expenses equals their income earned from their job.

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